Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 22.1

“Well…” Shao Yunan, who was about to fall asleep, was stopped from sleeping, “You’re not tired …”


“Not tired.” Wang Shijing’s breathing was ragged and he felt refreshed after taking a bath. Shao Yunan’s body felt so good to touch. Once he touched him, Wang Shijing lost some control. The swollen nipples that he sucked just last night had gone down, but Wang Shijing’s own desires overwhelmed him as he took a mouthful of them, making Shao Yunan scream.


“I have no milk!” So vigorous! Unexpectedly, Shao Yunan’s words only stimulated Wang Shijing. He ripped off Shao Yunan’s pants and took a hold of him. The sucking sound was heavy alongside Shao Yunan’s moaning. Shao Yunan’s naked legs wrapped around Wang Shijing’s waist. This body, which was even smaller than his original, was very eager to be filled with something.


“My wife will need to bear with me again.” Wang Shijing held the two hard objects and rubbed them together, making Shao Yunan cry. Telling him to put up with it… ah! “I’m uncomfortable, I’m uncomfortable down there!” Wang Shijing also did not expect Shao Yunan’s body to be so sensitive, but Shao Yunan was still young and his place had not been used before, so he was afraid that doing that prematurely would hurt Shao Yunan’s body.


Kissing Shao Yunan’s mouth, Wang Shijing’s other hand explored Shao Yunan’s crevice. His thumb gently rubbed against the untouched chrysanthemum. Immediately after, Wang Shijing’s back instantly tingled. Shao Yunan’s place was actually wet! A fine bead of sweat gushed out his rear, as Wang Shijing’s thumb pushed a little harder and surprisingly went in. Shao Yunan hummed in pleasure and rubbed his right leg on Wang Shijing’s body, asking him to go in a little deeper.


So soft, so warm… Wang Shijing’s thumb was almost sucked in as layers of tender flesh cheerfully wrapped around him. If Wang Shijing was more experienced, he would definitely notice that Shao Yunan’s body was simply the best and extremely good. After two thrusts, Wang Shijing withdrew his thumb and replaced it with his index finger. Then he quickly inserted his middle finger again. Shao Yunan’s screams were full of comfort, as well as a few complaints.


“Wife, be patient, you are young. When you grow a little, I will give you everything. I will give you everything.” Wang Shijing’s sweat dripped down as he held the two hard things in his hand. While the two fingers of his other hand were in Shao Yunan’s erogenous zone pumping. This double stimulation and dissatisfaction made Shao Yunan go from screams to cries, making tears almost come out. With a little moisture, Wang Shijing with his thick calloused fingers did not hurt Shao Yunan, but gave him a different kind of pleasure.


On a quiet night, the heat in the house was hot enough to make even coldblooded people agitated. The hot liquid wet both of Wang Shijing’s hands, as his freshly washed body was covered with a certain smell. Shao Yunan cried out and came on Wang Shijing’s hands, while feeling the same pleasure from his rear. Wang Shijing was also stimulated and came at almost the same time as Shao Yunan. Shao Yunan’s tears were still flowing, while the intense afterglow made him unable to resist still moaning. Wang Shijing got out of the bed and found two clean towels to clean both of them up.


Nestled in Wang Shijing’s naked arms, Shao Yunan’s body was still trembling slightly. Wang Shijing gently stroked his body through his clothes time after time, his one eye filled with happiness and gratitude that Shao Yunan didn’t see. This was the happiness that Wang Shijing has been longing for, for more than twenty years, which was brought to him by this teenager named Shao Yunan, who was full of secrets.


“Are you sure you haven’t touched a man before?” Shao Yunan did not think that Wang Shijing had figured out these means with his ex-wife. Wang Shijing said with a low muffled voice due to lust, “There are many brothers in the army, sometimes it is inevitable that you would come across them doing that. Before each big battle, not knowing whether they would come back alive the next day, many of them did it in the tents.”


“You also couldn’t hold back?” Wang Shijing was silent. Shao Yunan’s heart sank as he pinched Wang Shijing’s waist. ” Don’t say you still have a few ‘good’ brothers!” Wang Shijing pressed Shao Yunan’s hand and said somewhat evasively, “I’m afraid you won’t be happy. I knew that as soon as I left home, Song and the two children would have a hard time so how could I find good brothers?”


Shao Yunan let it go. “I am not so petty. Also don’t mention your ex-wife in front of me again. Or do you like her so much that you are avoiding it?” Wang Shijing immediately said, “If it hadn’t been for you, I would have been like this my whole life. I didn’t have any intention to think about what I like or not.” After a moment of silence, Wang Shijing continued, “I’d been with Song for a total of only two years and that thing adds up to less than two hands.”


Shao Yunan was so surprised that he raised his head from Wang Shijing’s arm. “Are you sure? I take it your ex-wife simply couldn’t stand your raging desire and took the opportunity to run away!” Wang Shijing’s face burned a little in the darkness, but he had to answer.

“It was inconvenient to live with my family, so I was not in the mood often while Song was afraid of pain and didn’t like it.” Shao Yunan… “Sure enough. She couldn’t stand you so she took the first opportunity to run away.”


Wang Shijing’s one eye sank as he lowered his head to seek Shao Yunan’s mouth and kissed him. Whether Song likes it or not has nothing to do with him. He liked what he liked, Shao Yunan was not a shy person. Touching Wang Shijing’s flesh through his underwear… this guy from top to the bottom wanted to seduce him!


After a short rest, the fire was ignited again. Faced with Shao Yunan, who did not know what shyness and reserve were in this area, Wang Shijing also realized that his desires could be strong. He really wanted to break into that enchanting place to unrestrainedly explore it. But he put up with it again and again at the thought of someone in the army who had been hurt by doing it prematurely. He could stand it for two years.


When Wang Qing and Wang Nizi got up, their two fathers were still asleep, so the two children, moving silently, made breakfast in cooperation. Hearing a knock on the door, Wang Qing ran to open it. But first he looked through the door to see who it was before he opened it.


“Grandpa Zhou.” The man who came was Uncle Zhou. He then asked, “Is your father at home? The stuff he asked me to make is ready.” Wang Qing said, “My father is not up yet, he worked till late last night. I’ll tell him when he gets up.”


“Okay.” Uncle Zhou handed ten bamboo steamer trays to Wang Qing and left.


Wang Shijing woke up when Uncle Zhou knocked on the door. Lifting the cover, he gently came out of the bedding, then tucked in Shao Yunan, who was still asleep, before getting off the bed and getting dressed. While dressing, Wang Shijing kept looking at Shao Yunan’s neck, which had several marks left by him. The more he looked at them, the more satisfied he became.


When Wang Shijing left the room, he immediately signaled the two children to keep their voices down. Wang Qing and Wang Nizi learned that their little father was tired and still sleeping, so they went back inside to practice their writing.  Wang Shijing wiped his eyes and after washing, he hurriedly ate breakfast and went to give the money to Uncle Zhou. Uncle Zhou made the steamers so quickly, he must have stayed up late last night, so he gave him more money.


After he gave the money to Uncle Zhou, with an additional 20 copper coins, Wang Shijing went to Zhao Lizheng’s to buy land. He not only wanted to buy the land at the foot of the western hills, he also wanted to buy ten acres of mountain land, which was unbelievable to Zhao Lizheng. The land there was not only remote, it was also bad. It was not that there was no particularly good land left in the village, there is a large area of middle and lower quality land available. So he couldn’t understand Wang Shijing’s decision to let go of this good land, only to buy mountain land. Zhao Lizheng also did not ask him if he had enough money, since he came there, he must have enough money.


Wang Shijing only said Shao Yunan liked it there and that the mountain land could be reclaimed in time for the farming season. This would allow him to buy more land, when he has more money. Besides, mountain land was very cheap and since their home would be at the foot of the mountain, it would also be convenient to do work there. Since Wang Shijing already made up his mind, Zhao Lizheng stopped trying to persuade him.This was far away from Wang Dali’s family’s fields, so he estimated that the couple wanted to have some peace and quiet.


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