Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 205

Yawning, Shao Yunan lingered in bed, reluctant to get up, even though the sun was already shining brightly outside. After returning from Loyal and Brave Village, Shao Yunan was left in the palace by the Empress, along with Su Chenyi. With the elders not at home, he and his little uncle were taking care of the pregnant Empress in the palace. Upon his return, he immediately started brewing wine, and in the meantime, he had to cook for the Empress, thankfully with his little uncle there to help share the workload. His little uncle had experience with pregnancy and childbirth, which was exactly what the Empress needed most right now, so it was suitable for him to stay in the palace. However, because he was staying in the palace, Nizi and Wang Qing also stayed in the palace, breaking the usual practice. Otherwise, if he had returned and the two children were still living in the King Mansion, people outside might think differently. The Empress also didn’t force the separation of father and child. Since there were few people in the harem, and the two children were still young, there was no harm in them staying there.

As for Moxi, Shao Yunan sighed. He had only seen Moxi once on the second morning after returning to the capital. After that, for the past ten days or so, the child seemed to have disappeared completely, with Nizi seeing Moxi more times than he did. Shao Yunan had come to fully realize the child’s strong will. Nizi was recognized as Moxi future wife, so no matter how busy he was, Jiang Moxi always made time to see her. As for others, unless necessary, he wouldn’t waste time on them. Both his biological father and his father-in-law were on his list of non-essential personnel.

Just as busy as Jiang Moxi was Deputy General Dai. The private affairs hall was now almost like another home for Jiang Moxi and Deputy General Dai. Jiang Moxi, apart from occasionally going to the palace to see Nizi, spent all his time in the private affairs hall, while Deputy General Dai didn’t even return home. The old lady were now in Loyal and Brave Village, and Deputy General Dai was completely focused on the private affairs hall. Under Deputy General Dai’s control, the private affairs hall was now like a fortress. The aristocratic families of the capital and various spies knew that Emperor Yongming had established a secret organization, managed by Deputy General Dai, but they couldn’t figure out what the organization was for, only knowing that there were often deliveries of materials such as wood and iron ore.

After informing Emperor Yongming about the suspected iron, the next day Emperor Yongming summoned Deputy General Dai and Jiang Moxi to the palace. After that, Shao Yunan was no longer involved in the matter of the patterned iron, and he handed over all the patterned iron ornaments he had brought to Jiang Moxi. Although he was a time traveler, his expertise had nothing to do with technology. The only help he could provide was the various books he had collected in his space when he was idle, and Jiang Moxi had to find useful ones for himself. It could be said that Jiang Moxi was the most crucial among them. Jiang Moxi’s genius brain and naturally calm personality, combined with that future knowledge, were terrifying combinations that made Shao Yunan shudder every time he thought about it. Shao Yunan really didn’t want to know what Jiang Moxi could come up with in the private affairs hall, he just hoped that the kid wouldn’t turn into a terrorist.

Not wanting to get out of bed, he had been feeling tired for the past few days. Could it be because Shijing wasn’t by his side? Even when he was busier than now, he had never felt so tired before, especially with the spiritual spring water, which was a treasure for restoring vitality. But these past two days, it seemed that even drinking the spiritual spring water didn’t help, he always felt like sleeping. Perhaps it was really because Shijing wasn’t by his side.

Although Wang Shijing wasn’t by his side, the communication between them had always been maintained. The Marquis Mansion regularly transported water to the capital, so there were naturally fewer letters exchanged. The monument of Loyalty had been built, and Wang Shijing was now cooperating with Zhao He to brew wine. After returning to the capital, Shao Yunan brought two ships of red sour fruits. The next day, he worked overtime in the wine workshop arranged by the Empress to brew the red sour fruit wine, and then secretly put a batch of red sour wine from the auction house in his space. He knew exactly how many barrels of red sour druit wine he had brewed, and Eunuch An was only responsible for the final decision on the quantity.

Shao Yunan also gave the brewing method of wine to Guo Zimu. All the wine in Guo Zimu’s private restaurant would be made by Guo Zimu himself. Speaking of which, Guo Zimu’s private restaurant was unexpectedly popular, which surprised Shao Yunan. As the future legitimate heir of the King family, Guo Zimu could not cook personally. King Luo Rong had found him a reliable chef, and Guo Zimu’s role was technical guidance. Shao Yunan had tasted the dishes prepared by Guo Zimu for the private restaurant in the King Mansion and had to admit that Guo Zimu’s talent in cooking was even higher than his own. Some of the dishes invented by Guo Zimu were even praised by Shao Yunan.

The private restaurant only accepted reservations for ten tables each day and required advance booking. The minimum consumption per person per table was 30 taels of silver. If the grade of the dishes was higher, the minimum consumption would be even higher, up to 100 taels per person. This pricing was set by Shao Yunan, and when Guo Zimu saw it, he was stunned. Who would come back to eat at such prices? The fact proved that there was no shortage of customers. Merchants from various countries and various forces were flocking to the capital. But who was Guo Zimu? He was from the King mansion, he was the legitimate wife of the King Rong, and the private restaurant he opened, even if the food was not delicious, would definitely attract people. Not to mention that the dishes here were slightly better than those in the largest restaurant in the capital, the Yunlong Pavilion. If you wanted to eat here, it wasn’t just about having money; without a certain status, you couldn’t even make a reservation. Shao Yunan laughed out loud every time he thought of Guo Zimu’s stunned expression after seeing the profit for the first month.

Today he went to Little Guo’s place to try desserts. Shao Yunan had long noticed how much Guo Zimu avoided entering the palace, and he also noticed that the Empress shared the same aversion. Shaking his head inwardly, Shao Yunan, who still wanted to be lazy, struggled to get out of bed, pulling back the covers. Oddly, why was he so tired? Even though the Empress became picky after getting pregnant, it wasn’t too difficult for him to handle. Plus, he only had to do things, with the kitchen staff and others assisting him, including the palace chefs. He shouldn’t be this tired.

Yawning repeatedly, Shao Yunan stretched his stiff waist, realizing he lacked exercise: “In my previous life,” he used to go to the gym often. In this life… he seemed to have never exercised since he came over!

“main wife Wang Shao, are you up?” a palace maid’s voice came from outside.

Shao Yunan stopped moving at the sound: “Yes, I’m up.” Brother Tiger, who had been lying down the whole time, stood up and stretched lazily. Tiger was Shao Yunan’s bodyguard.

Four palace maids walked in synchrony. They were sent by the Empress to serve him. However, whenever they passed Tiger, they stiffened all over. Tiger hopped onto a reclining chair and lay down. Shao Yunan wasn’t used to being waited on, although his family was wealthy, he never had servants around him. But his current status was different, and this was the palace. Even in the General’s Residence, he had attendants. It was a rule of the feudal society’s aristocracy, and Shao Yunan had to comply.

After washing his face and brushing his teeth, one maid combed his hair while two others helped him get dressed. Shao Yunan inwardly lamented how quickly he had been corrupted. He didn’t need to worry about the Empress rebelling; he was concerned about him getting tired. If there were any rebellions, he would have to get up early. But the Empress usually drank porridge in the morning, as long as there were tasty side dishes, which he learned from the palace kitchen, it was fine.

After having breakfast in his room, Shao Yunan went to see the Empress. He was going out of the palace today, and he had already informed the Empress yesterday. But before leaving the palace, he had to prepare the Empress’s lunch. Although the Empress’s pregnancy symptoms weren’t severe, he was particularly picky with his food. Shao Yunan couldn’t help but wonder if the future little prince would be a picky eater. As for whether the Empress would have a daughter this time, no one dared to speculate, including Shao Yunan. It wasn’t because he favored boys over girls, but considering the current situation, it would be best if the Empress gave birth to a boy.

“Yunan, take a break these days. You look tired,” the Empress expressed her concern as soon as Shao Yunan entered the Empress Palace. Brother Tiger had found a corner to lie down, looking like he would never wake up. The Empress wasn’t afraid of Brother Tiger at all, if Brother Tiger didn’t mind, the Empress even wanted to pat him. The Emperor wanted the Empress to focus on his pregnancy, but he was not someone who could sit still. He had gotten used to sharing the Emperor’s burdens, especially since there was no one else in the harem now. If he let go, the Emperor’s harem would be in chaos.

Shao Yunan, trying to suppress his drowsiness, said: “No, it’s just hot, so I want to stay in bed. There is a saying that spring makes you drowsy, autumn makes you weak, and in the cold months, you just want to sleep.”

The Empress chuckled at his explanation, and even Eunuch Jin laughed.

“You’ll sleep through the whole year at this rate.” the Empress teased.

“This quiet palace is perfect for sleeping,” Shao Yunan said, stifling another yawn. The Empress patted beside her.

“Have you eaten?” she asked.

“I ate before coming,” Shao Yunan replied, sitting down beside her, and Eunuch Jin immediately brought tea over. After drinking a few sips of tea, Shao Yunan felt a bit more awake.

“Yunan, about the swallow nests you mentioned, Eunuch An has received the news. There are many swallow caves in the Great Mountain Tribe, and they are all quite spacious. They have already sent people back to collect the swallow nests. When they are delivered, you can see if they are suitable.”

“The Great Mountain Tribe has many swallow caves?” Shao Yunan’s tea drinking paused. He had almost forgotten about this matter after being busy with brewing wine.

Because Shao Yunan was busy brewing wine, the Empress hadn’t mentioned it to him. Eunuch Jin, with keen insight, answered on behalf: “There is a small chieftain’s daughter from the Great Mountain Tribe in the capital. She went to see Lord An directly. However, the Great Mountain Tribe doesn’t consume these swallow nests, but they don’t have them in stock, so they said they would send people back to collect them.”

Shao Yunan nodded, thinking: ‘It seems that people after the Tang Dynasty know the value of consuming swallow nests. Even if the Great Mountain Tribe has plenty of swallow nests, they still don’t know the value of this thing.’

The Empress was curious: “Yunan, are these swallow nests really beneficial for us and the child?”

Shao Yunan replied: “If the quality of the swallow nests from the Great Mountain Tribe is good, Your Majesty can eat them regularly. The books say that swallow nests are a nourishing holy product, and even if a child eats them from a young age, there won’t be any side effects. But not all swallow nests can be eaten, which is why I suggested checking first.”

The Empress was surprised: “That good?”

“Yes, very good. If they’re edible, then we’ll all eat them. It’s good stuff.”


Eunuch Xun frowned: “How do you eat swallow nests made from tree branches?”

Shao Yunan instinctively said: “Swallow nests are mainly made from the saliva of certain types of swallows.”

At this, the Empress’s face changed, and she retched twice. Eunuch Xun exclaimed: “How can you eat the saliva of swallows!”

Shao Yunan hurriedly massaged the Empress’s chest, saying: “We’ll know once I make it. I’m not sure either. Uncle, don’t worry about saliva. Today, I’ll make you stewed chicken soup with flower. I soaked it yesterday. I’ll go to the imperial kitchen.”

Shao Yunan slipped away, leaving the Empress still feeling nauseous. He couldn’t eat those swallow nests anymore, just thinking about them made him sick. Shao Yunan smiled wryly to himself. What was swallow saliva compared to papaya stewed with snow clams or the fallopian tubes of female frogs? Shao Yunan even wanted to eat frog fallopian tubes himself; the Empress would probably throw up at the thought.

After feeling nauseous from swallow saliva for half the day, the Empress felt much better after drinking flower glue chicken soup prepared by Shao Yunan, which had no fishy smell. However, before eating, the Empress made sure to ask what exactly the flower glue was, hoping it wasn’t another animal’s saliva. Knowing it was fish maw from large sea fish, the Empress calmed down.

Shao Yunan brought some for Guo Zimu as well, along with a box of untreated fish maw. This stuff definitely had to be introduced in the private kitchen.

Guo Zimu’s current state of mind could only be described by one word—dazed. This daze wasn’t about him, but about the people who saw him. Being nourished by love every day and having his own career, he was already stunningly beautiful: “beautiful” enough to make anyone who saw him dazed—completely captivated—so much so that even King Luo Rong begged Guo Zimu to always wear a mask when going out, it was simply too dangerous.

In the private kitchen, Shao Yunan went directly to find Guo Zimu, accompanied by twenty personal guards plus brother Tiger. With his entourage, the capital was undoubtedly bustling. Just after Shao Yunan entered the private kitchen, several groups of people started heading towards it, the loyal and brave Marquis’s main wife came out of the palace!


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