Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 2.1

Shao Yunan gave Wang Shijing beside him a ‘you take care of your side’ look, before snorting coldly at old lady Shao and Shao Dahu, then said: “Don’t act as if you came here to seek justice for me. At first, in order to save the third son of the Wang family, the Wang family cried and begged you to marry me to him. But if you really wanted what was the best for me, you wouldn’t have agreed. As if I was a woman they cried and begged and you promised them. I respect your kindness. But I am a man. You beat and scolded me into agreeing, but only for their fifty taels of silver.”

The surrounding chatter exploded with a ‘boom’. It turned out that only fifty taels of silver was agreed on at the beginning! This was almost two to three years of income for an ordinary farmer! Old lady Wang’s family was really rich!

“Shao Yunan!” Shao Dahu wanted to strangle his brother. “Who gave you the guts to talk nonsense here!” He was surprised. How could this brother who never dared to hit or scold back, dare to act so tough today?

Shao Yunan picked up his firewood axe again and another corner of the table fell to the ground. The ruthlessness of his face made Shao Dahu, who wanted to go forward and beat him, take a step back and shut up. The Wang family members who wanted to make noise also followed his example. The cowardly ones were afraid to act bold and the bold ones were afraid to act reckless. To deal with this kind of people, even the highly educated Shao Yunan could only use this method to solve them. Shao Yunan has not been afraid of making trouble since he was a child and when he came here, he wanted to vent his frustration in the face of these unreasonable people.

“You sold me for 50 taels and now you’re ready to sell me again for 100 taels? You’re obviously a bitch, but you want to set up an altar for yourself. Don’t fu*king say it was for me.”

“Shao Yunan! You are itching again, you bastard!” Old lady Shao screamed.

With an axe in his hands, Shao Yunan said: “I’ve already given my life back to you! I, Shao Yunan, have nothing to do with the Shao family, since the day I left the Shao family. Old lady Shao, you know how I got to Wang’s house and how I got married? You know in your heart that if you want to live, keep your man, and let your daughter live, you won’t mess with me again. Or we’ll break the net! My life for your Shao family’s four lives. It’s worth it!”

Shao Yunan’s ruthlessness and his address to his ‘own mother’ upset Shao Dahu, old lady Shao, and the villagers of Shaojia Village who came with him. Shao Yunan was not like this before! An old man from Shaojia Village could not help saying: “Yunan, how can you talk to your mother and elder brother like this? Your mother didn’t raise you to be so unfilial!”

“She is not kind, so why should I be filial. My business is none of your business!”

“You!” The old man’s face turned white with anger.

Shao Yunan turned to the pale old lady Shao and Shao Dahu. “You came back last time to cause trouble, because the Wang family withdrew from the marriage for the third son. This time you come back to make trouble, because Wang Shijing separated from his family. I had no choice in that and he won’t profit from your family in the future. Now you are not afraid to ask for 100 taels from the Wang family and use me to get more money. I’m not afraid of losing face, so if you make trouble again, I’ll go to the Yamen tomorrow and beat the drum!”

Old lady Shao shivered for a moment, then with an ‘ow’ sat down on the ground to cry again. Shao Yunan immediately said to Zhao Lizheng, “Uncle Zhao Lizheng, please go with me to the county Yamen, I want to sue them.”

“Shao Yunan!” Old lady Shao and Shao Dahu shouted at the same time. Old lady Shao no longer dared to sit on the ground. The fear on their faces attracted everyone’s attention. What exactly will the Shao family do?

“Will you get out of here or not?” Shao Yunan expression was fierce.

“You, you…” Shao Dahu sternly pointed at Shao Yunan. Shao Yunan immediately said, “Uncle Lizheng, please lend me a brush and paper. I want to write a letter.”

“Shijing…” Zhao Lizheng, who didn’t know the inside story, didn’t want to see Shao Yunan and the Shao family bring things to that stage. Originally it was the Wang family who was unreasonable. Wang Shijing, who had never opened his mouth till now, said: “Uncle Lizheng, please listen to him.”

Wang Shijing spoke, so uncle Zhao Lizheng looked at the two people, sighed and asked his son to take out the brush, ink, and inkstone. Shao Yunan said to the mother and son, “Today we will write a decision. From now on, the Shao family will have nothing to do with me. Whether I live or die, it will have nothing to do with the Shao family.”

“Shao Yunan, don’t think you’re tough just because you’re married. You’ll be crying in the future!” Shao Dahu really wanted to kill Shao Yunan, but this time he was already on the losing end. Shao Yunan sneered. “Even if I cry to death, it has nothing to do with you. I don’t fear a ghost calling at the door in the middle of the night. Shao Dahu, if you want your Shao family to live in peace, don’t come and mess with me. If you want an official son-in-law so badly, marry Shao Zhen to the third son of the Wang family.”

“Oh, Shao Yunan, you son of a bitch!” These kinds of words could not be said indiscriminately in this era. Old lady Shao was still counting on her daughter to marry into a big family, so at first she still rushed to get a hold of Shao Yunan, who dodged it and laughed coldly. “It’s true that if it is not your own child, you can just sell it and send it to someone else’s house happily. But if it’s your own child, you want to protect it.”

When these words came out, the crowd was shocked. Even the people from the Shao family were shocked. Shao Dahu’s face was so frightened that old lady Shao immediately forgot to deny it. Wang Shijing wrinkled his brows and stared at Shao Yunan.

“Yunan, what is biological or not? Tell me clearly what you mean!” The old person from Shao family asked harshly.

Shao Yunan only said, “If you want to know what’s going on, take them back and ask.”

“Shao Yunan! Don’t talk nonsense!” Shao Dahu did not dare to look into the eyes of the village people at all. Shao Yunan showed a smile that frightened Shao Dahu, then he pointed to his head and said. “I remember it clearly. How about calling old man Shao over. Let’s do a blood recognition?”

As soon as these words came out, old lady Shao yelled at Shao Dahu. “Dahu, let’s go back. He does not recognize us, so we will also not recognize him! Just pretend… just pretend that I never had this sinful son!”

“Ugh! You don’t even have the ability to give birth to me.” Shao Yunan’s counterattack made old lady Shao and Shao Dahu’s face turn pale, but neither of them dared to make trouble anymore. At this point the relationship between Shao Yunan and the Shao family was already clear at a glance. The Shao village people who come here also looked at old lady Shao and her son in the wrong way. The patriarch also had no intention to support Shao’s mother and son here anymore, so he just clenched his teeth and said, “What a disgrace! Take them back to the village!”

“Wait! A letter of determination!”

With so many pairs of eyes staring, plus the fact that there were wrongdoings in their hearts and patriarch Shao was watching, the two sides signed a decision to sever the relationship in three copies. One for Shao Yunan, one for old lady Shao, and one for the patriarch.

Taking the letter of determination, complex gazes looked at the satisfied Shao Yunan. Then the old men apologized to Zhao Lizheng and took the Shao village people away, along with the Shao family mother and son. When the Shao family left, the Wang family members immediately held out their chest and looked up. Old lady Wang pointed at Shao Yunan with a cry and scolded, “Eldest! If you don’t take this evil star away, your father and I won’t have a son like you!”

Since it was a member of the Wang family, Shao Yunan sat quietly at the wooden table where he had cut off two of the corners. Wang Shijing said unmoved, “It was you and my father who forced me to marry. Now that I’m married, he’s my person and I won’t leave him.”

There was an uproar around, ‘forcing’ Wang Shijing to marry? New gossip ignited another wave of enthusiasm among the villagers. “You’re still not stopping?” Old lady Wang’s scream made Shao Yunan want to prick his ears, as if he didn’t hear the meaning of Wang Shijing’s words.


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