Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 117.1

Without the big cat causing trouble, Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan were very efficient in their work. By the time it was close to noon, all the tender leaves that could be harvested from the ancient tea trees had been picked. Shao Yunan put the tender leaves into the space, sprinkled them with spiritual spring water to keep them fresh, and then brought the children out, along with some vegetables and fruits.

Cooking in the wilderness was inconvenient, but that was for others. Inside the space, the electric rice cooker was cooking the crystal rice produced in the space. Outside the space, Wang Shijing set up a fire and grilled the chicken and rabbit they had brought from home. Shao Yunan was cutting vegetables on the side, preparing to stir-fry them later.

Of course, cooking could also be done inside the space, but everyone felt that being outside, with the whole family gathering to cook and eat together, gave a better feeling.

When Shao Yunan entered the space, all three children were reading books. He felt relieved and even more gratified. The children at home were really sensible and well-behaved. However, seeing that Jiang Moxi had eaten so many potato chips and chocolates, he had to sternly tell Jiang Moxi not to eat like that anymore. 

Although the spiritual spring water wouldn’t cause him to get fat, eating so much junk food was still not good. Also, would he still have room for a proper meal after eating so many snacks?

“Big Brother, there’s only a small amount of chocolate and once it’s gone, we won’t have any left. Let’s eat it sparingly.” Wang Qing advised his older brother, who was feeling down because he couldn’t have any chocolates for the next three days.

Jiang Moxi looked at Wang Qing and the frustration on his face disappeared. Wang Qing blinked. “The chocolate was brought by Little Father from another mortal realm. Once it’s eaten, we won’t have any more.” Jiang Moxi immediately looked at Shao Yunan. “Uncle Yunan!”

Shao Yunan, who was slicing ham, said without looking up, “Qing is right. Chocolate needs cocoa beans to make and Uncle’s space only has finished chocolate products, not cocoa beans. If you finish all the chocolate in a few days, there won’t be any left for the future.”

“Uncle Yunan!” Jiang Moxi called again. He couldn’t accept the idea of not having chocolate in the future. Wang Shijing’s eyes were filled with amusement as he focused on applying sauce to the grilled meat, not getting involved.

Jiang Moxi and his uncle, Jiang Kangning, were alike in their special love for sweets. Shao Yunan was amused by Jiang Moxi’s reaction and laughed. “There’s a box in the cabin that contains various kinds of seeds. You can go and look. If there are cocoa tree seeds, then you’ll have chocolate to eat in the future. If not, there’s nothing Uncle Yunan can do.”

Jiang Moxi’s eyes lit up. “I’ll look for them!”

“But you have to wait until after we finish eating!” Shao Yunan tapped Jiang Moxi on the forehead and said, “Go break the green pepper into pieces. I will need it later.” Jiang Moxi turned around to break the green pepper, showing great eagerness.

Wang Qing and Nizi also liked eating chocolate, but they also liked other things. However, they would join their older brother in searching for seeds and also hoped to find cocoa tree seeds.

“Awoo~” Shao Yunan’s hand, which was slicing ham, froze. Wang Shijing’s motion of grilling the meat froze. The actions of the three children breaking the green pepper also froze. “Do they have to be so punctual?!” Shao Yunan was speechless. This was truly a crafty tiger!

Two golden-colored big tigers emerged from the dense forest, with the largest one trailing behind them. Shao Yunan immediately smiled. “Ah, not bad! They even understand reciprocity. It turns out that the tiger brother is dragging a fat deer, and the other young tiger is holding a wild chicken in its mouth. The tiger brother places the stag on the ground and looks up at Shao Yunan, as if to say, ‘I’m not a freeloader!’

“Awoo-woo~” The young tiger dropped the wild chicken and the other young tiger dashed towards Wang Shijing, showing great interest in the delicious aroma of the grilled meat emitting from the grill. Well, it seems this lunch will take a little longer. Shao Yunan sighed and realized that greediness knows no boundaries, regardless of species.

That day, Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan didn’t come down from the mountain until evening. The lunch lasted a full four hours! The deer was too big and difficult to handle. Although there was a water source nearby, it was mountain spring water, and slaughtering the deer would definitely contaminate it. 

Shao Yunan took out all the meat he had prepared in the space to fill the stomachs of the three tigers. After joining Wang Shijing, they had mostly consumed the meat in the space mixed with the meat they had bought themselves, leaving very little remaining.

The meat was not enough for the three large tigers, so Shao Yunan let them go and catch a few more wild chickens, which were easier to handle. The three large tigers went and not only caught the wild chickens, but also caught a wild boar. They plucked all the feathers from the wild chickens and grilled them, while the wild boar was stored in the space. 

When the three large tigers were full, Shao Yunan presented them with a large basin of spring water infused with a drop of spirit milk, finally satisfying their appetites. It left him and Wang Shijing exhausted.

Even though the three large tigers had eaten their fill and drank enough, they didn’t leave, but instead lay there to rest. The three children didn’t want to go home so early, and the two parents also didn’t force them to leave. 

The two of them strolled around the vicinity, observing the growth of the goat’s milk fruits and wild chrysanthemums. Although they were tired, Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing hadn’t enjoyed such a leisurely time in a long while. In the forest, it was just their family, with no need to worry about anything.

The three children, with their bellies full, were playing with the two young tigers. It could be said that the two young tigers were actively provoking them, but the three children realized that the tigers wouldn’t harm them and were quite friendly, so they played together. When it was time for them to go home, surprisingly, both the tigers and the children were reluctant to part ways.






Shao Yunan laughed. “Do you want to come back and play with the tigers in the future?”


Wang Nizi said, “Little Father, these tigers don’t eat people.”


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