Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 7.2

After signing the contract, boss Zeng handed Shao Yunan a white jade plaque with a strong pine on the front and the character ‘Zeng’ on the back and then said, “Every shop in the Yongxiu region of my family has such a strong pine figure. If you go to these stores in the future, just take out this jade token and you will get the most affordable price.”

Shao Yunan really did not expect such a good thing, it was no wonder that this big boss could make his business so big. Just looking at his people, they were too good! Shao Yunan clasped his fist to thank him. “Thank you, master Zeng for the gift.” Boss Zeng smoothly said, “In the future, if Master Shao has other rare items you want to sell, please do not hesitate to come to the Butterfly Jewelry Pavilion.”

“Of course.”

Shao Yunan awkwardly accepted ten, fifty taels silver ingots after some more courtesy. At this time, the circulation of silver notes was not yet widespread, so only big merchants would use silver tickets for the convenience of trading goods. It was also very troublesome to exchange silver notes, so Shao Yunan asked to exchange one fifty taels of silver ingot into one tael loose silver ingots and three taels of silver into copper coins. 

Boss Zeng was kind enough to give him a cloth pouch, so Shao Yunan put fifteen taels of silver into his sleeves and left the Butterfly Pavilion with the heavy cloth pouch in his arms. As soon as he left, the shopkeeper called for a reliable subordinate and wrote a letter, asking the subordinate to take the letter and the three four-season pendants in a wooden box to the capital.



With money in hand, he no longer felt panic in his heart.  Shao Yunan, who left the Butterfly Jewelry Pavilion, bought a back basket on the street and put the cloth pocket in it. The back basket was deep and through this action, he put the cloth pocket into his space. He then went back to Wang Shijing with the basket on his back. Passing by the bookstore along the way, he went in and came out with a bag of books and three sets of pen and ink in the basket.

In this way, Shao Yunan bought whatever he wanted to buy on the way. He bought refreshments and a pile of seasonings in the grocery store, as well as a few kinds of food. The Great State of Yan only has a few kinds of food, but the spices were quite abundant. The location of the Yongxiu region also determined that the goods here were relatively complete.

Shao Yunan bought pepper, star anise, chili pepper, soy sauce, vinegar, salt and other common seasonings. After asking the owner of the grocery store, he went to the pharmacy to buy cinnamon, orange peel, fennel, and anything else he could think of that was available here and could be used as a seasoning. The Great State of Yan was now able to use soybeans to squeeze soybean oil, but it was quite expensive. 

Since Shao Yunan had money now, he bought a lot of it. He was also surprised to find that there were people who sold sugar here, but it was very expensive and could not be called cane sugar. Rather, stone sugar was sold in large blocks. 0,5 kg of rock sugar cost 500 copper coins, so Shao Yunan bought 2 kg of stone sugar and 1,5 kg of maltose. Maltose was very cheap and only cost 30 copper coins for 0,5kg. But it only looked cheap to Shao Yunan, a sugar that was not a necessity would not be bought by the average person.

He bought and bought all the way, especially when he passed near the meat stall. He made the butcher think he wanted to open a restaurant because he bought so many ribs, tube bones, pork, hind leg meat, etc. Shao Yunan also bought fifteen apples and pears, but was unable to carry them. These things costed five taels of silver. Things like soybean oil, meat, fruit and stone sugar were really expensive… it’s simply too extravagant here!

Farmers grew food in order to survive, so few of them would grow fruit trees. So the fruit they ate  were mostly wild ones they found on the mountain. Only large families and rich officials would hire people to grow fruit in their fields, but it was only to supply their own consumption so not many fruits were sold. The prices were also expensive. One apple was sold for ten coins and a pear for 12. If it was some rarer fruit like peach, orange, etc., it would be even more expensive. Peaches like any wild peach were sour and oranges were also sour, so Shao Yunan didn’t buy them. Shao Yunan also couldn’t find anyone who sold grapes. There were only a few people outside selling it, so Shao Yunan could only comfort himself that at least he could take it out openly in the future.

He has a lot of good grape and tea seeds in his space and because of the space, he could grow quality vines and tea trees as long as he had the seeds. In addition, because he had been stimulated by doomsday novels, he had frantically purchased various kinds of food, vegetables, fruits, flowers and plants seeds. With seeds, land, and space, it’s not hard to grow them. The hard part was taking them out. He could take out a set of four seasons jade pendant, explaining it as Wang Shijing’s strange encounter, but he could not say that everything was a strange encounter.

Tea and grapes were available here so he could always say to the public that he found a new variety and improved them when he took out the grapes and tea from the space. Shao Yunan’s ultimate idea was to rely on wine and tea to make money. This was what he was most familiar with in his line of work. Therefore, the act of taking the jade out to sell would not be repeated in the future, unless Great Yan also had jade. It was a kind of sour feeling to hold on to a gold mountain that couldn’t be used.

The original body owner looked good, not the handsome or dashing kind in modern society that was considered the fresh meat type. With fair skin and a thin body, how could he look like someone who orgined from a farming family? But the original body owner was really a good farmer and had a lot of strength. The original body owner had become one with Shao Yunan’s memory. Memories were always memories, so Shao Yunan knew he could really do a lot of things and work hard. Fortunately, the original owner had some strength, otherwise he really wouldn’t have been able to carry the things he bought to the place where he and Wang Shijing agreed to meet.

The place where the livestock was deposited was relatively crowded and chaotic, and Shao Yunan was sweating as he walked with a bamboo basket on his back and a large jar of soybean oil in his arms.

“Yunan.” Shao Yunan looked up  at the sound and immediately acted like he had seen a savior. ”Come and help.”

Wang Shijing, who had come back a long time ago, quickly walked over and first took over the large jar of soybean oil in Shao Yunan’s arms, then he helped him unload the basket with the other hand. Seeing that the basket was full of things, he asked, “Why did you buy so much?” But he was even more interested in asking where the money came from.

“Well, I’ve bought a lot of things. I’ll talk to you when we get back. I’m exhausted. Have you bought your things yet?”

“It’s all bought.”

“Then let’s eat dinner, I am hungry. I still want to go to the cloth shop after we finish.”

“… alright.” 

Wang Shijing easily picked up the back basket, holding the large jar of soybean oil in one hand and Shao Yunan’s arm with the other. “Put the things in the cart first. No one will steal them with so many people around. Watch your step.”

“Good.” Shao Yunan was tired and hungry. Wang Shijing took Shao Yunan to the storage office, where Shao Yunan saw Wang Qing and Wang Ni standing by the cart looking up. Seeing him, the two children shouted in unison, “Little father.”

“You must have been anxious waiting. Little father has bought you some delicious food and will prepare it for you when we get home.” The two children’s little faces instantly lit up with eagerness. Shao Yunan smiled. “Go eat first. Little daddy will take you guys for a big meal.”

“Yunan.” Wang Shijing called. Shao Yunan knew what he was thinking and said boldly, “I’m not short of money now. Let’s go to Yizhang Xuan for dinner!” Wang Shijing and his two children were full of doubt. Wang Shijing meant that he could just eat a bowl of noodles or wonton on the street, but he couldn’t stop Shao Yunan, who dragged them to the Yizhang Xuan restaurant for dinner. 

Sitting at the table in the restaurant, Wang Qing and Wang Nizi were still a little confused. Not to mention eating out here, the two children had never had a chance to eat out since they were born. They have never even eaten steamed stuffed buns from outside, but now they were sitting in such a magnificent and luxurious restaurant. The two children dressed in patched clothes didn’t know where to put their hands.

The waiter of Yizhang Xuan, like the clerk in the Butterfly Jewelry Pavilion did not show any expression of disgust because of the clothes of the four people, nor did they prevent them from entering the door. As long as a person came in, they were guests. If the other person really tried to scam a meal from them, they had their own way of dealing with it.  

Because many people could not read and write, there was no such thing as a menu in the restaurant, so the waiters explained the dishes in the restaurant. Shao Yunan refused to wait for the waiter to name the dishes one by one and without knowing what kind of food they served he ordered three meat dishes, three vegetarian dishes, a pot of good tea, a pot of good wine, and two of the most famous refreshments in the store.

Wang Qing and Wang Nizi listened to their heart thumping, while Wang Shijing was stopped with a look several times when he wanted to speak to Shao Yunan. After the waiter brought the tea, Shao Yunan poured tea for Wang Shijing and the two children saying, “Brother Shijing you can eat without worry. I stayed and I am a part of the family. You want to support the family and I am the same. I have a way to earn money and I have already earned some money, so our life will get better and better in the future.”

Wang Shijing opened his mouth and finally said, “Okay. You have your own ideas, so I won’t ask any more questions. If you need to talk, don’t be polite.  We are family.”

Wang Qing and Wang Nizi stared at Shao Yunan, who was smiling. “Well, we’re family ‘now’.”

Wang Shijing’s mouth clenched.


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