TOFUH – Chapter 141.2 – Emptying the Liao Family


The people of Fucheng were talking, but unlike before, they didn’t overwhelmingly blame Wen Yingniang anymore.

This Wen Yingniang reputation was poor enough, there was no point to say it again.

But on the contrary, the Liao family …… tsk, tsk, it turns out that all money they spend before come from their daughter in law dowry.

Wen Yingniang didn’t want to stay in the Liao family any longer, so when she calculated the dowry, she was straightforward and brutal – she moved away all the valuable things except the calligraphy and painting accumulated by the Liao family for generations.

“This is the decoration from my parents’ room, how come it has become your dowry too?” Liao Qinghe expression become extremely ugly when he saw that the people Wen Yingniang had called to move things from his parents’ house.

“I helped your Liao family to pay off the debt, this is to settle the debt.” Wen Yingniang smilingly took out an IOU.

“That’s the antique I bought!” Seeing the vase in his study being removed, Liao Qinghe expression become even uglier.

“You bought it with my silver!” Wen Yingniang said.

When Wen Yingniang wanted to take someone into Liao Qinghe’s residence, Liao Qinghe finally couldn’t stand it any longer and yelled: “Wen Yingniang, don’t go too far.”

“What, your Liao family still wants to withhold my dowry? Do you want me to call a few more people to judge and help me spread your words?”With that, Wen Yingniang directly let people push open the door – After she had called all the shopkeepers and staff from her shops, she no longer cared about maids and servants of the Liao family.

Wen Yingniang and Liao Qinghe ware sleeping in separate rooms, Liao Qinghe never let her come here much but at this time, Lu Luan lying in Liao Qinghe’s bed was drinking… bird’s nest?

Wen Yingniang snatched the bowl of bird’s nest and directly let it fall to the ground.

“Ah!” Lu Luan cried out in shock.

“Wen Ying Ninag!”Liao Qinghe was also dumbfounded.

“This bird nest is also mine” Wen Yingniang said, this Liao family’s bird’s nest was sent to her by her mother to nourish her body, so it naturally belonged to her.

After going around the house, Wen Yingniang directly asked people to move all the valuable things away.

Lu Luan lying on the bed originally wanted Liao Qinghe to stand up for her but become dumbfounded after seeing such a scene.

What the hell is going on here?

Lu Luan was not the only one dumbfounded, Liao family father and mother were also the same.

How come the Liao family’s things all become Wen Yingniang? But unexpectedly Wen Ying Ninag would say all right things and even come up with evidence to prove that they should be hers.

Wen Yingniang was very straightforward as she moved all the valuable things away and emptied the treasury, then she threw down some IOUs and said: “The money I spend to repair your Liao family mansion and the money I spent for you all these years, I won’t ask you for it. From now on, we will have nothing more to do with each other!”

Liao father and mother were full of grievances, but there was nothing they could do about it.

“Wicked woman! Wicked woman!” Father Liao could only stare at Wen Yingniang fiercely, he didn’t believe that this woman could still find a better man than his son!

Her current behavior was definitely to force them to take back the letter of divorce but they will not grand her this wish! He would make this woman beg them!

Wen Yingniang didn’t knew that Liao family was still thinking like this at this point of time.

She sent all the things of the Liao family to a house in Wexing Province and found her own staff and people from the Jinzhen escort agency to watch over it as for herself…

Wen Yingniang looked at Zhao Jinge, who had been protecting her faithfully all this time but was a bit distracted at this moment: “Your house is very big, so you should have a vacant courtyard, right? Can you let me borrow it for one night?”

Her mansion was not properly cleaned up yet so after moving her things there it would be very messy. There was also not enough servants so she couldn’t live there for the time being, so she might as well go to Zhao Jinge place and borrow a room for a while.

The Zhao family has a vacant courtyard, which was completely empty and cleaned up before they moved in. ready to live in… Zhao Jinge nodded agreeing and said: “Then shall we go back?”

“Are you in a hurry?” Wen Yingniang asked.

Zhao Jinge nodded.

“What are you in a hurry to go home for?” Wen Yingniang asked again, after the sudden separation and divorce she was in a bad mood at first but now that her mood calmed down her temper also become better.

Zhao Jinge was in hurry to go back, of course it was because he missed his child and Jiang Zhen but if he said it to Wen Yingniang he would simply be poking her scars… so he just paused for a moment before saying: “I’m hungry.”

Wen Yingniang was stunned but then also said: “I’m hungry too.”

“My mother should has someone cook something delicious, let’s go back.” Zhao Jinge said.

Hearing Zhao Jinge meaning, he was letting her eat with them?

Wen Yingniang opened her mouth but suddenly looked forward to it a little.

Although the Zhao family and the Liao family were not close to each other, they were not far away.

In fact, the big families of the Wexing Province except for those living outside the city, didn’t live far from each others.

After taking Wen Yingniang and Wen Yingniang’s subordinates into the Zhao family house and walking inside, Zhao Jinge saw Jiang Zhen and Zhao Mingzhu.

In a few days, Zhao Mingzhu will be one year old and could stand bow but she still refused to walk. At this moment Jiang Zhen made her stand and crouched two or three steps away from her trying to coax her: “Mingzhu, come to father!”

“Come here quickly, Daddy has something good here.”

“Mingzhu ……”

Zhao Mingshu was not moved and just pursed her lips and looked at him seriously not moving at all. Hearing the footsteps of Zhao Jinge and seeing him come in she  hurriedly stretched out her hand to Zhao Jinge her eyes blinking as if she was about to cry.

Obviously, she was wronged by being forced to walk.

Zhao Jinge was little distressed at this moment but he didn’t dare to hug her rashly and just looked at Jiang Zhen and said: “Can I hold her?” Jiang Zhen said before that if he wanted to disciplined his children, others should not interfere.

“I’ll do it.” Jiang Zhen picked up Zhao Mingzhu quickly and said to Zhao Jinge: “Go and eat.”

He spoke to Zhao Jinge first then he looked at Wen Yingniang: “Liao… madam Liao, do you want to eat together?” Since she already come in It was necessary to greet her.

“Alright.” Wen Yingniang said as she looked with complicated expression at the child in Jiang Zhen arms that stretched out her hands to Zhao Jinge wanting to be held by him.

She felt that she had been deceived.

She used to think that Zhao Jinge was just like her, had to support his family but had no children… but as result? Zhao Jinge obviously had a child!

If she had a child… Wen Yingniang sighed not even daring to think about it.

About Wen Yingniang matter, Zhao Liu and Zhao Fugui have already heard about it.

They have been living in Hexi village before were marring marry wife was difficult, basically no one will marry more than one person. After hearing about Wen Yingniang experience they naturally felt very sympathetic toward her  and entertained her warmly.

The food of the Zhao family was  very ordinary, and Wen Yingniang has never come in contact with people like Zhao Liu and Zhao Fugui before but she unexpectedly adapted very well.

When she got divorced, even her close subordinates looked at her with strange eyes and many people have advised her not to do so, but this family attitude toward her was very normal.

Wen Yingniang simply ate something and went to rest, while Jiang Zhen was finally able to bring Zhao Jinge into the house.

“You followed her to the Liao family, what happened?” Putting Zhao Mingzhu on the edge of the bed and letting her walk slowly while holding her, Jiang Zhen asked.

Zhao Jinge quickly, told everything he encountered and then added: “Miss Wen is very strong person.”

“She is quite powerful.” Jiang Zhen nodded, if it was a modern time it was estimated that she would mix very well with strong woman but unfortunately she was born in ancient times …… “However, how can you praise others so much? You also brought someone home without saying a word… “

Jiang Zhen expression didn’t look good when he spoke, but Zhao Jinge was no longer afraid: “and then?” He always felt that Jiang Zhen was going to make some strange request again ……

“Wait, go to the table.” Jiang Zhen said.

“!!!” Zhao Jinge was dumbfounded: “On the table?”

“That table is quite beautiful, but it will look even more beautiful with you laying on it.” Jiang Zhen said, Zhao Mingzhu crib was placed next to their big bed, which was originally nothing, however….

The night before last he and Zhao Jinge make out in the bed, lying down intending to have a good time they surprisingly saw that Zhao Mingzhu awaken at some point of time holding the edge of the crib bed standing and staring at them. Seeing him look over she showed him a big smile.

Although children didn’t understand many things and they were covered with quilt that day, Jiang Zhen still felt very uncomfortable.

So It would be better to change venue, for example, the room outside the room where they slept was quite good. There was a table, few chairs and booth with couch bed so personal servants could sleep there…

They could always go to sleep to another place after they finish.

“What if the table collapses?” Zhao Jinge said a little helplessly, that table was quite small and he was quite heavy…

“I’ll hold you to keep you from falling.”


Zhao Jinge finally agreed and the table didn’t break, this feeling…. Was quite good.

He felt quite good but tWen Yingniang lso unexpectedly felt very relaxed and even quickly fell asleep.

But the Liao family was doomed to be unable to sleep that night.

After Wen Yingniang left they found out that they were quite poor.

Liao Qinghe and his parents become extremely anxious, and some people were even more anxious than them.

Lu Luan followed Liao Qinghe because she wanted to live a good life, But as result… the Liao family has been emptied?

The servants of the Liao family felt the same as Lu Luan. Some of them couldn’t even stand the situation. The money of the Liao family actually belonged to Wen Yingniang? But Wen Yingniang run away?

If they knew this, they would not have protected Lu Luan before!

And now …… Liao family should not need so many subordinates, right? What are they going to do in the future?


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