Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 20.2

Shao Yunan cried out in pain, but pressed on Wang Shijing’s head. Wang Shijing sucked on his  nip*le till it became swollen and then turned to the next one. Shao Yunan twisted his lower body, which already felt uncomfortable. Wang Shijing held Shao Yunan with one hand and untied his trousers with the other. His untied trousers slid to his feet. 

Sucking Shao Yunan’s flat chest was like sucking milk. From sucking his chest swollen, he then moved to sucking his mouth, and then left hickeys on his neck and chest, as if declaring his sovereignty over Shao Yunan. Shao Yunan’s body was young, so in a short while he screamed and ejac*lated. Before Wang Shijing could come, he put Shao Yunan down and turned him around, continuing to suck on his back. Grinding his burning manhood on the peak of Shao Yunan’s buttocks. Without any intention of entering the enchanting place. 

Shao Yunan didn’t know how long it took him to ejac*late the second time. His back was sucked and bitten so hard that he couldn’t feel it anymore. From behind him, Wang Shijing’s muffled grunts could be heard as soon as a hot stream sprayed on Shao Yunan’s buttocks. Shao Yunan slumped helplessly against the door, his eyes closed as he gasped for air. Wang Shijing’s lips were still nibbling on his neck, enjoying the afterglow with closed eyes. 

At this point, Shao Yunan did not understand how things could have come to this stage. Aren’t they supposed to be brothers at first? “Did you eat some aphrodisiac when you went out?” Shao Yunan asked breathlessly, his low voice was thick with languid temptation. 

Wang Shijing kissed Shao Yunan’s shoulder with a satisfied expression. “You are my wife.” 

“I just married you!” 

“We’re already a few days late to consummate our marriage.”

Shao Yunan’s eyes opened in surprise. “This was marriage consummation?” This guy clearly doesn’t know how men have sex at all! 

But apparently Shao Yunan was thinking too much. Wang Shijing took off his clothes while wiping Shao Yunan and himself, saying, “You are still young. Doing that thing too early is not good for your body. I didn’t understand it before, but when I went to the army I listened to the military doctor a lot. When you are over eighteen, we will really consummate our marriage.  According to the military doctor, you should always maintain your health. Otherwise, not to mention giving birth to children, you will also suffer when you are old.” 

Shao Yunan became so dizzy that he turned around and said, “I don’t want to give birth to children.”

Wang Shijing’s movements stopped as he pursed his lips.

Shao Yunan was not soft-hearted. “You already have a son and a daughter, so you have a pair. I don’t want to get pregnant, let alone suffer from that.” 

Wang Shijing continued to pull up Shao Yunan’s trousers, his expression returning to normal. “If you don’t want to, you won’t. You haven’t eaten the pregnancy fruit, have you?”

“No.” Shao Yunan was not sure. “I don’t know… I don’t remember eating any strange fruit… it’s fruit, isn’t it?” Wang Shijing put on his pants and said, “Usually it can only be eaten after marriage. The fruit is white and you have to go to the Yamen to apply for it. It also has to be soaked with medicines before you can eat it, so you shouldn’t have eaten it. If you don’t want it, we won’t do it. It hurts both men and women to have children, for men it will be even more painful. I also don’t want you to suffer.”

Shao Yunan became very satisfied with that.. He hadn’t eaten any white fruit with medicinal flavor in his memory. He gave Wang Shijing a punch and said, “I said that we need to make tea tonight.”

Wang Shijing bent over and kissed his wife’s red and swollen mouth. “Teach me. Then I will do it.”

Shao Yunan narrowed his eyes. “Why do I suddenly feel that your integrity is just pretend? Is it too late to return the goods?” 

“It’s too late, you are already my wife.” Wang Shijing kissed Shao Yunan’s mouth once more in high spirits. This man belongs to him, doesn’t he? 

Wang Dali and Wang Chunxiu returned home without success. Wang Chunxiu after returning home, ran back to her room in tears. Old lady Wang asked what was going on, but Wang Chunxiu didn’t reply. Wang Dali finally choked out a sentence. “It didn’t work out.”

As soon as old lady Wang heard that it didn’t work out, she burst into tears again and wanted to go to Wang Shijing herself. But this time Wang Zhisong stopped her and said angrily, “Mother, you should stop causing trouble. If you had been willing to discuss it with me before, we wouldn’t be in this situation now. He is already separated from our family, but you are still asking him for money. Yet you didn’t get any money, but you’ve even dragged second brother and me into it.

“So you’re just going to let it go? Just let your second brother be arrested and yourself be punished for three months?” Old lady Wang was unwilling. She used to hold her eldest son in the palm of her hands and he didn’t dare to act tough with her. It was all because of this evil star!

Wang Zhisong said impatiently, “What else can we do? They have the county magistrate as a backer, but what do we have? Now we can only wait for me to pass the exam next year.”

“How can I be so miserable…” Old lady Wang patted her thigh and cried. Wang Dali couldn’t help saying, “Why don’t you use money to redeem Wang Tianyan and sister in law?” This sentence immediately poked at old lady Wang’s hornet’s nest. “Use the money? Where will I get money from? If you want to take it, it should be from those two evil stars.” Wang Dali was scolded and stopped talking.

Wang Zhisong took a few deep breaths. “Mother, which of the county magistrates of Yongxiu Province didn’t stay for a few years and then left? When the county magistrate leaves, what backer will they have? At this time your son might already be a scholar. Let’s put up with it for now. When the county magistrate leaves in the future, it will be easy for us to retaliate back. It’s better to spend money to redeem second oldest brother and sister-in-law, otherwise some people will say that I don’t care about my elder brother.”  

Old lady Wang stopped crying, but still ached with pain. “How can our family have so much money to redeem them? How can I be so miserable…?”

Wang Chunxiu came out of her room after she stopped crying and said, “Mother, go to the patriarch and ask him how much money it will cost to redeem people. If it’s too much, it’s just a matter of course, otherwise others will only say that our family refuses to help redeem people.”

Wang Zhisong said, “Go ask. It would be best to redeem them. The most important thing now is my reputation. Before the county magistrate leaves, I must get admitted to the examination, so let’s put up with it.”

Wang Chunxiu gritted her teeth. “Wang Zhisong, you must get admitted. You also better take the top spot and take good care of these two people, especially that Shao Yunan. I just want to tear his mouth apart!”

Old lady Wang was still reluctant. “They got a lot of money from selling those strange stones, so after just separating they were able to buy this and that, but they didn’t even give me a piece of meat.”

“Mother! You should listen to Wang Zhisong and stop it! We can’t beat them now!” Wang Chunxiu advised. Wang Zhisong said, “Mother for my sake, bear with it for now. I swear that this humiliation will be repaid in future!”

Old lady Wang wiped the corners of her eyes and said, “Alright, mother will listen to you.” A child who was eavesdropping behind the curtain in the other room, bit his lips hard. 

“Hiss…!” After taking a breath, Shao Yunan rubbed his chest again and glared at the man pretending to be a fool. When the fun was over, the after-effects also came. The place where Wang Shijing had nibbled was numb and painful, especially the two nipples and lips. Under the guidance of Shao Yunan, Wang Shijing, who exhausted him, hurriedly apologized again. “I’ll pay more attention in the future, I just couldn’t help it.” 

The ‘old’ man who has been holding back for three years was very eager. Shao Yunan only dared to complain, since they were now in a crucial step, they couldn’t be distracted.  After the temperature of the raw iron pot reaches 80 to 100 degrees, they added a small amount of soybean oil and then threw in a certain amount of tea leaves and began fixation. During this process, fingers could easily get scalded. After a while Shao Yunan went into the house and wore two more pairs of wire gloves due to injury. 

Wang Shijing was naturally surprised, but he did not ask anything. Putting on his own gloves, he followed Shao Yunan’s instructions. Shao Yunan gave Wang Shijing a bud with three leaves and four leaves, which was the lowest grade of the tea he wanted to make. This could be used by Wang Shijing for practice. For the tender buds with one or two leaves, Shao Yunan still had to prepare them himself. Leaving the main stove for Shao Yunan to use, Wang Shijing used the other stove, while also being responsible for keeping the fire. 

After the fixation of the tea is finished, it should be placed in a cool place to regain its moisture. After regaining the moisture, it should be screened before putting it into the pot for further roasting. After roasting it could finally be crushed and divided into bags. Then using the lime block to seal the jars, the Longjing tea was considered finished.

Both of them vented their desires during the night and didn’t have much time to rest, but Shao Yunan who drank some spiritual spring water did not feel particularly tired. At dawn, Shao Yunan put the last bag of tea into the jar and sealed it together with Wang Shijing. Only then did he let himself relax. After seven days, when they opened the seal, the tea would be ready to drink. 

“Wife go to sleep, I will take the jars to Wang Qing and Nizi’s room.”

“I can’t sleep. I have a lot of things to do today. I will cook. You can wake Wang Qing and Nizi up. After a meal I will teach them a few words and then send them to Zhao Lizheng’s house while we take a trip up the mountain.”

“I’ll go, you should rest.” Wang Shijing felt sorry for his wife. “I’m not sleepy. The water in our house is refreshing so you should also drink a little more.” Shao Yunan said, as he went to boil the water. Wang Shijing’s one eye sank, but he didn’t say anything about letting his wife go to bed anymore. 

Wang Shijing went to place the jars, while Wang Qing and Wang Nizi woke up. The two children were not told that they had not slept all night, as Shao Yunan simply made breakfast. After a quick meal, he taught the two children how to recognize the first five words in the book and then asked Wang Shijing to send them to Zhao Lizheng’s house in case something went wrong while they were away. 

After Wang Shijing took the children away, Shao Yunan fished out the crab feet that had been soaking in the spiritual spring water overnight and put them in the yard to dry. There were also many other things that needed to be dried out. Filling two gourds with spiritual water and then dripping a few drops of spiritual milk inside, Shao Yunan also packed up some dry food before waiting for Wang Shijing to come back. 

Wang Shijing came back soon and after taking up his bow and arrows, he went out with Shao Yunan. After seeing the two of them go to the west side of the mountain, the villagers were no longer curious. Since Wang Shijing had served in the army for three years, he was not even afraid to take his wife up the mountain with him. What happened yesterday was still the main talk of the villagers, so many people were observing old lady Wang’s family situation. 

Since Wang Zhisong studied at the private school, the teacher had praised him for his intelligence and old lady Wang began to not look at people with a straight face. When Wang Zhisong passed the examination and entered the county school as a child student, old lady Wang became even more overbearing. Wang Zhisong was originally arrogant and the Wang family was not very popular, except for Wang Shijing. So at this time if no one laughed at them it would be strange. 

Unable to take revenge on Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan, old lady Wang concentrated on Wang Chunxiu. In theory, since Wang Chunxiu was already 17 years old, she should be married. But Wang Chunxiu’s marriage has not yet been decided. Old lady Wang wanted to wait for Wang Zhisong to be admitted as a scholar before deciding on Wang Chunxiu’s marriage. Wang Zhisong will be able to take the examination next year, so old lady Wang was full of confidence. 

But now, Wang Zhisong’s reputation was damaged and he was even chastised by the county school’s Dean. Even old lady Wang was not stupid enough to not understand the seriousness of this matter, so she changed her mind and decided to find Wang Chunxiu a wealthy family to help Wang Zhisong. On one hand, she will be able to get backing for Wang Zhisong, while on another, she will be able to help Wang Zhisong with money.

After breakfast, old lady Wang first went to the patriarch’s house to ask him for help with redeeming Wang Tianyan and Wang Guo. Then she asked Wang Dali to drive the cart to the village. Wang Chunxiu, who didn’t know that her mother was worried about her marriage, became bothered by it. Wang Tianyan and Wang Guo were arrested, and Wang Zhisong also could not attend classes but no one came to see him. 

In the past when Song was around, she was the one who washed Wang Chunxiu’s clothes including the dirty underpants changed every month during her period. Later when the Song ran away and Wang Nizi was still too young, Wang Chunxiu who was after all a big girl could not let Wang Qing wash it, so she threw them to Wang Guo. Wang Guo’s own clothes were also used to be thrown to Song, so the aunt and little sister in law quarreled a lot. But every time Wang Guo lost, she was the daughter-in-law while Wang Chunxiu was the family daughter.

Later, when Wang Nizi grew older, Wang Guo and Wang Chunxiu threw their clothes to Wang Nizi and stopped arguing. So, before Wang Shijing came back, the men’s clothes were thrown to Wang Qing to wash, while women’s clothes were tossed to Wang Nizi to wash. Wang Qing and Wang Nizi didn’t speak about these things in detail with their two fathers, but aunt Wang told Shao Yunan about it. That’s why he didn’t show any goodwill towards Wang Shijing’s only sister. Anyway, it would be better if Wang Shijing was completely cold hearted to all the members of this family. 

Wang Guo was in prison and Wang Nizi left with her father. There was no one left in the family to wash clothes, cook, and feed the pigs and the chickens… Wang Zhisong didn’t work, Wang Dali was busy with the work in the fields so Wang Chunxiu couldn’t be lazy even if she wanted to now. Wang Zauzheng was not Wang Qing. He hid faster than anyone else when he was told to work. Looking at the work she needed to do, Wang Chunxiu blamed her mother for letting Wang Shijing separate.


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