TOFUH – Chapter 77.1 – Meeting with pirates

Jiang Zhen left, but Lu Da was still training his men on the deck.

This was the first time he had trained his men. He himself hadn’t received any training as well, so naturally, he missed the point of doing all these. His men were also very noisy. He finally lined them up, grabbing hair and kicking them on the ass, which looked very unseemly. It made Lu Da very upset.

In his chagrin, the wound on his face looked even worse, and the people around him even laughed. Lu Da almost wanted to give everyone a slap, but even Zheng Yi could not help laughing.

“Master, Jiang Zhen must have trained those people for a long time to do that. Here . . .” Lu Da tried to explain to Zheng Yi.

“Jiang Zhen became a gambling house manager two months ago, and only then did he find some subordinates for himself,” Zheng Yi said, looking at Lu Da with a smile.

Lu Da was even more annoyed. He heard that Jiang Zhen had gone to take a bath, so he hurriedly went to the ship’s bathing area. He did see Jiang Zhen’s men but not see Jiang Zhen.

Of course, he couldn’t see Jiang Zhen. Jiang Zhen at this moment . . . was “busy” finishing.

Jiang Zhen tried his best to avoid the injuries on Zhao Jinge’s body. He did not even take him to bed but only asked Zhao Jinge to stand with his hands on the wall and with his buttocks puckered.

After seeing this result, he became even more excited and ended up shooting too fast.

If you got too excited that you couldn’t control it . . . Jiang Zhen was also upset. Zhao Jinge hadn’t come yet!

Just then, Jiang Zhen had found out that Zhao Jinge should have washed his bottom, so he was not polite and took him straight into his mouth.

Jiang Zhen ended a little fast, and Zhao Jinge had many things on his mind, so when Jiang Zhen left him, he was still a little at loss, then . . . Jiang Zhen did something beyond his expectation.

Zhao Jinge thought that Jiang Zhen was angry with him. He didn’t expect that Jiang Zhen would still be willing to do such a thing . . . He looked at Jiang Zhen in surprise, he shivered and also became a fast shooter.

“Jinge why are you so enthusiastic today?” Jiang Zhen spat out the things in his mouth to the toilet and helped Zhao Jinge to clean up and put on his pants, then he asked with a smile.

It made a lot of sense to start fighting in the bed and end it in the bed.

He was not in a good mood before, but right then, he had a good time and felt comfortable all over.

“I . . .” Zhao Jinge was a little confused. He was afraid that Jiang Zhen would be angry with him and dislike him, so he seduced Jiang Zhen with all his heart. At that time . . . In fact, he was ready to be treated coldly and even thought that Jiang Zhen might not be happy if he succeeded in seducing him

As it turned out, Jiang Zhen’s reaction took him by surprise . . . No, in fact, Jiang Zhen’s reaction was not too strange . . . This man had always been so kind to him.

“But you’re still injured, so be careful and don’t mess around next time, okay?” Jiang Zhen instructed, adding, “Even if you want to fool around, you have to wait for the injury to heal.”

Well, in fact he was actually looking forward to Zhao Jinge fooling around with him a few times. Thinking like this, Jiang Zhen put his hand into Zhao Jinge’s clothes and touched his chest.

It was a pity that Zhao Jinge was injured at the moment, so he couldn’t squeeze him casually; otherwise . . . He had always admired Zhao Jinge’s muscles.




When Jiang Zhen returned to normal, Zhao Jinge began to think more about his words and naturally heard his implication. “You . . . are not angry?”

“Angry?” Jiang Zhen was a little puzzled and immediately said, “Still a bit, but don’t worry, I will find an opportunity to teach Lu Da a few more lessons.”

Zhao Jinge was stunned again. “You are not angry with me?”

“You thought I was mad at you?” Jiang Zhen was so angry before that he didn’t pay attention to what Zhao Jinge thought, but now, he finally understood why Zhao Jinge’s attitude was so strange and why he seduced him on his own initiative.

“I’m a little angry! Speaking of this, Jinge, I was going to talk to you about it,” Jiang Zhen said.

Zhao Jinge suddenly became a little worried again, but soon he couldn’t worry anymore. Jiang Zhen put his hand in his trousers!

“There were several of them at that time, but you were alone. Why didn’t you know to hide? Even if you didn’t hide, you should shout that you are a ger. If you say that several men try to bully you, they certainly wouldn’t do anything to you,” Jiang Zhen said.

“I only hit people when I am sure I could win. You clearly couldn’t fight them, so why did you fight? I don’t know why you didn’t run first to call me so that we could clean up this people together?”

Jiang Zhen touched as he spoke, then he saw tears in Zhao Jinge’s eyes. Jiang Zhen was startled. “Jinge, what is the matter with you?” Had he spoken too harshly? He didn’t think so.

“I’m fine.” Zhao Jinge wiped the tears that came out of his eyes uncontrollably. Now he was just a little too excited, thinking that Jiang Zhen was too good.

He always knew that Jiang Zhen was very good, but Jiang Zhen was always better than he thought. He is really happy. He was very happy to be with Jiang Zhen.

“Don’t let me worry about it in future, all right?” Jiang Zhen sighed and kissed Zhao Jinge’s eyes. “if you think about it, if I am beaten by a group of people when you are not here, wouldn’t you be sad?”

“Well, I’ll try to escape next time.” Zhao Jinge nodded. If Jiang Zhen were to be hurt by others, he would be very sad and painful.

However, Jiang Zhen was so powerful that he certainly wouldn’t be hurt.

Zhao Jinge looked at Jiang Zhen carefully and didn’t know that his eyes were still wet. His eyes were so bright that Jiang Zhen wanted to overwhelm him and do it again.

However, thinking of Zhao Jinge needed a good rest, Jiang Zhen quickly gave up this idea. At this time Jiang Zhen smelled a stink of sweat from himself.

There was no other way when the condition was bad. For example, when he was on a mission, he could only bear the stink, but Jiang Zhen still liked to wash himself clean when he could take a bath. Speaking of which, in ancient times, there was no soap that could wash him from head to toe, which made him a little unaccustomed. He always felt that he had oil on his body and could not be washed clean.

It was not easy to see soap in the south, but there seems to be a lot in the north. This time he must buy some more.

“Jinge, come and take a bath with me.” Jiang Zhen took Zhao Jinge and picked up a change of clothes.

“You go. I’m not going,” Zhao Jinge said. A ger could wipe his body in the house . . . the body could be washed with a basin of water, but it was not good for him to go to places where men bathe on the ship.

“Don’t worry. I’ll keep an eye out for you,” Jiang Zhen said.

When they were on the boat before, while Zhao Jinge took a bath, d Jiang Zhen would usually stand outside, guarding the door.

Zhao Jinge still didn’t think that it was good, but Jiang Zhen was also thinking for him . . . so carrying the bucket, Zhao Jinge followed after him.

By the time they arrived at the bath, Jiang Zhen men had already finished washing.

“Boss, you go and wash, we’ll watch the door for you.”

“Yes, we’ll watch it for you outside!”

“You can wash slowly.”


. . .


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