TOFUH – Chapter 150 – Playing With The Sand By The Sea

Good merchants could always smell interest and arrive in the shortest possible time.

Three years ago, the docks in Yabian Village were still unknown, but in the past two years many merchants in Hexing Province learned about this place. Some of them even specially arranged for their people to stay here so as soon as they got news that Jiang Zhen and Wen Ming returned from the sea they could immediately come here.

If they could buy rare things from overseas first, they may earn several times more after selling it, so who could not be eager to do so?

Jiang Zhen said he wanted to spend time with his family, but the next day he was busy with taking care of goods.

The most precious things Jiang Zhen brought back this time were potatoes and chili peppers.

Yes, this time he was able to get some  potatoes and chili peppers from these European merchants, but it was in such small quantities that it may take years before he would be able to grow them on a large scale.

For Jiang Zhen, these two things were the most precious, but for others that was not the case.

These businessmen came for glazed mirrors and glass. In addition, they also liked all kinds of precious stones.

As soon as Jiang Zhen and Wen Ming came back, they sold half of the mirrors and glass. They knew that the people Zheng Yi brought were definitely not of low status, but they would not sell the rest at once.

Doing business, you need to learn how to be patient and wait for a good price.

After more and more businessmen came to the seaside, Jiang Zhen and Wen Ming stopped coming forward and asked their men to sell the relatively worthless things they had brought.

Converted to the Gregorian calendar it was now july but it should be September. The weather had not yet cooled down and the beach was not too hot, so in general it was very comfortable.

Jiang Zhen took his children in his arms and went to his own “private beach“ to play.

As a matter of fact, he also wanted to take Zhao Jinge with him but unfortunately Zhao Jinge still had to deal with the Jinzhen Escort Agency matters and could not play with them, so he did not force him to do so.

In the Zhao family private beach there were some vines growing in the sand.There was also a large pavilion, so during high tide the seawater would occasionally be swept under the pavilion.

Jiang Zhen looked at the situation and took off his coat and pants, simply wearing a pair of shorts to lie down under the gazebo and letting his children play beside him.

Zhao Mingzhu carried a small bucket and dug the sand with a small shovel, but Zhao Chengyu just looked at Jiang Zhen curiously for a while before grabbing his chest bulge and sucked it for a while with his mouth.

Jiang Zhen: “…”

His son was breast-fed by a wet nurse since he was born and finished not too long ago so… he wanted milk now?

“Father, dig with me.” Zhao Mingzhu got tired of digging by herself after a while and wanted Jiang Zhen to accompany her.

At this moment, Jiang Zhen did not want to move at all: “Mingzhu dig by yourself… How about this, Mingzhu? Why don’t you dig up more sand and bury your father? “

As Jiang Zhen spoke, he grabbed a handful of sand and put it on his stomach.

Zhao Jinge loved his two children very much and was willing to accompany them when he was free, and so were Zhao Fugui and Zhao Liu. But they would never let their daughter / granddaughter bury themselves as shamelessly as Jiang Zhen.

Therefore, Zhao Mingzhu felt that this was something new and giggled as she dug up the sand to bury Jiang Zhen.

Zhao Chengyu learned everything from his elder sister. Seeing that his elder sister did it, he mimicked her movement and began to shovel sand on Jiang Zhen.

The three of them were having a good time when some voices suddenly came from not far away.

“There’s a pavilion here!”

“Let’s go to the pavilion and take a break.”

“There’s someone in the pavilion!”



Jiang Zhen frowned when he heard those voices.

He built a fence on both sides of the beach. Although that fence was not high, it still let others know not to enter freely. But there were still some people who came.

Zhao Mingzhu had already piled a lot of sand on him so in order to prevent it from falling, Jiang Zhen could not stand up casually. So he just turned his head and saw a few 17 or 18-year-old teenage girls walking over in pairs.

There were no such guests in the Zhao family. Even if there were, Zhao Jinge knew he was playing with the children on the beach and would not let them come over here. These people definitely climbed over the wall.

Looking at their clothes, they were expensive and noble looking. He didn’t know which family’s young ladies left the docks and came to this secluded place. But, they still climbed over other people’s fences.

If Jiang Zhen saw those people, those people also saw Jiang Zhen lying in the sand. He had a tanned face and there were two dirty children next to him.

Jiang Zhen used to take Zhao Mingzhu with him wherever he went, and Zhao Jinge continued this habit.

In the past three years, Zhao Jinge took his two children wherever he went so the two children were not very spoiled and were even a little tanned.

Because they were in their own house, Jiang Zhen dressed them in short sleeves and shorts so after playing with sand for a while they looked even more rough.

The teenage girls who came over frowned when they saw this situation.

They have walked along the beach for a long time and sweated a lot due to the hot weather, so they really wanted to rest in this pavilion. However, there was already someone there.

“Hey, go elsewhere to play. Give us this place to rest.”

“Come on, hurry up and go away! Take your things too.” Another person said that while pointing to the stuff on the lounge chair under the pavilion.

“This is my place, it’s you guys who should go away.” Jiang Zhen countered.

“It’s already your privilege that we have taken a fancy to this place so you should know what to do and hurry up,” a young girl said. She looked closer and found that on the lounge chair there were also pants and other clothes.

Her eyes opened wide as she looked at his body buried in the sand. Jiang Zhen was definitely not wearing any top judging from his exposed shoulders so she said angrily: “You’re not even wearing clothes! How disgusting is that!?”

“You better get the hell out of here.” Jiang Zhen’s brow furrowed as his voice became colder.

These teenage girls were all held in high esteem since they were young, so when Jiang Zhen wanted to drive them away they naturally became unhappy: “Why should we go? You are the one who should go!”

“That’s right!” Another person said: “Are you a servant here or a person from the neighboring village? Do you know who we are?”

While they were talking, one of the teenagers suddenly exclaimed: “Mirror!”

Hearing the teenager’s words, the people present all looked over in unison and found a palm-sized mirror on the sand next to that lounge chair.

They begged Wen Yingniang for a long time, but she refused to give them a mirror. But now such an expensive mirror was laying casually on the sand.

These teenage girls were all members of the Wen family.

In the past, Wen Yingniang had the idea of going back to the Minnan province but after having a child she gave up on this idea.

Her husband married into her family so she gave birth to a child surnamed Wen. Wen Ming also had a lot of face in the Wen family. If she took her family and came back it could be considered that she wanted to rob the family fortune from her brothers.

After all, her husband married into her family so their children were part of Wen family tree.

She had no intention of hearing about the family’s wealth. She decided to not go back, since her children were also not the only ones in the Wen family tree.

However, although Wen Yingniang has tried her best to avoid family squabbles, after seeing Wen Ming leave the Wen family and his business getting bigger and bigger, some people in the Wen family couldn’t help becoming restless.

Even Wen Yingniang’s elder brothers have a lot of complaints about her stealing Wen Ming to set up her own business, not to mention other members of the family.

The Wen family hoped that Wen Yingniang and Wen Ming could go back, preferably with the fleet of ships and their belongings so they could become part of Wen family wealth.

Naturally Wen Yingniang was unwilling to do so.

She did not covet the property of the Wen family, if Wen family wanted her to give back her dowry she wouldn’t say anything. But Wen Ming risked his life by going to sea to make money for their children so no matter what, she was unwilling to give it to the Wen family.

Wen Yingniang refused to go back so finally one of Wen Yingniang’s cousins came over with the Wen family’s younger generation. These teenage girls in front of Jiang Zhen were the aforementioned younger generation.

They came this time to persuade Wen Yingniang and Wen Ming to go back. The cousin of Wen Yingniang also had some other thoughts; if Wen Yingniang was not willing to go back, he would persuade Wen Ming to become his son-in-law.

Wen Yingniang actually had no ability, it was Wen Ming who was the golden Bodhisattva!

Not long after this group of people came here, they met Wen Ming who just came back from the sea. They also knew that Wen Ming had brought back some mirrors and immediately asked Wen Yingniang about them. However, Wen Yingniang was aware of their little thoughts, so she refused them.

These teenage girls were embarrassed by Wen Yingniang, so they left the Wen family’s house and walked along the beach.

The house of the Wen family and the house of the Zhao family were not far away from each other, so why don’t they just walk to the Zhao family house? As for the previous fence, they regarded it as the fence of the Wen family.

After a young girl saw the mirror, she grabbed it and turned it in her hands as she frowned at Jiang Zhen: “Who are you? How can you have this kind of mirror? Did you steal it?”

These people are new to Hexing Province so they only knew that Wen Ming brought a lot of mirrors back from overseas. They didn’t know about Jiang Zhen’s existence or Jiang Zhen himself.


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