TOFUH – Chapter 95.2 – Feng Chenglin makes a fool of himself

Jiang Zhen came quite early, but there were already a lot of merchants over there with many carriages parked in front of the gate of Zheng’s house.

The time had not yet come, so the merchants who came early couldn’t get in yet. They were left to gather in front of the door to chat.

Perhaps it was because this side was too lively that it ended up attracting some people who were watching.

All the merchants in the capital were rich, and those who could come to the Zheng mansion were even richer. All the carriages they used were better than the others. However, Jiang Zhen’s carriage was hired from the street and the clothes of the four people in Jiang’s Zhen group were very ordinary.

For a while, they drew the attention of all the merchants waiting at the entrance who then quickly looked away.

They didn’t know this person, and he dressed in such shabby clothes. He was either a spectator or a servant of some family.

Jiang Zhen also knew that people liked good clothes and Buddha wanted golden clothes. However, he had not prepared, so he just came over, so as he was watched, he calmly moved to go inside.

However, at that moment, Shen Anxin came out of the crowd. “Master Jiang!”

When Shen Anxin saw Jiang Zhen, he shouted first and then looked curiously at Jiang Zhen. “What are you doing here?”

He was waiting here for Uncle Jin, who promised to take him in, but he didn’t expect to see Jiang Zhen here.

Before Jiang Zhen could answer Shen Anxin’s words, another acquaintance came.

As soon as Feng Chenglin followed his father to the Zheng’s residence, he saw Jiang Zhen and Shen Anxin standing together. This sight made his face turn very ugly; his fat face was covered by a haze.

“Shen Anxin, didn’t your Shen family not even have a post? Just following others thanks to your late father’s kindness and bringing this kind of person?” 

Feng Chenglin squinted at Shen Anxin. When he and his father came over just then, someone told them that Shen Anxin had also come.

“Feng Chenglin!” Shen Anxin looked at Feng Chenglin angrily, becoming a little embarrassed. He didn’t know what Jiang Zhen would think of him after hearing this . . .

Jiang Zhen’s expression no longer looked good, and so, Feng Chenglin also spoke to him, “Surnamed Jiang, you really have a lot of courage and know how to exploit others. But don’t you know that only two people can enter with one post? It’s useless for you to climb on him!”

Feng Chenglin did not take Jiang Zhen seriously at all. His father got a list of the merchants who would come this time and showed it to him before. He was sure that there was no such person as Jiang Zhen on it.

Feng Jingyuan guessed the identity of Jiang Zhen when he saw his son’s attitude.

Is this the man who poured soup on his son’s head?

No matter how many times Feng Jingyuan said that he wanted to be friendly and make money, he was ruthless at heart; otherwise, he would never be able to grow his business so big. He looked at Jiang Zhen, Zhao Jinge, Wang Haisheng, and the others behind him and glanced at Shen Anxin, who was flushed and who was feeling obviously wronged. His face sank.

The Shen family had been taken as a money bag that was his for the taking . . . But who could someone snatch food from a tiger?

“Shen Anxin, is this man very happy to serve you? You think so highly of him?” Feng Chenglin looked at Shen Anxin again and whispered with malice.

Shen Anxin blushed and was about to cry but was unable to say anything. Jiang Zhen suddenly took a step forward and grabbed Feng Chenglin by collar and lifted him up. “Keep your mouth shut!”

Shen Anxin didn’t mean anything to Jiang Zhen. However, after being repeatedly linked to Shen Anxin, he became a little angry.

Zhao Jinge was still here! What would he do if this person said something that Zhao Jinge would misunderstand?

“What do you want to do?” Feng Chenglin never thought that Jiang Zhen would dare to do it in a place like this. He was immediately startled, and what frightened him even more . . . He couldn’t believe he was so easily picked up!

He was picked up!

He had been fat since he was a child, and it was not easy for others to hold him, but at the moment, he had been lifted up!

Before Feng Chenglin could regain his senses, the sound of clothing tearing could be heard.

Jiang Zhen: “. . .” This man was so heavy!

“What’s going on?” The steward of the Zheng family noticed the disturbance and came in a hurry.

The cloth under Feng Chenglin’s arm ripped. Jiang Zhen’s hand was getting sore, so he put down Feng Chenglin then pulled his clothes for him and then looked at the steward. “Nothing, I was just talking to Master Feng.”

Jiang Zhen looked calm as he said, “Master Feng said he was heavy, so I told him he wasn’t that heavy. After all, I could pick it up with one hand.”

Several close by who could see previous conflict with their own eyes could not help laughing.

Feng Jingyuan’s face became extremely ugly. His son’s disgrace and humiliation, this Jiang Zhen . . .

“It’s Master Jiang.” Before waiting for Feng Jingyuan to say anything, the steward recognized Jiang Zhen. “Our young master asked me to wait for you outside. Please come inside.”

Before he came to the capital, Jiang Zhen himself was only a manager under Zheng Yi. In terms of his status, he was no better than this old supervisor, but now this old steward called him “Master.”

“Just a moment.” Jiang Zhen smiled at the steward and looked at Feng Chenglin before patting his soft face with his hand.

Before Feng Chenglin, Jiang Zhen’s face was completely cold, and his voice was even colder. “If you dare to talk nonsense again, see how I deal with you.”

Jiang Zhen’s strength and steward saying “Master” made Feng Chenglin unable to move; his whole body froze.

“Oh . . .”  Jiang Zhen chuckled and let go of Feng Chenglin then pulled Zhao Jinge to follow the old steward. Soon, another person came out of the Zheng family house, helped the merchants outside to settle their carriages and then took those merchants inside.

Many merchants went it, but Feng Jingyuan, Feng Chenglin, and Shen Anxin stayed in the same place.

Shen Anxin was shocked, but Feng Chenglin’s face was already dull.

Feng Jingyuan wanted to slap his son at this time, but his son had already lost face and it was not good for them to do anything more shameful.

He glared at his son and looked at his son’s torn clothes. Feng Jingyuan gritted his teeth and said, “What are you doing standing there?” Why don’t you go home quickly! “

He wanted to take his son in and introduce him to other people, but now it seemed impossible.

Thinking in this way, Feng Jingyuan glared at Shen Anxin and said without a smile. “Young Master Shen is really capable . . .” That man, Jiang Zhen, unexpectedly knew the Zheng family. Did Shen Anxin find a supporter?

Shen Anxin was still a little confused at the moment. He had a good opinion of Jiang Zhen before, but he always thought that Jiang Zhen’s background was a little too low, but now . . . What was the origin of Jiang Zhen?

Shen Anxin was at a loss when he saw his Uncle Jin coming.

He reined in his mood and followed Uncle Jin as they entered the Zheng family mansion.

By this time, Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge had met Zheng Yi.

“Yesterday, I forgot to tell you what you need to pay attention to when attending the party, and I didn’t tell you to prepare better clothes. It was my negligence.” As soon as he saw Jiang Zhen, Zheng Yi said with a smile. His mood was obviously very good.

Jiang Zhen looked at Zheng Yi strangely.

Zheng Yi coughed lightly and said with a smile, “The cards have been presented, and they liked them very much.”


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