TOFUH – Chapter 140.1 -Asking For Divorce Latter

Jiang Zhen thought that since it was the man who was having an affair, a fight between the wife and the mistress was quite meaningless. It was impossible for the mistress to force the man, right?

Even if there was such a strange thing in the world . . . it should be the angry man who fought with the mistress. Why should the original wife fight with her?

Of course, in this era and world, there was no mistress, and most men could have three wives and four concubines. But as long as Jiang Zhen thought about it, he was not happy in his heart.

If his Mingzhu found a partner in the future, would she also need to put up with her husband having another woman outside? Why?

Jiang Zhen’s idea was obviously difficult for others to understand, so when Wen Yingniang subconsciously took the whip, her entire body froze in shock. W-why does this person mean by asking her to beat up Liao Qinghe?

Liao Qinghe also looked at Jiang Zhen in surprise. There was something wrong with that person, right?

Jiang Zhen saw that Wen Yingniang took the whip and remembered one more thing, so he reminded her. “Madam Liao, you should have read the great law of Daqi, so be gentle.”

In the law of Daqi, there was no sentence about wives beating their husbands, probably because people thought that a wife couldn’t beat her husband. But even so, if you really kill someone, Wen Yingniang would definitely have bad luck.

It was impossible for the law to side with women,at this time anyway.

Wen Yingniang had already raised the whip, but hearing this she didn’t swing it but kicked Liao Qinghe on his stomach.

“Ah!” Liao Qinghe screamed miserably.

“Poisonous woman! Poisonous woman!” Father and mother Liao angrily yelled. “Stop that woman! Pull that woman away.”

Hearing the words of father and mother Liao, the maids and servants of the Liao family immediately went to stop Wen Yingniang.

The good thing was that these family men servants did not dare to touch Wen Yingniang while those maids . . .

Wen Yingniang also had her own personal servants. Before she ran out on horseback, they were unable to follow, but this time they had caught up and tangled with the maids of the Liao family.

The scene immediately became chaotic.

Zheng Yi, who had watched all this from the sidelines: “. . .”

At the beginning, he was worried that Jiang Zhen would offend Madam Liao but didn’t expect that Jiang Zhen would do something like this in the end . . .

This was simply a divine stroke!

He was no longer worried that Jiang Zhen would offend Madam Liao; he was now worried that Madam Liao would kill that Liao Qinghe.

It was true that if you wanted to marry a wife, you should marry a virtuous one. If Liao Qinghe kept his eyes open when he got married, he would not have married a female tiger and be beaten just like that.

Zheng Yi pondered. In the next few days, people in the city would probably talk about the  Liao family, and Liao Qinghe would lose face.

Zheng Yi did not like Madam Liao, such a disobedient woman; it was estimated that not many men would like them, but even so, he still had to help Madam Liao.

When he inquired, at least half of the best ships in Daqi were built by the Wen family!

“What kind of talk is it? You guys go and tear those family members of the Liao family apart and bring Master Jiang back.” Zheng Yi gave a wink to the people he brought with him.

The people around Zheng Yi were all elites that followed him for a long time; they knew Zheng Yi’s mind very well, so they didn’t rush to bring Jiang Zhen back when they went and just started pushing and shoving the Liao family house servants.

So Liao Qinghe, who was finally pulled to a safe place by the family male servants, received another kick from Wen Yingniang.

“Qinghe. Husband . . .” Lu Luan was so worried that she started to cry.

“Poisonous woman, I will make sure Qinghe gets rid of you!” Father Liao shouted angrily.

“You don’t ever dare to enter my Liao family again!” Mother Liao, who had not spoken till then, could not help but speak at that moment.

Hearing these words, Wen Yingniang kicked Liao Qinghe again and suddenly felt it was very meaningless.

Why should she be there and give those people a reason to laugh? When she looked at the crowd, she happened to see that Lu Luan was being protected by people. Even father and mother Liao stood in front of her, protecting her.

But what about her? Before she got married, she was also the baby of the family. But these people not only tore her face in front of others but also shoved her to the ground and step on her.

That Liao Qinghe  over the years went to flower house countless time. In fact, she didn’t even mind that he had other women.

If he had told her that he wanted to have a child, she would probably agree to let him take another woman. If she couldn’t have them herself, she would choose a suitable woman to have a baby for him . . .

She was already married, so there were some things she had to compromise with.

But Liao Qing not only had woman outside without asking her, he even brought her over after finding out she was pregnant .

She knew at one glance that Lu Luan was not a good match. That woman hadn’t even come into the door of the Liao family just yet, but the Liao family was so protective of her. In the future . . . could she still continue to live?

Thinking this way, Wen Yingniang could not help being at a loss.

“Madam Liao.” Zhao Jinge also came over. After he rushed into the crowd, he called out to Wen Yingniang while pushing away a maid who tried to grab Wen Yingniang. “Madam Liao, are you okay?”

As soon as Wen Yingniang looked up, she saw Zhao Jinge.

She met Zhao Jinge once, and the reason she was willing to help him at that time was because she felt he had the same sickness as her.

When she first heard that the business of that Jinzhen Escort Agency was taken care of by a ger, she paid attention to Zhao Jinge, and later also found that Zhao Jinge actually had to find a doctor to regulate his body so that he could conceive a child like her. Naturally, she felt very sympathetic toward him.

Of course, she sympathized with Zhao Jinge, but mostly, she sympathized with herself.

“I’m fine, but why are you here?” Wen Yingniang asked.

“My house is right here.” Zhao Jinge pointed to his family’s new mansion.

Wen Yingniang took a look at the mansion and suddenly said, “Don’t you take on the business of protecting people at Jinzhen Escort Agency? I will pay you so you can protect me!”

“Huh?” Zhao Jinge was stunned.

Wen Yingniang, however, was already walking towards the Zhao family’s mansion, and while walking, she also beckoned to her personal servants, asking them to follow her.

When Wen Yingniang married from Minnan Province to Hexing Province; she brought with her more than a hundred people, not counting the people who worked on the farm and business from her dowry.

But some of these people were sent to her store as shopkeepers, some married while others went to other places to help her with work. So by her side, at this time, were only ten or so people.

These ten or so people followed Wen Yingniang and hurriedly entered through the Zhao family house gate. One of them, a woman in her thirties, said, “Those heartless people! Madam has been so kind to them, but they still turned against her!”

Among those who came to stop Wen Yingniang and protect Lu Luan before were many of Wen Yingniang’s servants which was also one of the reasons Wen Yingniang was so angry.

“I am only the lady of the Liao family, not the master of the Liao family. They naturally won’t listen to me,” Wen Yingniang said, fire almost coming out of her eyes. She also speeded up her steps as she stepped through the Zhao family house gate.


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