Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 49.2

Shao Yunan gritted his teeth. “The next time she dares to come, I will say it in public that she is trying to seduce me! Let’s see who has thicker skin!”

Zhao He slapped Shao Yunan on the head. “What nonsense. If you say she is trying to seduce you it might spread out into what kind of rumor. Don’t let a rumor spread that you and she have had an affair. How could Wang Shijing, Wang Qing, and Wang Nizi face people in the future? Your home is so big and you are not short of money, so why don’t you buy some household slaves? If they come again in the future, you will directly let the household slaves block them and if she tries to break in, she will only give herself troubles.”

Shao Yunan rubbed his head. “Brother He, I didn’t notice you were so heavy-handed.”

“I was slapping you awake! Shijing is really spoiling you.” Shao Yunan said, “I know you’re jealous, I will tell brother Yuande that you want him to spoil you.”

“You’re really trying to pick a fight!”


Shao Yunan really thought that Zhao He was a very smart person. He also gave him an idea that he thought was very good. Wang Chunxiu was Wang Shijing’s sister, not his. He also hadn’t entered the Wang clan tree yet. Anyway, the people outside knew that he was the head of their little family, so he as male wife really should learn more from his mother-in-law, since his sister-in-law likes to come to his house so shamelessly, why should he still be polite about it?

After arguing with Zhao He, Shao Yunan hesitated for some time before he finally asked, “Brother He, why did old lady Wang and her family treat Shijing so badly? Shijing is the eldest son.”

Unexpectedly, Zhao He also shook his head and said, “No one knows what this family is thinking. I heard from my father that Shijing was not welcomed at home since he was a child. But Shijing was really borne by old lady Wang. However, he was pretty big when she gave birth to him, so old lady Wang had a difficult labor. Maybe because of that?”

Shao Yunan was speechless. “And the others?” Zhao He was also very puzzled. “Uncle Dali was never good to Shijing. Wang Shijing was beaten by old lady Wang since he was a child and although Uncle Dali never did anything. He also never stopped it. It’s almost as if he never treated Shijing as his own son.” Pursing his lips, Zhao He lowered his voice. “Just listen and never repeat it to Shijing.” Shao Yunan nodded at once and thought, was there really some inside story?

Zhao He said: “I heard that old lady Wang married Uncle Dali in quite a hurry. From the matchmaker’s visit, to the marriage, it was less than a month. Old lady Wang’s family was also considered a large family in their village, so she married over with a dowry of ten acres of land. At that time, it was said that old lady Wang saw Uncle Dali’s straightforwardness and he also had no brothers to share his family’s property with later. I don’t know If there is any more inside information. Old lady Wang became pregnant not long after getting married and later when Shijing grew so strong and tall, not looking like uncle Dali at all, there was some rumors among the people in the village that Wang Shijing might not be uncle Dali’s.

“But the older generation in the village said Wang Shijing was uncle Dali’s and grandpa Sun also stated that Wang Shijing’s birth month was right. Some old people in the village also said that Wang Shijing looked like uncle Dali’s long-dead uncle, who was also tall and very handsome. He was a famous handsome young man from the village, but unfortunately died early. So 20 years after his death, even uncle Dali might not remember him clearly. That uncle was also said to not leave any children behind after his death. His wife remarried to another village, so no one was left from that side of uncle Dali’s family.”

Shao Yunan thought that Wang Shijing not being treated well by his family was not because he did not look like his own father, right? “So does Shijing know?” Zhao He shook his head. “I’m not sure about this, but I think Uncle Dali might not like Shijing because of this. But since old lady Wang doesn’t like Shijing either, it might be really because of the difficult birth?”

“There is something wrong with that family.” Shao Yunan stopped guessing. He was afraid the real reason had something to do with old lady Wang’s hasty marriage to Wang Dali. But thinking about Wang Shijing’s several responses, he guessed that he might not know the real reason either. He probably didn’t even know that he once had a grand uncle who looked very much like him. Shao Yunan put this matter behind him. No matter what, he will not let Wang Shijing get involved with that family again.

Wang Zhisong, who ran home, went straight back to his room ignoring his own mother’s calls. While Wang Chunxiu, who came back a little later, came home crying. After she stepped inside, she started to scold Wang Shijing for not thinking about brotherly love and when she saw Wang Zaizheng, she even dragged him over and beat him again. Wang Dali saliently worked on the side, not hearing the cries in the house.

When Wang Chunxiu was scolded like this, old lady Wang also started scolding Wang Chunxiu. After going there, why didn’t she bring some meat back? Not to mention a bowl, she didn’t even bring a single piece of meat. The old woman wanted to drag Wang Dali, asking Wang Dali to go with her to Wang Shijing. They were eating large chunks of meat over there, but their own son didn’t even send their own parents a single piece of meat.

Wang Zhisong came out of the room and threw the tea bowl in his hand toward his messy family members. The ear-piercing sound of a shattering cup restored the house to a temporary quiet.

Wang Zhisong tensed up and looked at his parents, his sister, and nephew, and said through gritted teeth, “Do you have to ruin my reputation completely before you are willing to stop? Look at how people outside look at me!” He stared at Wang Chunxiu. “I said no, but you still wanted to go! If you’re capable, let Shao Yunan recognize you as his sister. If you’re not, let mother find you someone to marry in peace!” He also glared at his mother. “Your eldest son has long since abandoned you! Their family is run by Shao Yunan, if you want to eat meat, ask Shao Yunan for it!”

Without looking at his sister’s white face or his mother’s dumbfounded expression, Wang Zhisong turned around and angrily lifted the curtain to enter his room. Old lady Wang’s eyes rolled as she sat on her buttocks on the floor crying and howling. “What kind of sin have I committed…”

Old lady Wang did not go for the meat after all, but started hating Shao Yunan even more. Wang Chunxiu, however, was still not willing to give up. As long as Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan were willing to match her with the county magistrate, with her beauty, being a concubine was absolutely secure. Wang Chunxiu knew that her mother wanted to find her a big family, but how could even a big family compare to an official’s family? Wang Zhisong also said that the county magistrate of Yongxiu County would be promoted sooner or later. As long as she can become the magistrate’s concubine, won’t she also have the hope of becoming the main wife? Wang Shijing said that as long as Shao Yunan recognized her, he was still willing to be her elder brother. Wang Chunxiu bit her lips, did she really have to go to Shao Yunan?


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