TOFUH – Chapter 52.1 – I like you too

Zhao Liu had always been seriously telling people that Jiang Zhen went to her house to propose marriage to her Jinge, and talking about how good Jiang Zhen was to Zhao Jinge. But no one believed her.

It was really . . . Zhao Jinge looked like a man. Saying that Jiang Zhen wanted him because he could work, they would believe that. But Jiang Zhen attached great importance to him . . . How could it be possible!

They always thought Zhao Liu was talking nonsense. When they saw that Jiang Zhen helped He Qiusheng and defeated Liu Heitou, they were even more convinced of that—almost everyone thought that Jiang Zhen was after He Qiusheng. For a while, their sympathy for the Zhao family reached its peak and since then, everybody sympathized with the Zhao family. In fact, some of them were happy for the Zhao family. They thought that, with this, the Zhao family could finally get rid of Jiang Zhen. However, the final result came as a surprise to everyone.

After Jiang Zhen saved He Qiusheng, he didn’t even look at him. His eyes were glued to Zhao Jinge, who looked a little gray . . . Is his eyesight really alright? Moreover, Jiang Zhen who usually looked so fierce, while looking at Zhao Jinge looked very gentle . . .

Jiang Zhen brought back a lot of things. There was a lot of porcelain among the goods he snatched from the water bandits. The ceramic crockery was very exquisite, which made it unaffordable for ordinary villagers, so he didn’t sell it. He kept it all, in addition to the various kinds of food he bought from Fucheng . . . He knew at a glance that he could sell the goods he had brought on his ship for several hundred silver.

Zhao Jinge was surprised when he saw these things. Jiang Zhen paid him the bride price, so he knew that Jiang Zhen didn’t have much money. Now that Jiang Zhen bought so many things at once, he didn’t spend all his money, did he? However, he brought the goods with them and came back. If he sold them later, he wouldn’t lose money.

“I’ve made a lot of money this time, so I have bought a few different kinds of food to eat,” Jiang Zhen explained.

“Um,” Zhao Jinge answered, and the corners of his mouth could not help but hook up. His original uneasiness dissipated after Jiang Zhen held his hand. Now that he was facing the unbelieving eyes of the people around them, his heart was both happy and satisfied. He didn’t think his mood was right, but he couldn’t help it at all.

“Eldest Jiang!” He Qiusheng, who had already climbed ashore, called again and came near Jiang Zhen. 

“What’s the matter?” Jiang Zhen asked.

“What’s the matter?” He Qiusheng calmed his panicked mood and looked at Jiang Zhen. After a pause, he said, “Thank you for saving me.”

Speaking of it, He Qiusheng’s appearance was really good. He was slapped twice before, and his face was a bit swollen, but it still didn’t affect his appearance, and even made him look more pitiful. The wet clothes outlined his slim figure and complimented his white neck, which made people want to knock him down.

Of course, this applied to the other men in Hexi. For Jiang Zhen . . . this was a minor who had just been subjected to a violent attack, which was pitiful but nothing more. 

“I didn’t save you. That man may still come. You’d better find a way to sort things out,” Jiang Zhen said.

He Qiusheng’s father was a bastard. If he had the ability to resist, he would never indulge such a father, but it was the He family’s decision . . . All the money He Qiusheng’s mother and his two elder brothers earned over the years had been squandered by this father.

After that reminder, Jiang Zhen no longer cared about He Qiusheng. He gazed at Zhao Jinge. “Shall we go back?”

Jiang Zhen asked Wang Haisheng to keep an eye on the ship and the cargo, then picked up two loads and gave the lighter one to Zhao Jinge, and carried the heavier one on his own back. Then he walked home with Zhao Jinge.

“Jinge, did you get off work early today?”

“Jinge, how are the preparations for our wedding going?”

“Jinge, did you order a new bed?”


 . . .


Jiang Zhen asked questions as they walked, and Zhao Jinge answered them earnestly one by one. In fact, Jiang Zhen kept asking questions mainly because he wanted to talk with Zhao Jinge, but Zhao Jinge replied too seriously, so he also got serious and asked attentively about the wedding.

When they were halfway home, Zhao Liu also came. When she saw them, Zhao Liu smiled till her eyes narrowed. “Jiang Zhen, you are back! I am so glad you are back!”

“Mother,” Jiang Zhen called.

Zhao Liu immediately felt that she was about to float. On the other hand, by the river, Wang Haisheng was surrounded by the people of Hexi at this time.

“Fisherman, are you and Eldest Jiang doing business together?” someone curiously asked.

“No, I’m working for the boss. I fight.” Wang Haisheng smiled.

“What kind of business is Eldest Jiang doing? Did he make a lot of money?” someone asked again.

“He made some profit,” Wang Haisheng said with a smile. These people wanted to ask more, but they couldn’t find the words.

Jiang Zhen had explained to him that there were some things that could not be said. Some people surrounded Wang Haisheng, while others went to check on He Qiusheng. Most of the people who went to He Qiusheng were his admirers. They didn’t dare to step up before, fearing that Liu Heitou would target them, and it would affect their families. But now, they dared to come and show their concern. However, He Qiusheng didn’t want to deal with them at all. He walked towards He Chunsheng and He Xiasheng and said, “Brothers . . .”

Looking at He Chunsheng and He Xiasheng’s appearance, He Qiusheng started crying again. What should they do now? As long as their father was alive, they would not be able to live a peaceful life . . .

“Qiusheng, let’s go back first,” He Chunsheng and He Xiasheng said to their younger brother. Although Jiang Zhen had chased Liu Heitou away, He Qiusheng was not safe yet. In other words, why did Jiang Zhen just leave? They were worried that Jiang Zhen wanted to steal He Qiusheng away like Liu Heitou, and they even planned to negotiate with Jiang Zhen. But in the end, Jiang Zhen didn’t even look at their brother! He Chunsheng and He Xiasheng’s feelings were very complicated.

Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge went back and forth several times to pick up everything from the boat to the Zhaos’ residence. While they were busy going back and forth, there were always villagers around them looking at them strangely. The villagers couldn’t help but look at this situation weirdly.

They had always sympathized with the Zhao family and Zhao Jinge, who had been targeted by Jiang Zhen, and they thought that the life of the Zhao family would not be easy in the future, but now it seemed . . . How could life become more difficult for the Zhao family? Their life was going to be better from now on.

Jiang Zhen actually sent so many things directly to the Zhaos’ house! What’s more, they didn’t know what kind of eyes Jiang Zhen had, but so far . . . it seemed that he really had a crush on Zhao Jinge . . . He didn’t even look at He Qiusheng, but liked Zhao Jinge!

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