Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 112.1

After Elder Cen’s daughter and son-in-law received the news that they had already come to the capital, they brought their son with them that night. Their family also got a lot of gifts from Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing. Cen Wenyi, Elder Cen’s daughter received a violet emerald stone bracelet, a beautiful clutch bag, and solid yuan paste, which was priceless in the capital. 

Cen Wenyi and her husband, Luo Zhanshu, were also ashamed. The adopted son that their father and mother recognized was so generous to them, but they did not show anything. Luo Zhanshu immediately said that he would prepare a generous gift for his younger brother’s family when his father-in-law and mother-in-law returned. It could be said that Shao Yunan’s gift offensive successfully captured the brother and sister’s families, laying an important foundation for their family’s good relationship in the future.

Elder Cen’s son and daughter only thought that the two old people were free and came to the capital to see their children and grandchildren. They didn’t even know that Elder Cen had something important to do. Elder Cen also didn’t disclose those peerless books to his son and daughter. After a night of rest, Elder Cen woke up early the next morning. Under the pretext of going to visit his senior brother, Elder Cen took the gift Shao Yunan prepared for his senior brother, and went to his senior brother’s house with his wife.

Elder Weng withdrew from the imperial court after the new Emperor ascended the throne. Although he accepted the imperial order to be in charge of the Imperial College, he himself did not hold any position in the Imperial College. The actual person responsible for all the affairs of the Imperial College were other people, so Elder Weng would only go to the Imperial College for a walk every day. 

He would return to his mansion in at most an hour if there was nothing to do, and it was hard to say when he would return to the mansion if he found something to do. It was precisely because he knew about his senior brother’s habit that Elder Cen got up very early and went to the gates of the Weng mansion before his senior brother left.

When Elder Cen arrived, Elder Weng had just finished his breakfast. It’s not that Elder Weng got up late, but that he would perform a set of fitness exercises after getting up early, and then read a famous masterpiece before eating breakfast. His breakfast was also very simple: a porridge with side dishes and some steamed buns.

Knowing that his junior brother was coming, Elder Weng immediately asked his servants to take the junior brother to the main hall and then asked his wife to welcome the guests with him. When he came to the main hall, Elder Weng was very pleasantly surprised. “Junior Brother and Sister, when did you come to the capital? Why didn’t you inform your Senior Brother in advance, so I could send someone to pick you up?”

“Brother, sister-in-law.” Madam Cen greeted them. Madam Weng, who came with Elder Weng, walked up to Madam Cen and happily greeted her. “You are here. I’ve written to you many times, but you never came. This time, you should stay in the capital longer.”

Madam Cen only smiled and did not say anything. Then Elder Cen said, “My son and daughter are all in the capital, so there is no reason to let my senior brother pick us up. I couldn’t set a specific date before and when I did, I forgot to write to Senior Brother because I was busy with other matters. Therefore, I hope that my brother and sister-in-law will not blame me for bringing a gift of apology today.”

“Hahaha.” Elder Weng laughed. “Is it a gift of atonement from you to me, or is it a gift of ‘filial respect’ that a certain junior asked you to send?” Elder Cen also laughed and said apologetically, “Then Senior Brother should consider it as I borrowed a flower to offer to Buddha.”

“Hahaha.” This was not the first time that Elder Weng had received a gift from the distant Xiushui Village. The most recent time was when An Yi returned to the capital, Shao Yunan prepared a lot of gifts for Elder Weng. But this time when Elder Cen came to the capital Shao Yunan prepared even more things for Elder Weng, like solid yuan paste, fresh vegetables, novel snacks, and cakes. The most delightful thing for Elder Weng was that Elder Cen brought him a little tea and a small pot of goat’s milk wine, which he had ‘saved’ from his share. Elder Weng’s tea and wine had been used for ‘entertainment’ a long time ago, so he was now craving them.

Madam Weng’s clutch bag was also indispensable, as well as a violet jadeite bracelet. Other than that, this jade stone bracelet was very valuable. With Elder Weng’s status, how could he not know the rarity of this jadeite stone. Elder Weng said straight away that she couldn’t take it. So even though Madam Weng liked it very much, since her husband said no, she accepted his decision.

Elder Cen said, “Sister-in-law, it’s okay to accept it. Shijing had a rough stone this time. Although it isn’t big, it is more than enough to make a few pieces of jewelry. This is to honor the elders and second it’s to let us do a little publicity in advance.”

Madam Weng, “Publicity?” Elder Weng said, “Shijing and Yunan seem to be trying to figure out some new way with Lord An. Yunan said that the emerald stone jewelry must be worn, so that all the madams and ladies in the capital can see it. It will be of great use to him in the future.”

Elder Weng immediately understood the meaning. He knows the movements of the capital the best and also knew that the Empress was secretly preparing for an auction house. He also knew that the Empress had started thinking about opening a jewelry store. This Shao Yunan also told the women who got the emerald stone to show off the jewelry so he nodded. “Since it is intentional, then Madam, please accept it. In the future, wear it to some of your ladies’ gatherings.”

Madam Weng caressed the bracelet and smiled happily. “Although I have never seen these two children, Yunan and Shijing, they must be very sensible and filial. Every time someone comes back from their place, they will bring us some gifts. Yuebai and Shuangyin, you are so lucky to have such two good children.”

Elder Cen stroked his beard and smiled, Madam Cen also smiled happily, but Elder Weng looked a little bored and sour as he spoke to Elder Cen. “You really have great luck.” The sourness in those words made Elder Cen laugh out loud, even Madam Weng laughed.

Elder Weng glanced at Madam Weng making her stop laughing as she said to Madam Cen, “Shuangyin, these brothers haven’t seen each other for three years, let them talk. You should accompany me to see what new things Yunan and Shijing have given you. I’ll ask the kitchen to cook some delicious food for lunch.”

“Alright.” The two ladies had the good sense to leave the place to their husbands, who must have serious business to talk about. Then Elder Weng called for someone to move all the things Elder Cen had brought with him as the two ladies left.

There were no outsiders around, so Elder Cen picked up the bamboo box he had kept at hand, stood up and said, “Brother, let’s find a quiet place to talk.” Elder Weng also got up and said, “Let’s go to my study. I will call someone to help you take it.”

“No need, I can handle it.” Elder Weng, seeing that Elder Cen insisted, didn’t try to force him, only becoming curious about the things in the box. The two came to Elder Weng’s study room and Elder Cen put the bamboo box on Elder Weng’s desk to open it. Inside was a long box wrapped in silk. Elder Cen took it out and put it aside, then said, “Brother, take a look at what is here.”

Elder Weng approached and took a look. Then his eyes immediately widened. Inside the box were books and the top book had the word ‘Mencius’ impressively written on the cover. Professional habits made Elder Weng immediately aware of something significant, as he reached out and picked up the book.

Madam Cen and Madam Weng were talking in the side room of the small courtyard where Madam and Elder Cen lived. Madam Weng brewed the golden silk royal chrysanthemum that Madam Cen had brought with her and the table was set with various kinds of snacks made by Shao Yunan himself. Madam Weng said, “It is said that good people have good rewards and you have encountered good rewards.”

Madam Cen smiled and said, “Yunan and Shijing are really unexpected children, especially Yunan, his head is so full of ideas. I’d like to say that Yuebai and I have Kangning to thank for it. We come after Kangning after all, Yunan and Shijing first recognized Kangning as their eldest brother and only then did they get to know my Yuebai well enough to become our sons.”

Madam Weng said with relief, “Now Kangning is in the eyes of the Emperor and Kangchen has become the secretary of the inner officials and is appreciated by the Empress.” Then, she said with scorn, “That Duke An Mansion is so regretful that it wants to jump in. That Wu Wang and Wu Liu even went to look for Kangchen, but as a result, they could not even see Kangchen’s face. So now the whole capital is laughing at the Duke An Mansion. If you ask me, this is what they deserve!”

Madam Cen covered her mouth with a silk handkerchief and also laughed, then she said, “There will be more regrets for them later. Moxi is getting better.” Madam Weng was so stunned, she exclaimed, “Moxi is well?”

Madam Cen said, “Not completely well yet, but he has clearly begun to improve. The day we left, when we were about to leave, Yunan told Yuebai that Moxi put on his own clothes and shoes and that he was starting to react to things around him. Once Nizi, Yunan and Shijing’s daughter cried and Moxi even tried to coax her.”

Madam Weng was overjoyed. She put her hands together and shouted at the heavens. “Bodhisattva blessing, really Bodhisattva blessing.” Putting down her hands she said, “Kangchen left the capital. When he comes back, we should let him know. I am afraid he might go crazy from happiness.”


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