TOFUH – Chapter 142.1 – Buying Ships from Wen Family

Zhao Jinge got up late the next day.

When he woke up, Jiang Zhen had already gone out and Zhao Mingzhu was also not there either.

Although he knew that Jiang Zhen wanted him to sleep a little longer, but Zhao Jinge still inexplicably felt a little lost.

However his sense of loss soon disappeared when he saw the note on the side of his bed.

The note was written by Jiang Zhen. Jiang Zhen’s handwriting was not very pretty but his strokes were clear : “Jinge, I I’m going to take a look at the Qingfeng Building, wait for me at home.”

The Qingfeng Building was about to be finished to be build so he wanted to have a look… Zhao Jinge put the note away, immediately refreshed then his stomach growled.

He stayed up so late with Jiang Zhen last night, that he was hungry when he went to bed so now he was even hungrier.

“Why are you still sleeping in when you’re so old? Even Mingzhu gets up earlier than you. ” Zhao Liu said while bringing food to Zhao Jinge.

Zhao Jinge was a little embarrassed but at that moment Zhao Fugui suddenly said: “Don’t talk about it, there is a lot of things to do in the evening.”

Sure enough, Zhao Liu stopped speaking and looked expectantly at Zhao Jinge stomach.

Zhao Jinge: “…” He become even more embarrassed.

Zhao Jinge ate hastily and then carried Zhao Mingzhu to the outer courtyard.

Since Jiang Zhen was back he felt much more relaxed so he might as well teach his daughter to walk some more.

Zhao Mingzhu was placed on the stone paved path, and this time was replaced by Zhao Jinge standing not far in front of her: “Come Mingzhu, come here…”

Zhao Mingzhu fell down and quickly crawled towards Zhao Jinge.

Zhao Jinge: “…”

Finally, Zhao Jinge moved a few long benches together and let Zhao Mingzhu slowly walk along the bench.

Holding on to something, Zhao Mingzhu was at least willing to walk on her two legs instead of crawling.

On the other hand, Wen Yingniang also stayed up late.

She didn’t wake up until dawn, and when she finally woke up she looked at the top of the bed canopy in daze.

Why did her bed change its appearance? Also, how come no one came to call her at dawn today?

She was at a loss for a moment, then suddenly remembered that she had left the Liao family.

After calling someone to help her wash, Wen Yingniang felt refreshed after washing her face.

“Miss Wen, what would you like to eat in the morning?” After Wen Yingniang got up, a delicate-looking servant of about 17 or 18 years old come to ask.

Wen Yingniang wanted to say something she liked to eat, but it suddenly occurred to her that this was not her home, and judging by the Zhao family’s meal last night, it was likely that the delicate things she wanted to eat were not available in the Zhao family.

“If you have anything ready in the kichen just  bring me some.” Wen Yingniang finally said.

Before long, seven or eight little servant girls brought a lot of food to Wen Yingniang. They placed several home-cooked dishes and white porridge in front of Wen Yingniang. At the same time, they also brought food to the servants around Wen Yingniang.

A bucket of white porridge, dozens of steamed buns, and pot of one meat and two vegetarian dishes, although they looked quite ordinary they were absolutely enough to eat.

However, for the people around Wen Yingniang this food was very ordinary.

In the past, in the Liao family even these ordinary maid had several kinds of food to pick from, all of them quite delicate.

As for Wen Yingniang …… when she married over, she even brought the cook from Minnan so which day in the morning did she not have seven or eight kinds of snacks to eat?

“Miss I will ask our people to clean our mansion later, in future I will not let you suffer miss.” A woman in her thirties beside Wen Yingniang felt a little distressed when she saw the ordinary food in front of Wen Yingniang.

She was Wen Yingniang’s accompanying maid from her dowry and sever or eight years ago she married a steward who was also working under Wen Yingniang. In fact she didn’t usually come to serve Wen Yingniang anymore but now that Wen Yingniang had an accident she was accompanying her all the time.

“It’s nothing aggravating, people eat this too.” Wen Yingniang said, what the Zhao family people ate yesterday was very ordinary and in the end after everyone had almost finished eating, Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge ate up the rest of the food without wasting anything at all.

“This is also .true ….. this Zhao family people used to be farming in the countryside so they are indeed not very particular about it.” The servant nodded.

“Farmers? Why do you say that?” Wen Yingniang was a little curious. Before, she only knew that the head of the Jinzhen escort agency was a ger who dug up his own cinnabar mole but she was not very clear about anything else.

“It’s like this ……,” the person beside Wen Yingniang had already inquired about the Zhao family’s affairs with the Zhao family’s servants after they moved into Zhao family mansion so at this time they told Wen Yingniang one by one

At first when she heard that Zhao family used to do farming, Wen Yingniang thought they were landlords but she didn’t expect them to be really a true farmers….

It is not easy for ordinary people to struggle to make such a family business so Zhao Jinge and Jiang Zhen really had some skills.

Wen Yingniang was thinking about this when she saw several servants come to her to clean up the dishes and say: “If Miss Wen needs anything, just give us an order.”

There were still a lot of people around Wen Yingniang to serve, so there was need to ask them to help, so she directly refused, and then led her servants as they went outside.

The things brought from the Liao family yesterday, except for her own had to be sorted out and sold. Otherwise, they would be too much of an eyesore.

Wen Yingniang had just left her own courtyard when she saw Zhao Jinge playing in the courtyard with his child, followed by two very young gers.

“Miss Wen, good morning!” Seeing Wen Yingniang, Zhao Jinge immediately greeted her.

“It’s not early anymore.” Wen Yingniang said.

That’s true, it’s already dawn …… Zhao Jinge becomes a little unsure how to answer.

“Do you take business in Minnan Province?” Wen Yingniang suddenly asked: “I have some things to send back to my mother’s family.” She did not dare to go back herself for the time being, but she still had to find someone to go back and make things clear for her and send some gifts to her parents.

“We didn’t take it before, but if it for you I will take it.” Zhao Jinge said.


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