TOFUH – Chapter 125.1 – Opening School

There were people in Feng Jingyuan’s room, but Shen Anxin was only a thin ger, so no one guarded against him before. When he stabbed Feng Jingyuan, he surprisingly pierced his shoulder.

Feng Jingyuan was wearing a lot of clothes, so Shen Anxin’s hairpin didn’t cause a big injury, but it still  injured him. Immediately, blood gushed out of his wound, staining his clothes red.

“You are crazy!“ Feng Jingyuan let out a scream. He then stepped back and yelled, “Hold him quickly!“

Shen Anxin didn’t say anything much either. He pulled out the hairpin from  Feng Jingyuan and struck him again.

Although Feng Jingyuan was a man, he was too fat, and Shen Anxin was too desperate at the moment, so Feng Jingyuan was stabbed by Shen Anxin again. But this time, he was stuck in the hand while trying to stop the hairpin. His chubby hand was almost pierced through, and the blood came trickling nonstop.

“Shen Anxin, if you have something, just say it!“ After seeing Shen Anxin’s appearance, Feng Jinyuan became a little scared, but Shen Anxin didn’t plan to talk to him properly at all.

However, before Shen Anxin could stab him for the third time, people beside Feng Jinyuan quickly pulled him away.

After being pulled, Shen Anxin did not move, nor did he struggle; he just stood there  like a wooden log.

“Shen Anxin, good for you.“ Feng Jingyuan grabbed his injured hand with his  other hand to prevent blood from flowing out. He quickly called out  for the people around him, “Go and find a doctor!“

Immediately, someone went out to bring  a doctor while Feng Jingyuan looked at Shen Anxin.

Like Shen Anxin, Feng Jingyuan only thought that what he had done was exposed . . . He was a little angry for a moment but   couldn’t help cursing, “Shen Anxin, if you have the ability, just find a river and jump in! What’s the use of biting people like a mad dog?“

It was only in the past two days, that Feng Jingyuan learned  about the imperial envoy Zhou being unexpectedly found by Shen Anxin.

He knew that Shen Anxin’s temper was similar to that of the gers who had been raised at home since childhood, so at first, he wanted his son to marry him. But not  after, Shen Anxin’s chastity was spoiled by him. 

He hoped that Shen Anxin would kill himself quietly; otherwise, he would wash his face with tears all day long. He did not expect Shen Anxin  to not only withstand the blow but also try to kill him.

This guy was crazy.

Shen Anxin looked at Feng Jingyuan in a daze while Feng Jingyuan said with a sneer, “Shen Anxin, just wait. Sooner or later, I’ll get it back tenfold!“

“It’s you.“ Shen Anxin looked at Feng Jinyuan, his whole person suddenly sobering up. Why did Feng Jinyuan say that he should jump into the river? Did he know something? From Zheng Yi’s previous reaction, it was clear that he did not know anything, but Feng Jingyuan was different. In fact . . . it was Feng Jingyuan who most likely harmed him.

Why didn’t he think about it before? Before leaving the capital, his mother was worried that he would encounter dangers and repeatedly instructed him to be careful. She also asked him to take more guards with him. But as a result, when he arrived in Hecheng County, he was afraid that others would know that he had secretly gone to Hexi Village and inquired about Jiang Zhen. When he went out, he didn’t even bring the servant boy with him . . .

“Are you happy now?  Didn’t you want to be pressed down by a man all day long? I did you a favor!“ Feng Jingyuan was in a lot of pain, but he could not help wanting to stimulate Shen Anxin.

Shen Anxin jolted, and suddenly, not knowing where the strength came from, he broke free from the two people,holding him back and directly pounced on Feng Jinyuan.

After Shen Anxin left, Zheng Yi thought more and more that Shen Anxin’s condition was not quite right, so he asked someone to observe him. Then he was told that Shen Anxin had gone to see Feng Jingyuan.

Shen Anxin and Feng Jinyuan had always been at odds with each other, and from time to time, there would be some conflict between them. Zheng Yi was worried that something would happen again, so he also went to Feng Jinyuan’s quarters. But just as he was about to enter, he saw Shen Anxin and Feng Jinyuan wrestling.

“Stop it!“ Zheng Yi shouted. As soon as his voice fell, someone went up and separated Shen Anxin and Feng Jinyuan.

“Shen Anxin, what’s going on here?“ Zheng Yi frowned. Before, between Shen Anxin and Feng Jinyuan, he had always attached more importance to Shen Anxin, but right then, he was annoyed with both of them.

Now it was also obvious that it was Shen Anxin who started trouble so he questioned Shen Anxin first.

“He harmed me,“ Shen Anxin said; he took several blows from Feng Jinyuan, so he was in a lot of pain, but it made him completely awake. It was just that he could not tell what happened to him in the end.

Zheng Yi felt that Shen Anxin’s state was not quite right before, so after hearing his words, he  immediately guessed that Feng Jingyuan probably did something to Shen Anxin and framed Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge. It would not be strange for Feng Jingyuan to do such a thing.

“Young Master Zheng, I have been wronged. He suddenly came in and  attacked me like a madman,“ Feng Jingyuan hurriedly said, showing Zheng Yi the wound on his hand. “Young Master Zheng, I am afraid that Shen Anxin has gone crazy. Young Master Zheng, you must guard against him!“

“It was him who hurt me first!“Shen Anxin gritted his teeth and said.

Zheng Yi frowned tightly.

Originally, after ending the cooperation with Shen Anxin, he was thinking about Feng Jinyuan. But was worried that, if he only cooperated with Feng Jingyuan, he would only make trouble for himself. Now seeing this scene, he could already guess that Feng Jingyuan might have done something that made Shen Anxin lose his mind, so he did not want to cooperate with Feng Jinyuan anymore.

Before, Zheng Yi was very interested in doing business from the south to the north. It would be a very stable way to sell goods, which would be much more convenient for him, but this time . . .

“Both of you should move out of the Zheng family house. If you have any grudges, you can go outside to solve them,“ Zheng Yi said directly, and looked at Feng Jinyuan. “Boss Feng, the Zheng family is going to reduce the business in the capital. I’m afraid we can’t cooperate with Boss Feng anymore. I am sorry. But since Boss Feng got to know some people here, I don’t think  it will affect Boss Feng too much!“

Zheng Yi was too lazy to entangle with these two people, so he simply would no longer cooperate with them.

“Young Master Zheng!“ Feng Jinyuan looked at Zheng Yi in shock. Thanks to him, Zheng Yi earned a lot of money. How could he say that they would no longer cooperate?

Feng Jinyuan still wanted to say something, but Zheng Yi did not give him the opportunity to speak, and quickly left the room not wanting to listen to him anymore .

Shen Anxin and Feng Jinyuan, almost at the same time, were kicked out of the Zheng family house. At the same time, Zheng Yi also made up his mind.

After finding a confidant, Zheng Yi commanded, “Let the imperial envoy find out how expensive salt prices are in the south of the Yangtze River.“

Zhou Maohe was bent on making a secret visit, but after he had shown up in Hecheng County, he was being observed by many people, namely, Zheng Yi, who had also found two more people to follow him.


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