TOFUH – Chapter 146.2 – Rumors In The City

“We are really destined for each other.” Wen Yingniang grabbed Zhao Jinge’s hand and suddenly cried.

When Wen Yingniang cried with joy, Wen Ming, who just learned of her pregnancy, froze.

He paused and turned his stiff neck to look at the servant girl. So Yingniang is fine?”

“Answering my lord, Madam is fine, but since she is pregnant, she should rest well.”

“It’s good that she is okay.” Wen Ming took a deep breath and was not as anxious as before. “You go back and take care of the madam!”

Just as Wen Ming spoke, Jiang Zhen came over. “What happened?”

“It’s a happy event. Master Jiang, can you let me into this garden?” Wen Ming could not hold down his excitement anymore.

“Let someone inform people inside, and then you can go in,” Jiang Zhen said as he sent someone into the garden to notify others.

In fact, even if they ran into a woman, it wouldn’t matter, but he was afraid that someone would be disrespectful to the women if they didn’t have such a rule and went in without announcing themselves.

Someone immediately went in to announce their arrival.

 Wen Ming looked at Jiang Zhen. Master Jiang, a few days ago, you built a dock by the sea, didn’t you? Can you let me join you?”

When Jiang Zhen was rejected before, it was not  because Wen Ming did not want to leave the Wen family, but because he didn’t think it was necessary.

The wealth he had accumulated was enough for him to spend the rest of his life, so why would he bother going to sea and risking his life to make some money? He also didn’t have children.

It was very hard to be a sea merchant, and life at sea wasn’t good. He could be gone at sea for months, so naturally, he didn’t want to do business with Jiang Zhen at that time.

He thought he might as well spend more time with Wen Yingniang.

But now, Wen Yingniang is pregnant.

The one in Wen Yingniang’s belly was his own child, so he had to always think of this child too.

“Of course you can,” Jiang Zhen agreed without hesitation, not surprised at all that Wen Ming would choose to do so.

He used to think that parents didn’t need to leave too much for their children because it would only spoil them. When he had a child of his own, he didn’t think like this anymore. Especially since Zhao Mingzhu was a daughter, which makes him worry even more.

Jiang Zhen and Wen Ming briefly exchanged a few words. Then they were told that they could enter the garden. Just as they took a few steps within, someone else came rushing out.

This time, the one who ran out was the ger child Ruo’er, who was always beside Zhao Jinge.

“Ruo’er, what’s wrong?” Jiang Zhen frowned, a little worried.

“Master! Madam’s pregnant!” Ruo’er immediately stated in surprise when he saw Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen became stunned.

While Jiang Zhen and Wen Ming were surprised and happy, some people were not.

They only felt angry.

Madam Zhang and the others that had just taunted Wen Yingniang heard that Wen Yingniang’s face looked unwell because she was pregnant.

Wen Yingniang was nearly thirty years old, so her body not being able to stand the discomfort was quite normal but . . . 

How could Wen Yingniang be pregnant?

These people, just like Wen Yingniang before, almost immediately thought of Liao Qinghe.

Since Wen Yingniang could have a child but had been childless before  it was most likely because Liao Qinghe had a problem. As for the woman in the Liao family who was pregnant with a child, they couldn’t be sure whose baby it really was.

It was no wonder that even though Liao Qinghe had many women in the past, he hadn’t had any children.  It turned out he was the one with a problem.

The people who were on Madam Zhang’s side before were soon all looking sympathetically at her.

At this moment, Madam Zhang hated her husband, who haphazardly betrothed her daughter, but she hated the Liao family even more Of course, she also hated Wen Yingniang.

While she was gritting her teeth, Madam Zhang suddenly saw Wen Yingniang coming out of the house.

People around her looked to be in high spirits. Even Wen Yingniang, although still tired, felt much better.

She was surrounded by her maids as she went outside and saw Madam Zhang.

“Madam Zhang, you keep telling others that they can’t lay eggs, but you don’t know that it’s your daughter’s turn now!” Wen Yingniang smiled.

Madam Zhang’s face darkened, but not far from them, Wen Ming was laughing lightly. His young lady was so cute.

Jiang Zhen didn’t laugh as he took a few steps forward and came to Zhao Jinge. “Jinge, how do you feel? Is there anything wrong with you?”

“No, I’m fine.” Zhao Jinge immediately said. He felt quite well and not uncomfortable at all.

When Jiang Zhen heard Zhao Jinge say so, he sighed in relief but was still unwilling to stay there any longer. “We will go back first.”

Who knows if someone might bump into Zhao Jinge here? He heard before that there were people targeting Wen Yingniang.

Wen Ming said, “Let’s go back first.” Wen Ming asked his maids to surround Wen Yingniang, so no one could hurt her.

They soon left, and Madam Zhang who watched them leave walked out without saying a word.

A woman carrying a baby for less than three months would not normally publicize it, but news of Wen Yingniang’s pregnancy soon spread.

At the same time, the direction of the wind in Fucheng completely changed.

Wen Yingniang was actually able to conceive a child, that means that the one with the problem was…

For a while, when the people of Fucheng mentioned the Liao family, their tone changed. When they mentioned Liao Qinghe, they would also shake their heads, exchanging knowing looks and sighs.

Even those who originally disliked Wen Yingniang soon sympathized with her. Of course, they also sympathized with Liao Qinghe.

“That Wen Yingniang is really unlucky. Because she married the wrong person, she suffered so much.”

“If the Liao family hadn’t divorced Wen Yingniang, others wouldn’t have known about it. I really didn’t expect it . . .”

“Yes, Liao Qinghe’s luck is really bad.”

Hey, then whose child is that woman that Liao Qinghe brought back carrying?”


. . .


On that day, Father Liao personally went to pawn calligraphy and paintings.

He always got very little money when he asked his subordinates to pawn calligraphy and paintings. The painting he wanted to pawn this time was one he particularly liked, so he took it with him and went to the pawnshop in person.

However, the pawnshop could not give him the price he wanted.

Father Liao did not want to pawn it, but he was in a hurry to get the money, so he had no choice but to do so.

After he pawned the painting, he was walking back when he ran into a good friend of his, so he greeted him.

Father Liao noticed that his friend’s expression was strange for some reason.

“Why do you have such an expression?” Father Liao couldn’t help but ask.

You . . .” The man wanted to say something but then stopped. Then gritting his teeth, he finally said, “Wen Yingniang is pregnant. Did you know about that?”

Father Liao’s eyes opened wide.


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