Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 34.1

Wang Shijing came back and as soon as he pushed open the courtyard door, he smelled a strong smell of meat. Before he could even make a sound, Wang Nizi ran out of the house. “Father, you’re back, little father made stewed meat.” Shao Yunan followed out. “Wash your hands and eat, we have been waiting for you.” Wang Shijing’s one eye looked happy, as he put down his back basket and picked Nizi up with one hand before going into the kitchen.


“Wipe your eyes and face.” Shao Yunan also went into the kitchen. Wang Nizi, who had already gotten off her father, was going to get the steamer basket, when Wang Qing came in. Shao Yunan handed the steamer basket to Wang Qing and gave the plate with shredded potatoes to Wang Nizi. Wang Shijing’s face was sweaty, so he took off his eye patch, while Shao Yunan took a cloth towel from his hand, wrung it out and wiped his eyes. Wang Shijing’s left eye was blue-gray and the pupil of his eyes also looked like it was behind this blue-gray film, but the corner of his eye no longer had dirt in it.


Wang Qing and Wang Nizi understood that they should bring the food to the table first. So when father and little father came in, Wang Nizi scooped rice for the four people. while Wang Shijing bowed his back and let Shao Yunan wipe his eyes. Shao Yunan wiped his eyes carefully and asked, “Still can’t see?” The spiritual spring water could make Wang Shijing’s eye recover. Shao Yunan would have already used the spiritual essence directly, if he wasn’t worried about the adverse consequences caused by too much stimulation. But in fact the most important thing was that Wang Shijing didn’t know about his space’s existence, since Shao Yunan still felt conflicted about it.


“Still can’t see, but my eyes don’t hurt anymore. Before everything was black, but now it has turned a little grayish. So maybe it will be okay in the future.” Wang Shijing had already accepted that he had become one-eyed and blind by now, but now he had some hope again. He was 10 years older than Shao Yunan and half of his face was disfigured. And he also had two children… but if his eye could recover, he could at least move a little more towards being worthy of Shao Yunan.


“It’s okay if you can’t get well, as long as it doesn’t get worse. But it does look a lot better than when I first saw it. Shao Yunan did not care if Wang Shijing could get better and was only afraid that if the eye deteriorated, it would have to be removed. At this time, medical conditions would be quite dangerous. It would be best if no one needed to operate on Wang Shijing.


Wang Shijing wiped his eyes, then his face before washing his hands when Shao Yunan come back to the house. Wang Shijing gently touched his left eye through the cloth towel, his heart feeling warm and cozy. His wife acted very tough outside but was very gentle and tender to him. Such a gentle and capable wife, his wife… The corners of Wang Shijing mouth, which are always tightly pursed outside, faintly raised then he quickly moved to finish his washing because he was hungry.

“Qing, Nizi eat slowly, don’t choke.”


At the dinner table, except for Shao Yunan, all three other family members were burying their heads and eating, like hungry ghosts. The rice with marinara sauce poured over tasted extra special and there were even eggs! Shao Yunan was the one who ate elegantly. After studying all morning and being gluttonous for half a day, the two children feel even hungrier.

Shao Yunan eat one bowl of rice, Wang Qing eat two large bowls, Nizi also eats one large bowl while the rest entered the stomach of Wang Shijing. Even the plate was eaten so cleanly that didn’t need to be washed. After eating his fill, Wang Qing touched his stomach, licking his mouth still feeling that he didn’t eat enough.

“In two days little father will cook it again. When you go to private school later, little father will make you a bento.”


“A bento is a meal brought in a food box.”

Wang Qing instantly smiled: “Thank you, little father!”

“Go wash the dishes.”

The two children, neither of whom was reluctant jumped to their feet and gathered the dishes to clean them. In the past, it was painful and sad for the two children to do housework. But now they felt very positive and happy doing it.

Wang Shijing breathed a sigh of relief and wrapped his arms around Shao Yunan waist. He couldn’t even dreamed of such days before. Shao Yunan patted his hand around his waist and said” “Let’s go, I’ll make you tea.”

“I’ll do it.” Wang Shijing thought it was chrysanthemum tea.

“I want to brew Longjing tea.”

Wang Shijing immediately become interested, he was curious to know how the tea made by Shao Yunan tasted like. When they went out of the room, Shao Yunan shouted: “Qing, Nizi wash and bring bowls over, little father will brew tea to drink.”


When they entered his and Shao Yunan room and he saw what was on their table, Wang Shijing looked at Shao Yunan with new wonder. Shao Yunan let him get on the kang and said: “It is necessary to pay attention to making tea, today I will show you how to drink this Longjing.”

Wang Shijing smiled faintly and took off his shoes to get on the kang. Shao Yunan scooped two tablespoons of water into a purple porcelain pot and then lit the charcoal under the tea.

“This is the tea table,” Shao Yunan stroked the irregularly curved Huanghuali tea table, it’s also part of the tea art of six gentlemen. Now I will introduce the function of the six gentlemen: this is a tea stove, which boils the tea. This is the tea lotus, to prevent and control the tea leaves when brewing. It also has the function of controlling the tea fragrance, smell it.”

Wang Shijing picked up the tea lotus, smelled it, and then his one eye gazed up in surprise: “So fragrant!”

If the tea picked was the spring tea, the tea made would be even more fragrant. But even if this tea smelled good, it would have a different taste after brewing it. The Longjing should be soaked in white porcelain or this kind of blue-and-white porcelain cup, the best cup would be transparent but unfortunately, there isn’t something like this.”

“What kind of crystal cup do you want?”

Shao Yunan said helplessly: “How much does a crystal cup cost?”

Wang Shijing did not know: “Very expensive. It is something that ordinary people can not touch.”


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