TOFUH – Chapter 146.1 – Rumors In The City

Wen Ying Niang didn’t faint, but she almost fainted, which startled her.

She always been in good health, but this time she almost fainted.

Wen Ying Niang was very reluctant to lose her life, and regardless of being angry with madam Zhang she quickly asked someone to help her to lie down in the family wing to have a rest. Then she urged her servant girl to find a doctor for herself.

She has just had a few days of peace of mind so she didn’t want to die.

While Zheng Yi prepared a garden for ladies to play and rest in the Qingfeng House, he also hired a female doctor for this garden.

In Daqi, there has always been female doctors, after all for many of the women’s problems it was not good to let male doctors see. Zheng Yi also kept such a female doctor in the garden in order to attract these rich families of Fucheng.

After giving birth to children, many women and gers will have some problems that are difficult to talk about so they were embarrassed to seek medical treatment with great fanfare. But if they know that there is a female doctor here in Qingfeng Building, they will be willing to come here often.

At the same time, since there was a doctor here it would be convenient to deal with some emergencies.

Zheng Yi made a long-term plan, but he didn’t want to use the female doctor on the first day of the opening of Qingfeng Building.

Those who were sarcastic to Wen Ying Niang were a little worried at first when they saw that Wen Ying Niang turn pale. But then saw that Wen Ying Niang lay down surrounded by a group of people they couldn’t help feeling a little jealous.

Due to this jealousy, they spoke again.

“Before you could beat people on the street but now you can’t stand listening to a few words of anger and almost pass out. . .. I don’t know what she has been through these days.”

“Or she just regrets it. . . she emptied the Liao family, probably thinking that master Liao would beg her to come back. But as a result master Liao directly decided to marry someone else. . . is she dying from grief? 

“So what if you have money, you still don’t know who is cheap in the end.”


. . ..


The maid beside Wen Yingniang fiercely glared at these people, but did not dare to quarrel with them, for fear of angering Wen Yingniang again.

This was also the time when the female doctor of Qingfeng House came.

This woman doctor was about forty years old and wore green clothes, dressing extremely simple. She hurried in with two teenage disciples and sat down next to Wen Yingniang, asking her where she was uncomfortable while taking her pulse.

“I’m so sleepy these days that I can’t eat. . ..  Doctor, what’s wrong with me?” Wen Yingniang was very worried: “I should be fine, right? Before I was in good health . . …” Before she left the Liao family, she went to the doctor every now and then to take her pulse, her health has always been good so she shouldn’t suddenly become terminally ill now.

“You are madam Wen?”The doctor suddenly asked.

“Yes.” Wen Yingniang said.

Then she saw that doctor give her a surprised look and ask: “Madam Wen, when was the last time you saw red moon?”

Wen Yingniang was so busy these days that she hadn’t thought about it at all, so when she suddenly heard someone ask about it, she froze.

The maid beside Wen Yingniang immediately said, “Our lady saw red moon more than two months ago.”

Wen Yingniang thought about it and realized that it was true: “Could it be related to this? I thought it was because I was too tired from working too hard that I was late.” She had been going to the doctor for medicine every day before that she almost hurt herself from eating too much. So now that she wasn’t feeling too uncomfortable she didn’t want to seek the doctor.

“Congratulations, Madam Wen, congratulations, Madam Wen is pregnant, it’s already two months!” The female doctor said with a smile.

Wen Ying Niang become confused.

She was pregnant? Wasn’t she unable to give birth?

“Really?” The maids beside Wen Ying Niang ware also shocked, but of course, it was because of joy.

“It’s true, Madam Wen is pregnant.” That female doctor said again, feeling that she had been very lucky.

Who doesn’t know that Wen Ying Niang was rich? She diagnosed such a great good news, the Wen family will certainly give her a generous reward.

She guessed correctly.

The maid beside Wen Ying Niang rewarded her with 5 silver before Wen Ying Niang could even recover from the shock.

When Wen Ying Niang came back to her senses, she even said: “Reward!”

This way she was given another 5 silver.

The female doctor immediately smiled: “Madam Wen, fetus in the first trimester is not stable so you should be careful, don’t get tired and don’t get angry . . .. . .”

Wen Ying Niang nodded again and again, when suddenly something occurred to her.

She obviously was able to have a baby, but she hasn’t had a child for so many years, this. . . could it be because Liao Qinghe was unable to have children?

Liao Qinghe had no problem in this area and always looked around for new beauty, so she always thought it was her own problem, could . . .. . . it be really Liao Qinghe’s problem?

Wen Ying Niang hated Liao Qinghe for a moment, but soon her hatred dissipated.

Wen Ming said that he was physically injured and couldn’t have children, at first she thought that her had become a eunuch, but on her wedding night, she knew she was wrong, Then she thought that he suffered some invisible injury or ate some poison.

But now it seemed. . . it was all wrong and that men were actually lying to her.

But this deception, Wen Ying Niang did not feel angry about it at all.

In actual fact that person was definitely sincere to her.

When Wen Ying Niang was looking for a doctor, Zhao Jinge who watched from the side couldn’t help feeling happy for Wen Ying Niang.

Seeing that the female doctor was already done he immediately greeted her and asked: “Doctor, can you help me take a look too?” When he was pregnant with Zhao Mingzhu, he didn’t even notice that he was pregnant and went to fight . . . This made him quite uneasy so he was now specially willing to let others take a look at him.

That female doctor instantly took Zhao Jinge pulse.

“Madam, you are pregnant, too!” The female doctor said with surprise.

Although Zhao Jinge let this female doctor take his pulse he was pretty sure that he wasn’t pregnant. After all, when Jiang Zhen did that thing. . . he was always careful.

But unexpectedly, he was pregnant?

“It’s almost two months too.” That female doctor looked at Zhao Jinge.

Zhao Jinge also gives her five silver, slightly distressed…  Usually, if you went to doctor and didn’t have prescribed medicine you wouldn’t have to pay 5 silver.

But even so he was still very happy!


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