TOFUH – Chapter 139.2 – Madam Liao

However when she was 15 or 16 years old she fell in love for the first time with Liao Qinghe who come to study in Minnan Prefecture and also fell in love with her at the first sight.

The Lao family was the scholarly family with little money and lived far away from the Wen family. At the beginning, Wen Niang parents did not want her to marry Liao Qingge until they learned that in Liao family you could only take concubine if you were forty and still have no children.

Although the Liao family has no money, they don’t have concubines…. How many men in this world could do without concubines?

After Wen father and mother finally agreed to marry their only daughter to Liao Qinghe, fearing that their daughter would be wronged they give her dowry, just at the bottom of her box there were more than 200,000 silver.

Wen Ying Niang then married from Minnan Province to Hexing Province.

She had thought that the days after she got married would be very beautiful, but in fact it was just the opposite.

Liao Qinghe insisted on marrying Wen Ying Niang but Liao father and mother didn’t like Wen Ying niang a merchant daughter. Originally, they wanted Liao Qinghe to marry an official’s daughter.

But Liao Qinghe insisted that Wen Ying Niang had a large dowry so they agreed to the marriage.

Although they agreed, they didn’t like Wen Ying Niang very much so they naturally found fault everywhere and not let Wen Ying Ninag make rules.

Wen Ying Ninag put up with it at first, but then Liao’s father and mother became more aggressive and tried to arrange a concubine for Liao Qinghe – a concubine could only be taken if you were childless, for a concubine to be considered concubine.

Wen Ying Ninag who couldn’t stand it anymore finally confronted Liao’s father and mother.

As a result, from this time on, Wen Ying Ninag reputation started to become worse and worse.

The Liao family didn’t have much money so they relied on her dowry in order to live a good life. But they still took turn to accuse her and slandered her outside. Wen Ying Ninag was dissatisfied in her heart and was no longer willing to let father and mother Liao to establish rules.

n this way, Liao father and mother become even more disgusted with her, Liao Qinghe, also thought she has done too much and was too unfilial.

Wen Ying Niang heart become bitter but she could only lay low for now so her relationship with Liao Qinghe could become good again. But then she actually found that Liao Qinghe frequented flower house…

Wen Yang Niang couldn’t help herself and made a scene again – you know, they wasn’t even married for one year at that time!

But Liao Qinghe didn’t think he was in wrong for going to flower house and other also didn’t think he don anything wrong, it was only Wen Ying Niang that acted unreasonable.

Since then, the relationship between Wen Ying Niang and Liao Qing was no longer like it used to be. At the same time Wen Ying Niang reputation was getting worse and worse.

At first she wanted to explain, but then she simply let it go and even began to break the jar – anyway, her reputation was already bad so when Liao Qingdare to go to the flower house she even dared to break in and take Liao Qinghe out!

By now, Wen Ying Niang and Liao Qing have been married for ten years, and her love for Liao Qinghe has almost been eroded by the constant bickering.

Her only regret was that she has never had a child and this only made her reputation worse.

Married for ten years without a child is just and she did not let Liao Qinghe get close to others… she was really a jealous and poisonous woman.

Buy Wen Ying Niang heart was also bitter, the doctor said that her body was very good so she didn’t know why she couldn’t get pregnant till now, even the medicines she took every day had no effect….

The first time she saw Zhao Jinge, Wen Ying Niang also went to see the doctor.

As a result, not waiting for her to cure her body to give birth to a child, Liao Qinghe unexpectedly brought back a woman named Lu Luan today, saying that she was pregnant with his child and wanted to take her as his concubine.

Wen Ying Niang was dumbfounded.

After so many years, she was not as angry as before about Liao Qinghe having another woman, but the child ……

People from the Liao family only knew how to spend money and didn’t know how to make money. When she married, they not only had not much money but they also owed a lot of debts to other people. Nowadays it could be said that the whole Liao family was supported by her dowry.

If she had a child, even if it was just a daughter, she had the means to give all her money to her daughter as a dowry, but she did not have a child!

Hearing Liao Qinghe say that the child that will be born will call her mother, Wen Ying Niang immediately exploded.

She didn’t want a child that didn’t come out of her belly!

She was even more unwilling to use her dowry to support someone else’s child!

In fact, Wen Ying Niang also knew that after ten years on not being able to have a child they most likely will not able to have children.

In this case …… was it possible that her money would be given to the child in Lu Lan belly?

She was so furious that she wanted to drive Lu Luan out. But as result, Liao Qinghe asked the maids to protect Lu Luan and stop her as he run outside..

These servant girls all get money from her hands and relied on her support. They used to listen to her every word, but now that Liao Qinghe also spoke, they all surprisingly stood at Liao Qinghe side and protected that Lu Luan that come from nowhere.

That was… thinking that she was unable to have children they wanted wanted to curry favor with their little master and future mistress in advance?

Wen Ying Niang became more and more angry when she thought about it, so she grabbed the horse to catch up and whipped people with a whip. But as result she was stopped by Jiang Zhen.

“Ying Niang, get off the horse.” Liao Qinghe also advised: “If you admit your mistake, I will not pursue what happened today…. Ying Niang, after the baby in her belly is born, you can takeover and raise it….”

“Who would want to raise this woman child? Wen Yingniang said angrily, this Liao Qinghe wanted her to rise other people child but also said she took advantage of, this was just too ridiculous!

“Ying Niang, this is my child!” Liao Qinghe said, then started to call out subordinates around him: “You guys help the madam down from the horse and take her back to the house to rest ……”

The subordinates of the Liao family quickly went towards Wen Ying Niang.

The horse was pulled by Jiang Zhen and surrounded by people from the Liao family, so Wen Yingniang had nowhere to run even if she wanted to.

Seeing that the person who once treated her respectfully, saying “madam” were now not taking her seriously, Wen Ying Niang become furious. She leapt off the horse, sneering at Jiang Zhen: “You are very good …… this feud, I will definitely ask for it back on another day.

If it wasn’t for this men, would she have fallen to this point?

Wen Ying Niang was very angry but Liao Qinghe was very grateful toward Jiang Zhen – if it wasn’t for Jiang Zhen, Wen Ying Niang might have already get rid off the child in Lu Luan belly…

“Madam Liao.” Jiang Zhen suddenly said: “I can understand your anger, but I think you should find the right culprit.”

Wen Ying Niang was stunned, could this… be something else?

“It was your husband who had someone else outside and has a child with someone else. It has nothing to do with those maids as for this woman… can she even force herself on your husband?” Jiang Zhen said: “This is your husband’s fault, you should not hit others.”

Wen Ying Niang was confused again.

Jiang Zhen put the whip in his hand into Wen Yingniang’s hand: “Why should a woman make things difficult for another woman? If I were you, I would definitely beat up the person who dares to wrong me first!”

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