TOFUH – Chapter 45.2 – Fragile bed board

Jiang Zhen easily entered Zhao Jinge’s house and closed the window.

“Zhao Jinge, did you miss me?” Jiang Zhen asked in a low voice, throwing himself on the bed and pressing Zhao Jinge down.

Zhao Jinge was startled by Jiang Zhen. As soon as the other landed on his body, his already unstable bed board suddenly made a creaking sound, which startled both of them.

“You . . . get out of the way.” Feeling that Jiang Zhen’s whole body was lying on him, Zhao Jinge’s face turned red at a speed visible to the naked eye.

This . . . This. . . This position was not right! 

“This is good . . . If I move now, the bed will also move,” Jiang Zhen said. Zhao Jinge’s bed was only made of wood, and its quality was so poor that it would creak whenever he turned over. Speaking of which, they had better get a solid bed before getting married; otherwise, it would be too inconvenient for him to do things in the future.

Zhao Jinge flushed and didn’t dare to move. Jiang Zhen bowed his head and kissed him on the mouth.

In the past, Jiang Zhen kissed Zhao Jinge a lot, but he always kissed him very mildly. No matter how many kisses he stole, he would not do much. He would just lie on the bed with Zhao Jinge and, at most, touch a little, which was within Zhao Jinge’s tolerance. But this time, Jiang Zhen put his tongue in Zhao Jinge’s mouth.

Zhao Jinge lay quietly and was kissed by Jiang Zhen. As a result, instead of kissing him casually as usual, Jiang Zhen bit and licked his lips. Jiang Zhen had also licked him before, so after being licked, Zhao Jinge still didn’t move. But then, Jiang Zhen suddenly pried open his mouth with his tongue and stuck his tongue into his mouth.

This . . . This. . . What is Jiang Zhen doing?

Zhao Jinge was confused and subconsciously tried to close his mouth, but then, he accidentally bit Jiang Zhen’s tongue.

This was also the first time for Jiang Zhen to give someone a french kiss. While he was working hard, he got bitten. At that moment, he gave a hiss and lay on the other side.

Bang! The bed board suddenly made a loud sound, and it seemed like another piece had cracked? Jiang Zhen looked at the obviously broken bed under his knees, and the corners of his mouth jerked up.

“Jinge, what was that?” Zhao Liu couldn’t sleep at that time. When she heard movement in her son’s room, she couldn’t help but shout her concern.

“Mother, I’m fine. It’s just . . . I couldn’t fall asleep,” Zhao Jinge said, holding Jiang Zhen’s hand and feeling very guilty. Why did he bite Jiang Zhen? Jiang Zhen had not been bitten by him, had he?

Zhao Jinge dealt with Zhao Liu and was about to check on Jiang Zhen’s situation when he was gagged again. He didn’t dare to move this time, fearing that he might accidentally bite Jiang Zhen again, so he just lay there silently and let Jiang Zhen’s tongue run rampant in his mouth.

Jiang Zhen, this guy actually drank my saliva, this . . . Is this bad?

Zhao Jinge felt a little bad, but there was no denying that he liked this feeling. Jiang Zhen treated him like this, which made him feel cherished and loved by Jiang Zhen. Although Jiang Zhen’s tongue was bitten, Zhao Jinge had been merciful after all, so it didn’t matter. Now he could kiss Zhao Jinge all over.

Zhao Jinge’s body became stiff, and he stopped breathing several times. It was really interesting . . . Originally, Jiang Zhen was very worried about his own poor skills, but now, he suddenly realized that he didn’t have to worry at all. Compared to Zhao Jinge, who didn’t know anything, his skills were absolutely excellent!

Jiang Zhen had been very busy for a few days, and now, he was more or less tired. Not to mention that it was impossible for him to finish what he started with Zhao Jinge now. So when he had enough kisses, he said, “Let’s sleep.” After saying that, he turned over and really fell asleep immediately.

He had been sleeping on the boat for a few days, but he was still somehow unaccustomed to it, and now, he finally got in a solid bed! Although the bed board broke, this bed was made from more than ten pieces of bed boards put together; the damage was not great.

Jiang Zhen slept very well, unlike Zhao Jinge. He was so troubled by Jiang Zhen that he couldn’t fall asleep. Zhao Jinge, who couldn’t sleep, lay in the bed for a long time before finally closing his eyes.

The next day, early in the morning, Zhao Jinge was awakened by Zhao Liu knocking on the door.

“Jinge, get up quickly and call Jiang Zhen for a meal,” Zhao Liu shouted outside the house.

Zhao Jinge suddenly woke up, and then looked into Jiang Zhen’s eyes. Jiang Zhen also woke up beside him at the same time.

“Jinge, get up quickly. Why are you getting up so late today? What if Jiang Zhen is hungry?” Zhao Liu shouted again. “Go and call him!”

Zhao Jinge: “. . .”

Jiang Zhen: “. . .”

In the end, Jiang Zhen didn’t dare to open the door and directly go for breakfast, so he secretly climbed out of the window, went back to his house and waited for Zhao Jinge to call him for a meal. It was so much trouble. He wished he could get married soon.

Because Zhao Liu knew that Jiang Zhen would come to have a meal with them later, the porridge made that morning was very thick, and she also specially cooked two dishes.

She usually had a lot of free time, so she had time to cook. In a situation where oil and salt were lacking, her food was much better than that made by Jiang Zhen. For example, the pickled lettuce was crispy and appetizing.

Jiang Zhen drank two bowls of porridge in one breath and insisted on moving his own food to the Zhao family’s house. He also left some salted fish and kelp for Zhao Liu, then he called Wang Haisheng and went out with him.

When he went out, Zhao Liu cut the vegetable leaves and started feeding the chicken and the ducklings. She also added some water to the remaining porridge and gave it to them.

These chicken and ducks could be sold for money when they grew up. She must take good care of them!

Zhao Liu was full of energy as she thought that what she was doing was for her future grandson. Zhao Fugui and Zhao Jinge were also motivated. Thinking that it would be best to earn more money for the bride price, Zhao Jinge and Zhao Fugui went out to work early in the morning.

When everyone was gone, Zhao Liu was left to take care of the flock of ducks. At this time, someone who had a good relationship with her finally came to visit.

As soon as the man walked in, he went to poke Zhao Liu’s scar and asked, “Did you get these ducks from Eldest Jiang?”

“Yes,” Zhao Liu nodded.

“Why are you . . . raising ducks for Eldest Jiang?” the man asked again. He didn’t think Jiang Zhen would be kind enough to give Zhao Liu a gaggle of ducklings. He guessed that Jiang Zhen had just asked Zhao Liu to help him raise them.

“Yes,” Zhao Liu nodded. The man’s words were right. She was really raising ducks for Jiang Zhen. What she and Zhao Fugui had would all belong to Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge in the future. “I tell you, Jiang Zhen is really nice. Just yesterday he was—” When Zhao Liu was about to raise her hand, wanting to show off the bracelet on her wrist, Jiang Zhen came back with two buckets.

When the person, who was originally talking to Zhao Liu, saw Jiang Zhen, he ran away quickly and did not hear what Zhao Liu said later. Zhao Liu, who originally wanted to show off, could only watch the man run away . . .

“Mother, I went to the river to get some snails and small fish,” Jiang Zhen said.

Everyone had gotten up early. Jiang Zhen and Wang Haisheng went to work on the boat at about seven o’clock and spent about three or four hours catching fish. Wang Haisheng’s two children were helping them put snails in a bucket on the shore.

The adult ducks could swallow the snails in their stomachs and digest them, but the small ducklings couldn’t do it. Zhao Liu had to smash them with a stone before they could be fed to the ducklings. These snails could only be used as feed for a period of time. Now the five newly matured ducks were no longer small and could only be fed small fish intestines, but they needed to be cut up beforehand.

Zhao Liu took a look and discovered that Jiang Zhen had brought back a bucket of snails and a bucket of small fish. She was so happy that she forgot that she wanted to show off.

“You just leave it here. I’ll clean it up right away. Ah, I have to wait before cleaning it up. I’ll cook first.”

Because of Jiang Zhen’s presence, Zhao Liu, who did not cook lunch before, was going to prepare lunch now. She also planned to make it a bit richer.

At noon, after Jiang Zhen ate two bowls of rice with the meat left unfinished the day before, and several vegetarian dishes that were newly cooked by Zhao Liu, he asked Zhao Liu to pack a bowl of rice and a bowl of vegetables, saying that he would give them to Zhao Jinge.

Zhao Liu was deeply moved and overjoyed. Jiang Zhen was attentive to her Jinge. He would certainly have a good life in the future, so she would be able to rest assured! The next day, she would go and ask the blind man in the next village to see what the nearest suitable day for marriage was. It would be better to take care of this marriage as soon as possible.

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