Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 98.1

Wang Qing didn’t know what autism was and Shao Yunan didn’t explain to the two children what autism was. He only said that Jiang Moxi was in poor health and his ignoring people was not impolite and was just because of his health. Wang Qing and Wang Nizi have always just assumed that Jiang Moxi’s ‘illness’ was not talking. So when Jiang Moxi gradually reacted to them, but still did not talk much, Wang Qing and Wang Nizi did not think Jiang Moxi had any ‘amazing’ changes, and did not mention it to the adults.

Early the next morning, after Wang Qing was woken up by Su Ce, he also woke up Jiang Moxi. Jiang Moxi woke up in a daze, as Wang Qing who was dressing himself said. “Brother, I’m going to school, are you going to study the Rubik’s Cube?”

Jiang Moxi was instantly awake. Wang Qing said to Miao Yuan, “Remember breakfast later. Don’t let older brother play so much that he forgets the time.” Miao Yuan immediately said, “Don’t worry about it Second Young Master.”

Wang Qing, who was already fully dressed, said to Jiang Moxi, who was already sitting up, “Big brother, I’m leaving, you go eat first and then study the Rubik’s Cube.”

Jiang Moxi looked at Wang Qing without response, but Wang Qing just waved at him and took his school bag and left. Miao Yuan walked to the bed and picked up Jiang Moxi’s clothes. “Young master, put on your clothes.”

Jiang Moxi was silent, Miao Yuan carefully lifted Jiang Moxi’s quilt with one hand, and said, “Master, raise your arms, I will put your clothes on you.” Jiang Moxi raised his head and stared at Miao Yuan, which made Miao Yuan feel a little panicked.

“Eldest young master? Young master, I will dress you?” Immediately afterwards, Miao Yuan exclaimed as Jiang Moxi took the clothes from his hand and then got up from the bed barefoot and put on the clothes by himself. Miao Yuan was shocked. “Master, I will put on your clothes.”

Jiang Moxi, avoiding Miao Yuan’s hand, put on his shirt and then his pants. He then also put on his socks and shoes. If Jiang Kangchen was present, he would have yelled, because Jiang Moxi had never dressed himself! Just who could tell it was his first time from his skilled movements?

After getting dressed, ignoring Miao Yuan, Jiang Moxi took the Rubik’s Cube next to the pillow and sat down on the edge of the bed and began to study it. Miao Yuan, who was a bit alarmed by the young master’s unusual behavior, went over. “Young master, are you hungry?”

Jiang Moxi did not respond. “Eldest Young Master?”

“Brother Moxi, are you awake?” Shao Yunan’s voice came from outside, making Jiang Moxi suddenly raise his head and put his hands behind his back, as he placed the Rubik’s Cube under his quilt.

“Brother Moxi.” Shao Yunan lifted the curtain and walked in. Seeing that Jiang Moxi was already dressed, he smiled and walked over, saying as if he was talking to a normal child, “Brother Moxi, your Grandpa Cen, Grandma Cen, and Uncle Kang are going to the capital today, you should go to send them off. Breakfast today includes soy milk, fried dough sticks, fried noodles, fried eggs, and meat buns. Are you hungry?”

Jiang Moxi stood up and under Shao Yunan’s surprised gaze, took the hidden Rubik’s Cube and headed out the door. However, no one could tell if he was going to send people off or to have breakfast.

“Miao Yuan, you should go eat breakfast too.” Smiling at Miao Yuan, who was still a bit flustered, Shao Yunan turned around and went after Jiang Moxi. But before he could take two steps, Miao Yuan’s voice came from behind him.

“Master, just now young master put his clothes on his own!” Shao Yunan turned around in shock and was stunned for a second. After that, he hurriedly asked, ” You mean Brother Moxi got dressed by himself?”

Miao Yuan nodded vigorously. “Yeah! I tried to dress the eldest young master, but the eldest young master took the clothes and put them on by himself. Even shoes and socks were worn by the eldest young master by himself!” Shao Yunan blinked and raised his hand to smack his forehead, Oh!

“Miao Yuan, go and eat!” Shao Yunan turned around and ran out of the house, then he turned back and shouted, “Miao Yuan, remember to tell me if there is anything different about the young master in the future!”

By the time Miao Yuan came out from the inner room, Shao Yunan had already ran out of the courtyard. Jiang Moxi was playing with the Rubik’s Cube while walking with his head down. Obviously not looking at the road, his feet walked towards the main hall in the front yard.

“Brother Moxi!” Jiang Moxi paused, turned around hastily and put the cube behind his back, looking at Shao Yunan who just came after him. His series of actions really shocked Shao Yunan.

Running to Jiang Moxi, Shao Yunan squatted down and looked at Jiang Moxi. “Brother Moxi, you wore the clothes and shoes by yourself today?” Jiang Moxi still did not make a sound as usual. Shao Yunan said without any discouragement, “Yes, you can just nod to Uncle An. If you don’t agree with something just shake your head.”

Unexpectedly, but also as if expected by Shao Yunan, Jiang Moxi nodded slightly. Shao Yunan’s eyes showed wild joy as he pulled Jiang Moxi’s hand from behind his back, during which Jiang Moxi obviously resisted.

“Moxi what’s the matter? What’s wrong with this Rubik’s Cube? Why did you hide it?” Shao Yunan looked at the Rubik’s Cube in Jiang Moxi’s hand and asked. Jiang Moxi stared at Shao Yunan eyes and moved his finger.

Shao Yunan touched Jiang Moxi’s face, trying to make his voice more amiable as he asked, “How far has Brother Moxi played? Uncle Yunan has been too busy recently, so he didn’t bother to ask you. Can you show me?”

But Jiang Mo Xi again hid his hand behind his back, giving Shao Yunan a wary look. Shao Yunan was confused… what was going on? “Moxi what’s wrong? Why are you afraid of me? Is it because uncle did something you don’t like?”

Jiang Moxi pursed his lips, but Shao Yunan’s heart could not help starting to beat a little faster, then he asked in a whisper, “Moxi, what’s wrong? Why don’t you want to show me your Rubik’s cube? I don’t want your cube, I just want to see how far you have played, can you tell me?”

Jiang Moxi’s eyes struggled visibly under Shao Yunan’s gaze, as if to confirm that the person in front of him would not take away his Rubik’s Cube. After a while, his hand moved from behind his back, showing Shao Yunan his Rubik’s Cube. The corners of Shao Yunan’s mouth curved in a smile as he looked down and exclaimed, “Wow! You are at the tenth order! Moxi, you’re amazing!”

Jiang Moxi’s eyes seemed to smile in an instant, holding the Rubik’s Cube with both hands. Then he started playing with it again, no longer looking at Shao Yunan. Shao Yunan took several deep breaths and stood up. “Moxi, go for the meal with me. You can continue to play after eating.” No matter if Jiang Moxi was willing or not, he reached out and took Jiang Moxi’s arm.

When his arm was pulled, Jiang Moxi stopped playing, quietly following Shao Yunan. Shao Yunan’s heart jumped. ‘Moxi has started to recover!’ After looking down at Jiang Moxi, Shao Yunan decided to increase the amount of spirit milk he used.


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