TOFUH – Chapter 76.1 – Zhao Jinge is provocative

All Zhang Yi on board were talking about Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge, but Jiang Zhen already took Zhao Jinge by the hand and strode towards the cabin where the doctor lived. He walked very fast, which made Zhao Jinge stagger a little unsteadily behind him. This made Zhao Jinge felt uneasy.

He always worried that Jiang Zhen would be unhappy, and now . . . Jiang Zhen seems really unhappy. What should he do? Why was Jiang Zhen so unhappy?

As Zhao Jinge followed Jiang Zhen, he became more and more worried. It was only then that he suddenly realized that he had done something stupid. He only thought it would be bad for a ger to be beaten by a group of men, but in fact . . . beating a group of men as a ger would also not be nice to hear about. Moreover, no matter what, being beaten or beating up someone . . . 

There shouldn’t be any physical contact at all! He was a married ger, and he shouldn’t even talk to other men, let alone fight with a group of men who are not dressed properly . . . Would Jiang Zhen mind? Would he dislike him now?

In their village, some men get angry when they see their wife talk with other people. Although Jiang Zhen was not like this, he certainly didn’t like him to have physical contact with others.

Those people were still laughing at him for not looking like a ger, and by laughing at him, did it not mean laughing at Jiang Zhen?

The more Zhao Jinge thought about it, the more he regretted it. He lowered his head and didn’t dare to say a word. At this time, Jiang Zhen already took him to the doctor.

Zhao Jinge had some bruises on his body, but it didn’t hurt. At last doctor gave him a bottle of safflower oil and asked Jiang Zhen to wipe him.

“Is he really all right” Jiang Zhen asked

“Nothing wrong.” The doctor glanced at Jiang Zhen. “But after all, he is still a ger. It would be better for him to fight less in the future.”

Jiang Zhen thought it was because he was careless that he let Zhao Jinge get beaten. This guy didn’t know how to hide or ask for help, which caused his face to look even worse. He took the medicine, thanked the doctor, and took Zhao Jinge to the deck.

They had no place for stay for the time being and no place to apply medicine . . . Jiang Zhen looked at the medicine in his hand and heard Zhao Jinge whisper, “Let’s have a meal first. We will apply medicine after eating. You won’t feel pain anymore.”

When Jiang Zhen looked at Zhao Jinge, he saw that the other was peeking at him cautiously. One eye was still blue green, making him look like an uneasy little puppy, which made him want to reach out and touch him.

Jiang Zhen took a deep breath, but he was not as unhappy as at the beginning. “Are you hungry?”

“Mmm-hmm.” Zhao Jinge saw Jiang Zhen face and bowed his head. He was not really hungry, but Jiang Zhen should be hungry

Jiang Zhen only thought he was hungry and took him to the kitchen.

Today was the first day of their journey, and the ship brought fresh vegetables and meat, so the food was pretty good. The food needed to be picked up by oneself. Everyone would take two bowls and get a bowl of rice and a bowl of vegetables. Today, the dish was stewed pork with green beans.

When Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge went to pick up the food, the food dispenser looked at him angrily and gave him a spoon full of only green beans.

Jiang Zhen was already in a bad mood. He looked at him coldly and, without any politeness, grabbed the spoon and scooped for himself and Zhao Jinge a spoonful of green beans with meat.

When the boy, Zheng Yi’s attendant, came over, he happened to see this scene. He immediately wanted to laugh and then handed the basket to Jiang Zhen, saying, “Boss Jiang, the young master asked me to bring you chicken soup. Besides, Lu Da’s cabin is ready for use.”

Jiang Zhen picked up the basket and immediately realized that Zheng Yi should have asked someone to help them tidy up the cabin.

Zheng Yi is a big young master. He was going to the capital this time not only with this young boy but also with two personal servant girls. They were used to cleaning up cabins, so the speed of cleaning must have been very fast.

At this time, the ship was not a modern giant ship, there was not much space on the ship, they also did not have a specialized place to eat. Most of the people who received the food were just looking for a place on the deck to squat down and eat.

Now that the cabin was ready, Jiang Zhen took Zhao Jinge back to their cabin to eat.

After they left, the young man in charge of food distribution in the kitchen immediately grabbed Zheng Yi’s attendant.

“Brother Zhuang, what is the origin of this Jiang Zhen?”

Isn’t he just a man hired to protect Young Master Zheng? Why was he so arrogant? Brother Zhuang even brought him chicken soup . . .

“I’m telling you, Young Master Zheng attaches great importance to him now. Don’t neglect him, or you will not be able to bear the consequences,” the young boy warned.

The server nodded, so when Jiang Zhen’s men came to get food later, he didn’t dare to show his temper anymore. There was a piece of meat in every spoonful he dished out.

Lu Da’s cabin was actually very small, which was about the same size as their previous cabin, which was four or five square meters. But this cabin had windows, which was good for ventilation, so it should be very cool at night. There was also a table beside the bed.

Zhao Jinge put the food on the table, immediately went to open the window, and smiled flatteringly at Jiang Zhen.

“Well, let’s eat.”

Jiang Zhen’s anger had dissipated somewhat. He took out a clay pot from the basket the young man gave him, and when he opened it, he found a whole stewed chicken inside. He tore off the chicken legs and wings and poured out half of the chicken soup. Then he gave the rest of the chicken soup to Wang Haisheng and the He brothers, who brought his and Zhao Jinge’s luggage.

“You did a good job before. Divide it and eat it here before you go.”

“Thank you, boss!”

Although the three of them were injured, Wang Haisheng and the rest did not feel any pain when they saw there was chicken to eat, so they smiled at Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen divided more chicken meat for the three and poured half a bottle of safflower oil out for them. Zhao Jinge could meet the doctor on the ship to check him, but these people under him were only slightly injured, so he couldn’t let them trouble the doctor.

“Ask all injured people to use the medicine and then gather them on the deck in an hour. The training will not be stopped,” Jiang Zhen said.

When he used to take the fleet out by himself, he would train his men all the way, he couldn’t stop it now.

Wang Haisheng picked up the safflower oil and quickly drank the chicken soup with the He brothers. Jiang Zhen turned around and saw Zhao Jinge looking at himself carefully.

“What are you looking at! Eat!”

Jiang Zhen glared at him and put the two torn chicken legs with a lot of meat in the chicken soup in front of Zhao Jinge and then gnawed at the chicken wings.

Jiang Zhen gave him drumsticks, so he should not be angry, right? In fact, Zhao Jinge thought this food did not taste good, but he was afraid that Jiang Zhen would not be happy, so he ate the food clean.

In the cabin where Lu Da lived, many articles have been replaced with new ones, and the quality was still very good. It was estimated that it was taken out by Zheng Yi.

After eating, Wang Haisheng and others left. Jiang Zhen asked Zhao Jinge to lie on the new mat that still smelled of grass and then rubbed in the medicine.


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