TOFUH – Chapter 142.2 – Buying Ships from Wen Family

“Why?” Wen Yingniang frowned and couldn’t help thinking about it. Could it be that yesterday, Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge come out to save her because of some hidden agenda?

“Yesterday, young master Zheng told us that your maiden family can make ships and we want to buy some big ships!” Zhao Jinge stated directly.

Wen Yingniang was still thinking about what Zhao Jinge wanted from her and only hearing it she finally understood.

They had many craftsmen in the Wen family, and the ships they made were meant to be sold so there was no problem at all in selling them to the Jinzhen escort agency so Wen Yingniang agreed without thinking: “No problem, I will write a letter to my second brother when the time comes, he will definitely sell the ships to you.”

“Thank you.” Zhao Jinge thanked her.

“No need.” Wen Yingniang waved her hand and went out.

After seeing Wen Yingniang leave, Zhao Jinge started playing with Zhao Mingzhu again and by the way, took care of some affairs of Jinzhen escort agency again sent by He Chunsheng. He also read the account books sent by the brick kiln on the side of the Fucheng.

The brick kiln on the side of Fucheng was now under the control of Jiang Xiaomei and her husband Zhang Bai.

Not long after the Jiang family sued Jiang Zhen, Jiang Xiaomei married Zhang Bai and then followed Zhao Jinge to Fucheng to burn bricks.

Zhang Bai was not even a free person in the past, but now Jiang Zhen redeem his own deed of sale and let him marry a wife so he was very grateful and worked especially hard. He not only worked hard to burn bricks, but also brought many apprentices so that not long after the brick kiln of Zhao Jinge was opened  the output unexpectedly exceeded that of some brick kilns that had been open for decades on this side of Fucheng making a lot of money for Zhao Jinge.

The account book of the brick kiln was very simple so Zhao Jinge finished reading it quickly, and then asked some questions to the people who came to report it.

Knowing that the people he and Jiang Zhen brought back from the seaside were living well on the side of the brick klin, Zhao Jinge put his mind at ease. Then he specifically instructed to prepare some meat for those people every day so that they could nourish their bodies.

The people who came to report responded one after another.

After doing these things, it was already afternoon but Jiang Zhen had not come back yet… Zhao Jinge carried Zhao Mingzhu to the gate looking for someone to ask about Qingfeng Building situation when he saw the side gate open.

Was Jiang Zhen back? Zhao Jinge become delighted and was about to welcome him, but he found that it was Wen Yingniang who came back and on top of that, Wen Yingniang expression was very ugly.

“Miss Wen, what’s wrong?” Zhao Jinge asked worriedly, not only Wen Yingniang expression was ugly but the people around Wen Yingniang …… he smelled rotten eggs from a few maids, was rotten eggs being thrown at them?

“Met a group of crazy people.” Wen Yingniang said coldly.

She went out and went to the mansion she bought in the Fucheng. At first she didn’t encounter anything, but in the afternoon, a group of scholars suddenly came in.

These people called her “lioness” and “poisonous woman”, scolding her severely, and even encouraging other people to throw rotten eggs at her.

If it weren’t for the people around her, she would probably be stinking up the place now.

Wen Yingniang trembled with anger whenever she thought of the scene at that time.

Why there was so many noisy people in this world?

That group of stinky men, are they living off their women just like that Liao Qinghe? Where they’re now afraid that the woman in their family would make trouble so they tried to suppress her first?

If not, why would they be so angry and aggrieved for Liao Qing sake?

Why don’t they just go to hell?

Wen Yingniang cursed those people from beginning to end countless times in her heart, however even then she still suffered a loss.

“Zhao Jinge, can you help me find some people to collect money and do other things for me? I am in need for them.” Wen Yingniang sent her servants off to wash up, then looked at Zhao Jinge.

When she left Liao family before, she took a lot of things with her, but she still thought about getting together and breaking up.

Liao family collected calligraphy and painting for generations but she did not let them take them out to repay the debt when she married into Liao family. She also did not touch Liao family 30 acres of land outside the city.

But as result, Liao Qinghe has instigated a group of people to scold her!

After Wen Yingniang has sent people to inquire about it, the circumstances of the matter become very clear.

It turned out that because of the trouble made by Wen Yingniang yesterday, the Liao family stayed up all night last night. After getting up this morning, they also found …… they did not even have breakfast to eat!

Wen Yingniang even took cook away!

It took some effort for Liao family to find some servant who was good at cooking to cook them a meal, but because of the lack of ingredients and general craftsmanship in the end it was very unsatisfactory to eat.

Then, they found …… they really had very little money on them so after eating this meal they didn’t know what they should do about the next meal.

At first when Liao Qinghe encountered such situation he could not help but feel anxious so when some of his friends come to see him he started to complain.

Liao Qinghe was one of four top scholars of Fucheng, although he had not yet become an official his poems were very popular in Fucheng. Many young students admired him very much and always sympathized with him – such a man of outstanding knowledge has even married a merchant-born lioness who was still childless.

Liao Qinghe has always been very forgiving to this woman but this woman was surprisingly ungrateful. Under the circumstances of Liao Qinghe’s guilt towards her, she even moved out of Liao family….

The young scholars have always been the easiest one to instigate so in their anger they found some people to give Wen Yingniang a lesson.

However, Wen Yingniang has no intention of holding back …… if you wanted to teach me a lesson, I can naturally teach you a lesson too!

Jinzhen escort agency operated it business here for some time so naturally, they get to know some third or nine rate people so Zhao Jinge was able to quickly bring some people to Wen Yingniang.

Wen Yingniang gave those people two silver each, explained some things and give them a few names before letting them go. Then she said to Zhao Jinge: “I will still live in Zhao family for the next few days so I will need to trouble you to take care of them, don’t worry, I’ll pay with silver.” When she got married the bottom of her dowry boxes had 200,000 silver but in addition to that there were also some stores. Over the years her family would even periodically subsidize her from time to time ..… so now the most lacking thing for her was money.

Zhao Jinge promised, Jiang Zhen to build a good relationship with Wen Yingniang so since it was Wen Yingniang’s request, he agreed.

However, he still had some doubts… Why did Wen Yingniang give such an explanation?

Zhao Jinge was a little confused at first but the next dat he understood why – the Liao family and several other scholars had the entrances of their houses filled with dung and filth.

Wen Yingniang was planning to confront those people!

After all, she was a woman and did not feel comfortable hiring strangers to protect her so since shopkeepers working under her had other things to do, she planned to follow Zhao Jinge for now.

Wen Yingniang’s behavior could be considered offensive to make scholars in Fucheng, but they had no way to deal with her.

The large families of Fucheng would not rashly offend Wen Yingniang and some of them didn’t even like Liao family so the people who thew rotten eggs at Wen Yingniang house were basically scholars with a good relationships with Liao family.

Although these scholars wanted revenge, they really couldn’t make a big deal out of this and Jiang Zhen Jiang Zhen found some people to patrol his doorstep so no one dared to come over.

However, if Wen Yingniang was left alone, the bad luck would probably found her immediately.

Because of this, when the Zhao family wanted to return to Hexi Village a few days later, they could only take Wen Yingniang with them.

This time they were going back to Hexi Village for two reasons: one was to bring back some of the people they had brought back from the seaside, and the other was to celebrate Zhao Mingzhu’s first birthday.

Unknowingly, Zhao Mingzhu was already born one year ago and now that Zhao family was not short of money, they naturally wanted to give her a birthday party.

Wen Yingniang followed Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge and sat on one of the best ships of Jinzhen escort agency, looked around she finally said: “This ship is not as good as ours, no wonder they wanted to buy ships from our family.”

“Mm-hmm.” Zhao Jinge nodded.

Jiang Zhen had always tried to avoid spending time with Wen Yingniang, so the person who had most contact with Wen Yingniang become Zhao Jinge. He was not very good at talking, so he just keeps telling the truth.

“By the way, don’t you have many good-looking maids? How come you didn’t bring any of them out this time?” Wen Yingniang asked again, when living in the Zhao family all maid sent to serve her were good-looking, but now she didn’t see any of them.

“They are all working in the kitchen.” Zhao Jinge said. Those maids were usually responsible for working in kitchen and cleaning the vacant courtyard, and yes they were also responsible for guests.

Wen Yingniang took a look at the two dark and thin ger children beside Zhao Jinge and then at the two wrinkled servants beside Zhao Liu, and become a bit speechless: “You let those maids work in the kitchen? Jiang Zhen don’t say anything about it?” This jealousy was too obvious!

“He said he didn’t like having a group of maids hanging around.” Zhao Jinge acted a little smug. Jiang Zhen was not a person who would be deceived by beauty!

Wen Yingniang looked at Zhao Jinge with complicated look and some envy.

Liao Qinghe had always been flirtatious, and the maids around him were all beautiful so they all acted sticky with him. Many of people serving her also fell for Liao Qinghe.

She was uncomfortable at first, but then she got used to it.

She thought that all women and gers had to live like that but Zhao Jinge wasn’t.

Maybe she can also find a men to marry into her family?

She was already old and divorced so it was basically impossible for her to find a men better than Liao Qinghe, but it was not a problem to find some good looking men who had no money in the family to marry her.

By the way, the man had better be talentless so if she keeps an eye on him she won’t have to worry about him acting on her own and he will certainly would be obedient to her.

Wen Yingniang thought a lot in an instant, but she just thought about it. She didn’t want to find a new man for the time being.

She said she was going to send someone to Minnan, but until now she didn’t really send someone over.

Wen Yingniang sighed,  but she didn’t know that at this moment, a big ship had stopped at Fucheng docks and that people who got off the ship were all from Wen family.

The parents really loved Wen Yingniang, so they had someone to watch over her in Fucheng.

When they learned about her current situation they send someone to pick her up.


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