TOFUH – Chapter 85.2 – Th escort agency making a name for itself

Jiang Zhen didn’t discriminate against people like Liu Qianqian and Zhao Lingxi, and even if some danger was inevitable, he would prefer that the women and gers be as open-minded as these two.

But even if he didn’t hate them, it didn’t mean he wanted to have anything to do with them, let alone have Zhao Jinge have anything to do with them.

What if Zhao Jinge were seduced by them?

Zhao Jinge first breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Jiang Zhen’s words, but then he became worried again.

In their village, there were also some immoral women, such as a widow. She wasn’t very good-looking, but because she was easy to hook up with, many men in the village had an affair with her.

Those men actually despised her, and no one wanted to marry her, but they still wanted to sleep with her . . .

The more indecent you are, the easier you could hook up with others!

People in the village said that it didn’t matter if a man lost his way several times, what they have in their heart was still their wife and family, but . . . As long as he thought that Jiang Zhen might become intimate with others, he was unhappy.

But he had nothing to compare with those two people. . . They were really good-looking. But what about him? He was not only ugly but also thick.

If those two people wanted to seduce Jiang Zhen . . .

Zhao Jinge subconsciously had some inferiority complex, but soon, his fighting spirit rose again.

Even if Jiang Zhen were to fall in love with someone else in the future, he still hadn’t done so yet and was willing to be with him. He couldn’t let these goblins from outside hook up with Jiang Zhen!

Even if it were just for a few times!

Zhao Jinge had many things to keep in mind, and somehow, he forgot about his nausea.

“Jiang Zhen, what’s wrong with those two?” Zhao Jinge tried to suppress his jealousy and tried to understand the enemy’s situation from Jiang Zhen.

“I rescued them from the pirate village, but I do not know the details,” Jiang Zhen said, then he began to tell Zhao Jinge what happened.

Zhao Jinge listened very carefully. After listening, he suddenly said, “I am very strong, and I can easily lift a big bag of rice at once!”

He finally had something to compare with those two . . .

Zhao Jinge wanted to compete with others? Jiang Zhen laughed and squeezed Zhao Jinge’s hand again.

“But I can’t bear you to move rice.”

Training was training, but letting Zhao Jinge carry things . . . he couldn’t let him do it.

With someone else doing it for him, he wouldn’t even want to do it, so how could he let Zhao Jinge do it?

“It’s nothing to move a few things,” Zhao Jinge said.

“You should be waited on.” Jiang Zhen said, “Right, Jinge, I’ve found a boy for you.”

After Jiang Zhen said that, he let his people call over the cook mother and son.

The pair of mother and son had already cleaned themselves up and put on clean clothes, but they were somewhat restrained.

“This little ger will follow you from now on, let him do whatever you want. This woman is the cook. You can ask her to cook whatever you want to eat for you,” Jiang Zhen said.

“I don’t need anyone else to serve me, and I don’t have any work to do, so why would I need to spend money to hire someone?”

Even when Zhao Jinge was busy, he had his own hand and feet that could do the work, so he didn’t need anyone else to serve him.

Also, the boy and the cook . . . was it because he was vomiting earlier that Jiang Zhen wanted to hire someone to take care of him?

Zhao Jinge not only felt embarrassed now, he also felt a little guilty that he was so useless.

“Master . . . Madam . . .” The cook looked to Zhao Jinge beseechingly. Her husband was killed by the pirates, and one of her sons died. If Zhao Jinge didn’t want them to look after him . . . she didn’t even know where else she could go from here.

Zhao Jinge became uneasy at this cook’s pleading expression. Jiang Zhen noticed his situation and put his hand on his shoulder, saying to the cook, “I hired you. Just to take care of my wife. Right, go to the kitchen and make something to eat. It cannot be too greasy or have meat. My wife’s appetite is not too good these days.”

The cook became relieved and nodded repeatedly as Jiang Zhen pulled Zhao Jinge back to their room.

“I really don’t need her to serve me. How about. . . we introduce her to a job?” Zhao Jinge said, and then became a little worried again.

“So many people . . . What can we do with them in the future?”

Jiang Zhen said that he rescued almost three hundred people. So many people would need a lot of food just for one day, right? Zhao Jinge had a sudden feeling that they did not have enough money to spend.

“Jinge, look at all of this” Jiang Zhen suddenly opened a box in the room.

The silver ingots, large and small, were piled up in the box.

“This group of pirates didn’t have a lot of silver, but they still had about fifty thousand silver, and there are even more valuable goods as well.”

When that pirate leader unified the various pirate groups, he also seized the money in their hands and, in this way, saved a lot of money.

In fact, fifty thousand silver . . . it should be more, but he said it was less just in case Zhao Jingo became frightened.

However, this amount of money was too much for Zhao Jinge when, in fact, it was not so much. Zheng Yi’s main ship had a pull-out bed that he wanted to give Miss Zheng as dowry, and that bed alone was worth tens of thousands of silver.

Fifty thousand silver . . . Zhao Jinge became dazed in shock.

Once upon a time, his entire possessions were worth less than five silver, and now . . . he somehow had fifty thousand silver?

Zhao Jinge was in a trance, sitting on the edge of the bed, unable to speak.

Was he in a daze? Jiang Zhen grabbed Zhao Jinge by the chin and kissed him several times. After discovering that Zhao Jinge still did not respond, Jiang Zhen made a move to untie Zhao Jinge’s trousers.

At this time, Zhao Jinge finally regained awareness and grabbed his belt in shame and exasperation. Jiang Zhen laughed and let go off Zhao Jinge, saying, “Jinge, come on. Let’s go see Young Master Zheng.”

The ship had stopped, and he needed to report to Zheng Yi.

Jiang Zhen went to see Zheng Yi with a somewhat dizzy Zhao Jinge. He told Zheng Yi about this matter, saying, “Young Master Zheng, I took the money from the pirates, and it was all thanks to Young Master Zheng that these ships and people on board are still here. Young Master Zheng can take it.”

Ships and goods were the most valuable, and this was not difficult for Zheng Yi to understand.

He still has a lot of places to rely on. This time, he was just an employee of Zheng Yi.

Jiang Zhen said so, but Zheng Yi didn’t agree.

“Jiang Zhen, this time, if it was not for you, let alone keeping the goods, even my own life might have been lost. How can I take your things? Your fleet will follow my fleet. When the goods are sold in the capital, you can buy some other goods and bring them back to the south of the Yangtze River.”

After Zheng Yi finished speaking, seeing that Jiang Zhen seemed to have something to say, he immediately added, “Jiang Zhen, I will tell you more. I only did it because I see your value. In the future, we can cooperate again.”

Even if Zheng Yi was rich enough, he would not mind having more money. Of course he also wanted these goods.

But the value of Jiang Zhen was definitely higher than that of those goods.

Zheng Yi did not ask Jiang Zhen to give him the ship and cargo, but he gladly accepted the crew given by Jiang Zhen.

He was really short on people!

With a sufficient crew and a night’s rest, the fleet set out again the next day.

At this time, the people Jiang Zhen sent to report the incident had also returned.

The people in Guangping Prefecture were in dire straits, and countless people became bandits. Of course, it couldn’t be just because of the drought.

In fact, to the people of the Guangping Prefecture, human disaster was even more terrifying than a natural disaster, and this human disaster was discovered after this natural disaster appeared.

In the past few months, almost all of the officials of the Guangping prefectural government were changed.

The newly appointed officials were initially ambitious and thought of ruling this place well, but after learning about Guangping Prefecture’s situation, they all felt helpless.

The common people had turned to piracy and banditry. If they wanted the army to suppress these bandits . . . Last year when food and salary couldn’t be given, many military generals took their men with them and also became part-time bandits.

It’s really a nest of officials and bandits!

A new magistrate of Guangping Prefecture couldn’t help but gnash his teeth as he watched the drowsy officers sitting in the shade of the trees, moving their fans. This life was just too unbearable!

He wanted these people to do something for him, but they all ignored him!

The country magistrate was feeling depressed when the staff he had brought with him suddenly came running from outside and rushed towards him with an excited face: “Your Excellency, Your Excellency, that group of bandits from the Western Mountain have been wiped out!”

Because of a big river and a large dock, their country town originally made a lot of money because traveling merchants would stop here. However, since a group of river pirates appeared in the Western Mountain, their ships did not dare to stop at the dock.

Now that those bandits had been wiped out, it was a great thing!

“Are you serious?” The magistrate jumped up, his face full of disbelief.

“Seriously! Some people came to report the case and brought a few bandits with them,” the staff member said. “They were from the Jinzhen Escort Agency. Those pirates tried to rob the ship they were protecting before they were wiped out.”

“Jinzhen Escort Agency? Not bad, it’s really great!” The magistrate was delighted.

Without the pirates, the docks could be used again. He could collect the defeated pirates and let them work for him, and . . . although everything of value in that pirate village was probably taken away, those people couldn’t take everything. If he were to dig deeper, he could always get some money so that he would not be unable to call his Yemen officials because he could pay their monthly salary.

“My lord, let’s go to the West Mountain and have a look.”

The county magistrate was just thinking about it when those Yemen subordinates who had been taking a cool day off came together, their eyes glowing with greed.


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