TOFUH – Chapter 151 – Bringing Migzhu For Training.

Jiang Zhen and his two children were covered in sand, so these young ladies did not feel that they were people of importance.

Which honorable person would get himself covered with mud and sand?

What’s more, they thought wholeheartedly that the fleet that went out to sea belonged solely to Wen Ming and all mirrors and glass also belonged to Wen Ming.

Although Wen Ming sold some, those who bought mirrors and glass were all big shots like country magistrates. How could someone of importance take two children to play in the sand here?

“Are you a crew member of the fleet? You stole this mirror, didn’t you?”

“How dare you! I’ll make sure uncle Wen Ming arrests you!”

The young girls spoke one after another, venting their anger with Wen Yingniang on Jiang Zhen.

“My mirror!” At this time, Zhao Mingzhu’s eyes become red.

Both Jiang Zhen and Wen Ming kept some goods for their own families, but not much. Jiang Zhen brought home a total of three mirrors, one for Zhao Liu, one for Zhao Jinge and the last one for Zhao Mingzhu.

Zhao Mingzhu was very fond of her mirror and carried it with her at all times. Zhao Jinge did not approve of this behavior, fearing that she might break the mirror or be robbed, but Jiang Zhen hadn’t thought much of it.

Wasn’t it just a mirror? If it breaks, it will break. As for the possibility of being robbed . . . Mingzhu was still small so she basically spent most of her time at home. Was there really someone who would dare to come to his home to rob him?

But as a result… someone really trying to rob him now.

Jiang Zhen no longer cared about sand slipping from his body. He got up, planning to call someone to escort these people out. Zhao Mingzhu was one step ahead of him and already rushed over: “That’s Mingzhu’s mirror!”

Zhao Mingzhu’s body was covered with sand, making her look dirty so the group of teenage girls didn’t want to let her get close to them. They even seemed as if they wanted to kick Zhao Mingzhu…

They were not able to kick Zhao Mingzhu because Jiang Zhen was faster and directly picked up his daughter.

Even though Zhao Mingzhu was fine, Jiang Zhen was already furious. Extending his foot, he directly kicked the person who dared to try to kick Zhao Mingzhu.

“Ah!” The teenager fell on the sand and looked at Jiang Zhen in shock, clutching his stomach. He was stunned and startled: “Do you know who we are? We are from the Wen family! If you dare to hit us, Uncle Wen Ming won’t let you go!”

“I’ll make sure that Uncle Wen Ming teaches you a lesson!”

“Just wait!”



They were all trembling in fear but were still shouting vicious words.

“People from the Wen family?” Jiang Zhen frowned at the people in front of him: “I will even beat Wen Ming if he dares to hit my daughter, so what do you think I would do to you?”

Despite these words, this group of people was young and from the Wen family so Jiang Zhen did not beat them up: “Put down the mirror and get out of here, or I’ll kick you out.”

The teenage girls were a bit afraid of Jiang Zhen who looked very rude, but they were not willing to show any weakness in front of him, especially the girl who grabbed the mirror.

The girl who snatched the mirror was called Wan Li and was the daughter of Wen Yingniang’s cousin who came to see Wen Yingniang this time. She was extremely beautiful so her family favored her and everyone was obedient to her. Yet now she was threatened by Jiang Zhen, and she was so angry that she threw the mirror toward several rocks without thinking: “I’m not going to return it!”

The outside of the mirror was covered with metal so it wouldn’t break easily, but it still couldn’t stand being smashed on purpose. The thrown mirror shattered as it hit the rocks.

Zhao Mingzhu was hugged by Jiang Zhen so she saw everything very clearly. With ’woah,’ Zhao Mingzhu cried out: “Daddy! Mirror…”

Seeing his daughter crying, Jiang Zhen’s expression became cold. He reached out and grabbed the girl’s wrist, and then directly threw her to the ground.

If it was Zhao Mingzhu who shattered the mirror, he would first see if his daughter was injured but this person was not his daughter!

“Ah, it hurts!” The young girl was so thinly dressed that her hands immediately bruised.

It was also at this time that Wen Ming and Zhao Jinge came toward them with some people.

After discovering that the younger generation of the Wen family went missing, Wen Ming sent people to look for them. When he discovered that they had run to the Zhao family house he came over as fast as he could but it was in vain… those people caused trouble.

“Uncle Wen Ming! He is beating us!”

“Uncle Wen Ming, this man stole your mirror! You need to arrest him! “

“Uncle Wen Ming!”

These young girls complained one after another. The girl who was thrown to the ground by Jiang Zhen even cried out, covering her face with her hands, looking very pitiful as she tried to frame Jiang Zhen: “Uncle Wen Ming, this man tried to molest me!”

Although Wen Ming used to be a steward of the Wen family and was now separated from them, he kept his posture a little low when dealing with these young heirs of the Wen family.

Although these people called Wen Ming “uncle“ they obviously did not respect him much.

“Wen Ming, these people barged into my house and tried to beat up Mingzhu. They even broke her mirror, take care of this!” Jiang Zhen laughed angrily. This little girl really dared to speak! He would never molest a girl, no matter what!

Zhao Mingzhu was still crying, Zhao Chengyu was also crying, and there was a broken mirror next to them. Not to mention that Wen Li even opened her mouth to accuse Jiang Zhen . . .

When Jiang Zhen was away from home, some people threw themselves into his arms but he refused to even hug them so how could he possibly molest a little girl in front of his daughter and son?

Wen Ming felt extremely guilty and apologized to Jiang Zhen: “Brother Jiang, I’m sorry, I will definitely give you an explanation for this matter.”

After saying that he looked at those teenage girls but his expression was stern: “Come here and apologize!”

“Uncle Wen Ming?” These people looked at Wen Ming in surprise and felt that something was wrong.

This person who buried himself in the sand before, was his identity not ordinary?

This can’t be right? Which person of status would bring children with him and even let his children torment himself so much?

“These mirrors are sold for 10,000 silver a piece, I will have to talk to Sixth Master Wen about this,” Wen Ming added.

He was born in the Wen family, and he has never robbed the Wen family business in the past three years. It was already unkind to leave the Wen family in the first place so he had been very polite to Sixth Master Wen when he came here this time, but now he was no longer willing to spoil these people anymore.

“Uncle Wen Ming, you want us to pay for this mirror? Isn’t this mirror yours?” Wen Li was dumbfounded when she heard his words.

“Miss Wen, I already told you earlier that I just followed another person out to sea to do business.” Wen Ming said.

“This was just your pretext . . .” Wen Li said but suddenly reacted again: “Is this Jiang Zhen you’re talking about?”

They all looked at Jiang Zhen in surprise. The man with so many scars on his body was Jiang Zhen?

While they were still thinking about it, Zhao Jinge had already picked up Jiang Zhen’s clothes to cover his body. Then he picked up Zhao Chengyu.

Jiang Zhen was playing with his children on his own beach, but a group of people still came and saw him almost naked… Zhao Jinge was very angry at this moment so he said rigidly: “I still have something to do at home, so I won’t entertain you, please leave!”

While Zhao Jinge was busy driving people away, Wen Ming added: “When I take these people back, I will definitely visit again!”

After Wen Ming took those people away, Zhao Jinge looked at Jiang Zhen: “Are you okay?”

Yes.” Jiang Zhen said: “What’s the matter with these people?”

“What else can it be? It’s just that the Wen family is jealous! !” Zhao Jinge said.

The Wen family did a lot of business which cost a lot of money but… not everyone in the Wen family could have a share of the properties.

Wen Yingniang was able to get married with a big dowry, which made many people jealous. After Wen Ming and Wen Yingniang got married, they became sea merchants and earned even more money, which made other people even more jealous.

“Jiang Zhen, you should be careful. Just in Wexing Province there are many sea merchants who are dissatisfied with you.” Zhao Jinge said with some worry, since Jiang Zhen had been away from home for some time, several people spoke to him in a shady manner.

“Since we developed so fast, it will make people jealous.” Jiang Zhen frowned slightly, but soon let it go.

He can’t stop developing just because others will be jealous.

If he stops developing, it will really make people look down upon him in the future!

Jiang Zhen hugged Zhao Mingzhu and coaxed her. It didn’t take long for Zhao Mingzhu to stop crying but soon after she became aggravated again: “Father, father why are you up!” She buried her father in sand for so long and when she was about to finish burying him, he unexpectedly ran out . . .

“Father will lie down and let you bury me again” Jiang Zhen asked.

“My hands are sore.” Zhao Mingzhu said.

“Let your mother help!” Jiang Zhen said.

Zhao Jinge had never played with sand, but under the guidance of Jiang Zhen, the man was soon covered with sand, leaving only his head uncovered.

This . . . was quite interesting.

“You should put more sand between my legs and pile it higher.” When Jiang Zhen was bored, so he started to flirt with Zhao Jinge.

Zhao Jinge: “…”

“Come on!” Jiang Zhen said.

“It’s time to eat, I’ll take Mingzhu and Chengyu back first.” Zhao Jinge pretended to look at the sky calmly: “Mingzhu, are you guys hungry?”

Zhao Mingzhu and Zhao Chengyu were hungry so they nodded in unison. They wanted to eat together with Zhao Jinge, but of course they didn’t forget about Jiang Zhen.

Zhao Mingzhu took Zhao Jinge hand and said to Jiang Zhen: “Father, Father, don’t stand up!”

“What if dad starves to death?” Jiang Zhen asked.

“Then I’ll give you a kiss.” Zhao Mingzhu said. Jiang Zhen occasionally played with her like this so he closed his eyes and remained motionless. Jiang Zhen couldn’t get up until she gave him a kiss.

Jiang Zhen: “…”

After their family played around for a while, Jiang Zhen promised to continue playing with Zhao Mingzhu tomorrow, and was finally allowed to get up from the sand. At this time Ruo’er came, saying that the Sixth Master of Wen family came over to make amends.

Sixth master Wen really did come to make amends.

He was in a very bad mood. He didn’t achieve any of his goals after coming to Wexing Province but still needed to pay 10000 silver for nothing…

You should know that even though he was a member of the Wen family he didn’t have any business talent and didn’t want to go out to sea. His family wealth was not even comparable to Wen Ming before he married!

The Sixth Master Wen’s family was very depressed, but Jiang Zhen did not hesitate to accept his money: “It’s not good to let the Sixth Master Wen suffer so please take with you the broken mirror from before!”

The Sixth Master of the Wen family returned to the Wen family house with the broken mirror. After he returned both Wen Ming and Wen Yingniang avoided him.

“Bastard!” The Sixth Master of the Wen family becomes furious.

At the same time, Jiang Zhen had a discussion with Zhao Jinge: “Tomorrow I’m going to train my men.”

“Mm-hmm.” Zhao Jinge nodded: “What’s wrong?” 

Jiang Zhen had always trained his men, training more and more people but he had never specifically told him that he was going to do it before.

“I want to bring Mingzhu with me.” Jiang Zhen said.

Zhao Mingzhu didn’t need any training right now, but it wouldn’t be bad to take her to have a look.


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