TOFUH – Chapter 139.1 – Madam Liao

Jiang Zhen frowned as he looked at the crying women in front of him, trying to figure out what was going on when he saw a horse rushing out.

On the horse sat a beautiful woman in red, holding a whip she rode towards the group of crying women.

The horse was not tall, but since it was a horse, if someone were to be run over by such a horse, you could end up crippled if not killed.

The maids protecting the young woman shrieked, and the young woman’s legs went limp. She actually fell to the ground.

Seeing that the horse’s hooves were about to trample on the young woman’s body, the woman in red pulled the reins and brought the horse to a halt.

She obviously did not intend to hurt the horse, but other . . .

The woman in red waved her hand, and the whip in her hand hit the young woman’s face.

“Madam! Don’t!” a maid exclaimed, standing before the young woman and stopping the whip.

It was already spring, so the weather was getting warmer and warmer; the servant girl was thinly dressed. After being whipped like this, her body was covered with blood. The end of the whip that brushed her hand cut a hideous wound on her hand.

The maid was injured, but she was not sad but showed an expression of survival; fortunately, the whip didn’t hit her hard. If the whip of Madam Liao hit her hard, she was afraid that she would die. However, she just breathed a sigh of relief when there was another cry of surprise. The woman in red, actually raised the whip in her hand again.

The woman in red whipped towards the young woman who was protected by the servant girls making the whip fall on another servant girl.

“Yingniang! Stop!” At that moment, another group of people ran out from around the corner. In front, leading the way, were people dressed as family members followed by a scholar in his twenties who wasn’t slender or good-looking. It was him who shouted.

Hearing the scholar shouting, the woman in red raised her eyebrows. Her face showed hostility, and the whip in her hand just moved faster.

The hit toward the young woman was blocked by the maid, so she wasn’t hurt. But the maid, protecting her face with her hands and using her body to stop the whip, wailed, “Madam, spare my life!”

“Yingniang! Stop!” the man shouted again.

“Vicious?” the woman in red sneered. “Alright, Liao Qinghe, I’ll show you how vicious I am!”

With that, the woman in red raised her hand and tried her best to whip the woman hard.

Jiang Zhen reached out and grabbed the wrist of the woman in red, and with a flip of his hand, he removed the whip from her hand.

“What do you want?” the woman in red angrily questioned Jiang Zhen, but the scholar looked at Jiang Zhen gratefully. “Thank you for your help!”

Jiang Zhen ignored the man, only disapprovingly looked at the woman in red: “Your strength just now could kill that woman. This maid and you should have a life and death feud.”

The whip in this woman’s hand was not simple, before she did not use too much force and deliberately avoided the woman’s face but if she used more force she would really be able to kill others.

Even if she did not die  this time… infection could also easily kill people.

“They want to protect that woman, they deserve to die!” The woman in red yelled.

Only at this time did Jiang Zhen see clearly the appearance of the woman in red. She was about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. She was sweating, and all her jewelry and clothes were disheveled. He was afraid that she fought with someone, some time before and was currently sitting on her horse trembling lightly as if she was trying to hold back a great deal of anger.

“This woman has a life and death feud with you?” Jiang Zhen asked.

The woman in red froze, then she looked at Jiang Zhen in some annoyance. “What does this have to do with you? Who are you? Why are you so nosy?”

“Yingniang!” At this time, the scholar ran to the woman in red. “Ying Niang, don’t be unreasonable. Even if you don’t like Luan’er, you can’t fight and kill her!”

The woman in red was still glaring at Jiang Zhen just like before, but at this time, she glanced at the man and sneered. “Luan’er? You call her so affectionately.”

“Yingniang . . . . ,” the man snapped.

“Heh. They say that the style of the Liao family is good, and that a man can take a concubine only if he has no children till forty years old . . . But it turned out that’s all nonsense. Your Liao family has no style! You, Liao Qinghe, are like male thieves and female prostitutes!” the woman in red scolded.

“Shut up!” At this time, another voice sounded; this time it was a man in his fifties together with a woman also in her fifties. It was the man who shouted.

“Wen, don’t act foolishly and overexert your words. In this city, who does not know your shrewish behavior? A woman like you, Qinghe should have given you up a long time ago!”  The older man glared at the woman in red while the woman next to him also looked at the woman in red in dissatisfaction.

By this time, Jiang Zhen had figured out the identity of these people.

The woman in red must be Madam Liao, and the couple in their fifties should be Madam Liao’s in-laws.

“Old Master, Old Madam!” the young woman who was previously protected by the maids called out and ran towards the couple, hiding behind the old Master and old Lady of the Liao family.

“Luan’er, are you okay?” Liao Qinghe also looked at the woman worriedly.

“Husband, I’m fine.” The woman looked at Liao Qing and shyly said. Madam Liao was already twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, but she was only seventeen or eighteen years old and looked very soft, so even though she said she was alright, Liao Qinghe was still worried and wanted to check her.

When Madam Liao heard these words and saw the scene her eyes burst with fire. As soon as she pulled her reins, she urged the horse to rush towards the people in front of her. But as result, Jiang Zhen took hold of the reins of her horse.

“What are you doing?” Madame Liao looked angrily at Jiang Zhen, hating him.

“Get off the horse,” Jiang Zhen said. “There are people everywhere. If you are not careful, you will hurt others and yourself.” This madam Liao was probably betrayed, and so she was like a powder keg, which could blow up at any moment.

However, there were still innocent people here. If she was reckless, there was no telling what could happen. Even if she herself fell off the horse, she might break her neck. The Liao family people would not really let her hurt people with her horse; they would definitely stop her!

Madam Liao was so angry that she felt that everything she encountered this day was unreal as if someone had played a huge joke on her.

Madam Liao’s maiden name was Wen, and the Wen family was a big merchant in Minnan Prefecture.

Her parents gave birth to four sons, but they only had one daughter, so they loved her very much. She was as beautiful as a flower since she was a child, and in Minnan Prefecture was sought after by people from an early age. Almost everyone wanted to marry her.


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