TOFUH – Chapter 52.2 – I like you too

The people of Hexi couldn’t understand Jiang Zhen’s mind, and they got a bit confused about whether Zhao Jinge was really unlucky or lucky. Right then, someone thought of something, “Speaking of which, a few days before the third Jiang son’s marriage, Eldest Jiang fell in the water. At that time, it was Zhao Jinge who went down the river to save him. It was really kind of him.”

“Is that why Jiang Zhen is with him? In other words, Jiang Zhen is grateful . . .” That was how human nature was. They didn’t recall this before. After all, Eldest Jiang didn’t die at that time, so they didn’t think about the life saved . . .

“Knowing how to repay gratitude? Jiang Zhen is in great trouble! He offended that Liu Heitou, and in the future, no one knows if the people of Hexi would not be targeted by that Liu Heitou!” The second Jiang uncle knocked on the ground with his crutches. He looked very sad and worried.

When some timid people heard what the second Jiang uncle said, they were worried too and resented Jiang Zhen. However, some young people could not help murmuring, “I think Jiang Zhen is very good . . .” What Jiang Zhen did this day made them feel really happy! 

Jiang Zhen didn’t know that some people in the village had changed their attitude towards him. He was now talking with the Zhaos about everything he brought from Fucheng.

When they heard these things were for the family, both Zhao Liu and Zhao Fugui were shocked. They didn’t expect that Jiang Zhen would give them something after the ten silver last time, but he brought so many things back this time.

“Jiang Zhen, our family doesn’t even have any land now, so it’s better to save money. There’s no need to rush to buy these things . . . ” Zhao Fugui said because he was a bit worried that Jiang Zhen had spent all of the forty silver that the Jiang family had given him. In that case, how would his family live in the future? It was just that Jiang Zhen was not his child. He couldn’t say too much.

“Dad, I didn’t spend money. I gained unexpected wealth this time, so I bought some things,” Jiang Zhen said.

Zhao Fugui didn’t ask what the unexpected wealth was, but nodded. “So it turns out it was like this. It’s good that you know . . . By the way, the ten silver you gave me, and the money I have saved over the years, I put it all together, so we can buy an acre of paddy field. I have already asked someone to help me look for it. Would you like to go and have a look?”

Zhao Fugui was planning to buy it under Jiang Zhen’s name, and his money was regarded as a betrothal gift . . . Their Zhao family couldn’t take advantage of Jiang Zhen.

“It’s good to buy land, Dad. Let’s buy more.” Jiang Zhen smiled and put hundred silver on the table. “First, buy 5 mu of paddy field, and if there is more, buy some dryland.” With Zhao Fugui and his wife, together with him and Zhao Jinge, the output from 5 mu of paddy field would be almost enough to feed them.

As a matter of fact, Jiang Zhen still had two hundred silver on him, so it was okay to buy more land. But at this stage, he still hoped to keep more cash on his hands.

Jiang Zhen said it lightly, but the Zhao family was shocked, and Zhao Liu jumped up in surprise. “Jiang Zhen, where did you get so much silver?” Could it be that the money wrapped in cloth was one hundred silver? Where did Jiang Zhen get it?

“That’s what I call unexpected wealth. When I was doing business outside, I saved a man from some water bandits. He gave me two hundred silver to thank me,” Jiang Zhen said.

“This . . . This . . .” Two hundred? Even when the Zhao family was in good condition, all their possessions did not add up to two hundred silver!

The Zhao family couldn’t respond anymore. When they were eating, everyone felt a bit dizzy, and Zhao Liu almost fed rice to her nose. Zhao Fugui also forgot to ask about He Qiusheng and Liu Heitou. However, even this being the case, they still sent Jiang Zhen out of the door and didn’t let him stay the night.

Jiang Zhen: “. . .” He wanted to talk to Zhao Jinge too. Fortunately, in another six days, he and Zhao Jinge would get married.

Zhao Jinge also wanted to talk to Jiang Zhen. Before, when Jiang Zhen ignored He Qiusheng, he thought that Jiang Zhen didn’t have money to help He Qiusheng pay his debts, that’s why Jiang Zhen ignored him. It turned out . . . Jiang Zhen was actually rich! He had misunderstood Jiang Zhen again . . . Zhao Jinge’s heart had a sense of restlessness and sweetness.

That night, Zhao Liu went to sleep on the bamboo couch in Zhao Jinge’s house once again. Zhao Fugui and Zhao Liu had made a new bed for Zhao Jinge and Jiang Zhen, but they couldn’t sleep together until they got married. Zhao Jinge was still lying on the simple wooden bed and listened to what Zhao Liu told him to do after they got married.

Zhao Liu usually talked about what should be said, but this time, she didn’t say much. After a while, she seemed to have fallen asleep.

Zhao Jinge was lying in his bed quietly for a long time. After confirming that his mother should have already fallen asleep, he finally got up from his bed and went out quietly. He really wanted to see Jiang Zhen, even if he was already asleep.

Zhao Jinge’s steps were very light, but Zhao Liu wasn’t asleep at all. When she heard the noise, she opened her eyes in the dark. Looking at her son’s back, she hated that iron couldn’t turn into steel. But after thinking about it for a moment, she just picked up her quilt and went to Zhao Fugui.

Today, Jiang Zhen shocked their family even more than he did before. It was not only Zhao Jinge and Zhao Liu who couldn’t fall asleep, but Zhao Fugui too. He kept thinking about how well their family would live in the future, and then he heard the sound of a door opening. His son must have run out. Zhao Fugui couldn’t feel depressed anymore. After all, this time, it was his son who ran out on his own initiative, and he couldn’t blame Jiang Zhen for this.

In fact, Jiang Zhen was sleeping very well that night, but he was still very alert. So when Zhao Jinge knocked on his window, he immediately got up from the bed and opened it.

“Jinge, I have so much to tell you,” Jiang Zhen said.

“Me too . . . ” Zhao Jinge said.

Jiang Zhen had already taken out all the things he planned to give the Zhao family, but the hairpin that he intended to give Zhao Jinge was still on his hands. As soon as he lit a big candle, Jiang Zhen immediately took out the hairpin. “I bought you a hairpin.”

Zhao Jinge was surprised to see this. In the past, Jiang Zhen sent a lot of food and some practical things, but he never gave him jewelry. This hairpin was so beautiful that he didn’t even dare to reach for it . . .

When Zhao Jinge didn’t move, Jiang Zhen directly grabbed a lock of his hair and put the hairpin on. Jiang Zhen’s hair was tied with cloth, which was relatively easy to tie, but this hairpin . . . Jiang Zhen tried several times and fixed the hairpin on top of Zhao Jinge’s head with difficulty.

Zhao Jinge’s hair was pulled a little, which was a bit painful, but Zhao Jinge was still very happy and couldn’t help but ask, “You . . . why are you so nice to me?”

“Because I like you,” Jiang Zhen said.

Zhao Jinge paused and finally said with certainty, “I like you too.”

Jiang Zhen suddenly didn’t want to let Zhao Jinge go back. It was just . . . it was better to wait until their wedding night . . . Jiang Zhen took a deep breath and endured again. However, this bargain still had to be taken advantage of.

“Jinge, shall we go to bed and have a rest?”

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