Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 20.1

Taking advantage of the time needed for the spiritual  water to spread on the tea, Shao Yunan washed the five small jars with spiritual water and then moved them to the kitchen to dry as soon as possible.  He also washed out the newly bought tea jars, wine jars, and small earthen jars that could be used for storage, scalding them twice with boiling water. When Shao Yunan was cleaning, Wang Shijing came back. Seeing Shao Yunan working, he put down the lime blocks he found and went to help.

“Don’t move!” Stopping Wang Shijing, Shao Yunan said, “You will burn your hands!” Wang Shijing has some lime foam on his hands, which would suddenly start to become hot when in contact with water. Pulling Wang Shijing to the side, Shao Yunan first took a clean cloth to carefully wipe Wang Shijing’s hands, before going back to the kitchen to wash his hands with vinegar. Only then did he let Wang Shijing wash his hands with water. 

“From now on, use a cloth to cover your hands.”


Wang Shijing’s mood was very good as he washed his hands carefully. It still felt a little hot, so he didn’t use the bath beans and only finished when the vinegar smell dispersed. “I’ll wash what you want washed, so don’t touch cold water.” Wang Shijing took over Shao Yunan’s job, while Shao Yunan just gave him a look. “I am not a woman.” Wang Shijing said reasonably, “I do the rough work at home.”  

Shao Yunan stretched out his hand and said, “I have also done rough work.” He has thick calluses on his hands, since the original body owner worked hard in the Shao family. Wang Shijing grabbed Shao Yunan’s hand and took this opportunity to put his arms around him. “My wife, my heart aches. In the future I will do all the rough work at home. You are still young, so don’t wear yourself out early.”

Shao Yunan’s cheeks next to Wang Shijing’s chest burned hot, also making his heart hot. It was not that people didn’t chase after him, on the contrary, there were many people chasing after him… both men and women of various statuses. But except for the two unsuccessful romances, he has always been very cautious. He has a spiritual space, so if there was someone close to him, the secret of his space cannot be kept. So he was always cautious. 

Now that he went back thousands of years, being held by an ancient man for the first time, he felt unspeakable restlessness, from the inside out. “From the time you married me, I have not let you live in peace and today I have even made you suffer. Wife, doesn’t mind that I am blind, disfigured, and have two children. I will treat you well, I will love you, I will listen to you in everything, so please don’t leave me.”

It could be said that it was his family environment that forced him to be silent, but after separating from his family and meeting Shao Yunan, Wang Shijing gradually began to release his own nature that was suppressed for more than twenty years.

If Wang Shijing did not have such worries before, then after he personally saw Shao Yunan face the county magistrate, the Dean of the county school, and other people with such ease and wisdom, he became afraid.  He was afraid that with his coarse and incompetent personality, he would not able to keep this person at all. He wanted this person very much, especially after Shao Yunan said that ‘after that I will love you.’ Because of this, Wang Shijing, who was used to silence, couldn’t wait to say what was in his heart… as long as he could keep this person.    

Shao Yunan felt that his breath started to get hot, but at this moment he was a bit greedy for the warmth of Wang Shijing’s chest. On second thought, he was not pretentious. He and Wang Shijing were now a couple, Wang Shijing also had a good body so why should he still act reserved after being a virgin for 26 years? Especially when this guy was so obedient. As for the future divorce, it would depend on Wang Shijing’s performance. 

Shao Yunan leaned openly and said, “That depends on your performance. If you want to have three wives and four concubines or something in the future, I will definitely divorce you.”

“No!” Wang Shijing’s words were resolute and loyal. “I already said that it will be you who will make the decisions in our family. If you tell me to face west I won’t face east. I only want you. You will be my only wife.” He held him tighter. 

“You didn’t care about this marriage or me just two days ago.” Wang Shijing pursed his lips. “I originally wanted to marry you and then divorce you. I know you certainly did not want to marry me.”

“You are very self-aware.” Shao Yunan lifted his face with a flirtatious smile. Wang Shijing looked at that smile, gathered his courage, and then bent down to kiss him. 


Shao Yunan subconsciously struggled, but how could he struggle when with his height, he only reached Wang Shijing’s chest? The thick pure masculine breath entered Shao Yunan’s mouth along with the lips that were touching together. Finally Shao Yunan couldn’t stand it anymore. This was the original body owner’s first kiss, but it wasn’t Shao Yunan’s first kiss. But even then Shao Yunan was under the illusion that this was his first kiss, this person was seducing him!

Wang Shijing’s tongue eagerly pried open Shao Yunan’s mouth, touching and sucking on his soft red lips. He wanted to secure this person as soon as possible, wanted this person to stay by his side in peace and not have the slightest thought of leaving.

Strands of numbness rushed straight from his tailbone to his brain. Shao Yunan became so dizzy that he was unable to stand. Wang Shijing picked him up with a brute force by his ass and strode into the house.  

The beds in the house were covered with sun-dried tea. When Wang Shijing pressed Shao Yunan into the door, the door issued a loud rattling sound. Shao Yunan could only gasp for air, Wang Shijing’s masculinity was so strong that it left a pure zero without any power to fight. 


Shao Yunan, whose neck was sucked on, felt dizzy. He instinctively held Wang Shijing’s head and let his legs lock around his waist, still in the state of confusion. 

Their bodies had reacted so Shao Yunan sensed a hard thing poking his ass. Because it was cold, Shao Yunan wore two pairs of pants, but Wang Shijing wore only one. He also didn’t have to guess what this hard thing was. 

“No, I can’t.” 


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