TOFUH – Chapter 138.2 – Moving and Beating Up People

This Jinzhen Escort Agency was all taken care of by Zhao Liu’s son since a few days ago.

Although Zhao Liu’s son was not very good-looking, he was very capable. No wonder Jiang Zhen, who was almost bragged to the sky by Zhao Liu, was willing to join their family.

Well, the people of Qing Yang alley were sure that the Zhao family was very powerful ever since, but they still felt that some of Zhao Liu’s words were just bragging.

What kind of capable man loved his wife so much?

Jiang Zhen did not know what the people of Qing Yang alley thought, and he went outside the city as soon as he returned this time.

The land Zhao Jinge brought for building brick kilns and raising chickens and ducks was very large. Jiang Zhen also let people use the burned-out, substandard bricks to build a lot of houses and then used them to accommodate the people he brought back.

Although those houses were originally built to house chickens and ducks, it was not like people were unable to live in them . . .

“Master Jiang, you are really a good man!”

“This house is so bright and nice.”

“You can even burn fire in this house! It’s the first time I’ve lived in such a nice house!”

“The bricks used to build this house are so beautiful.”


. . .


Those who were to live in the chicken and duck house were all very excited. They liked these houses so much that they had no idea that this house was actually built for chickens and ducks.

The floors of the chickens and ducks houses were all actually paved with bricks, making it look very classy, and the stove originally dug in the middle of the house was actually to keep the chickens and ducks warm, which also allowed these people to boil and cook on them and so was the people thought were very suitable for them.

After Jiang Zhen settled these people and asked the doctor to check them, he took Zhao Jinge back home to prepare for the move.

After all, the mansion he bought was fully furnished, and it was even equipped with servants. Zheng Yi knew that his family did not have many servants, so he prepared some for him.

“Mother, there is no shortage of anything there, so these things would not be used. There is no need to bring them.” Seeing Zhao Liu’s intention to bring all the quilts and covers and even some furniture to her new home, Jiang Zhen hurriedly stopped her.

“What about these things? These are all new,” Zhao Liu said. She found someone to make this quilt, so how could she no longer want them? She couldn’t let them go!

“In the future, Jiang Ming and the others will live here, so give it to them,” Jiang Zhen said. Zhao Liu’s aesthetics were similar to all the old ladies in the countryside, so she especially liked red and green.

The quilt that he and Zhao Jinge used was red and was very festive . . . He actually did not care about what the quilt looked like, but after going to see his new home where everything looked particularly expensive, even the quilt prepared for them by the housekeeper was also exceptionally exquisite. In that case, they really did not need to bring over ordinary quilts bought by Zhao Liu.

“They also have quilts . . .” Zhao Liu was a bit torn.

“Mother, when we get to our new home, we’ll use all the new things, so you don’t need to worry about that,” Jiang Zhen said.

Zhao Liu listened to Jiang Zhen and in the end gave up on taking all these things, only taking a small bag containing her jewelry. Zhao Liu carefully got into the carriage.

Jiang Zhen once brought back a horse from the capital, but Zhao Liu never rode in a carriage before and was even a little scared. When she got in she was afraid that these horses pulling the carriage in front of her would suddenly go crazy and drop her out.

“Where are you going, Zhao family?” As soon as Zhao Liu got into the carriage and breathed a sigh of relief, she was asked by a neighbor on Qing Yang alley.

In the end, the actions of those neighbors made Zhao Liu have a lump in her heart so although she still was talking with them and enjoyed their praises these days, she didn’t even tell them that she was moving.

“I am moving. I won’t live here anymore.” Zhao Liu’s head peeked out of the carriage window as she spoke to her neighbor.

“You won’t live here anymore? Then where are you going to live?” The woman was surprised to hear Zhao Liu’s words.

“Of course, we are going to live in a new house, so we won’t even pack things from here for the new house,” Zhao Liu said indifferently. 

However, when she put down the curtain, she was a bit distressed. “Alas, such a good house. How come we won’t live there anymore?”

Zhao Liu felt that her house was quite good before she went to her new house, but when she saw her new house . . .

Jiang Zhen was already planning to do something big, so he no longer kept a low profile and so the mansion Zheng Yi found for him was quite expensive,

The mansion had a typical Jiangnan garden with carved beams. There were also small rivers, flowers, and various trees. Everywhere was very  beautiful scientific, so even if Zhao Liu had never seen much of the world before, she knew it must be very expensive, very expensive.

What made Zhao Liu even more uneasy were the servants who very respectfully stood on both sides of the road to greet them.

She used to only have Cook Li and Ruo’er helping her with things, but there was no obvious difference between them, but now things were different.

A line of twenty or thirty servants led by a housekeeper of the same age as Zhao Liu neatly greeted Zhao Liu, so Zhao Liu was a little at a loss.

Zhao Fugui was the same, but Zhao Jinge and Jiang Zhen were really much better.

Jiang Zhen had seen a lot of things, so this is really nothing for him. As for Zhao Jinge, he really could get used to it. It was all thanks to those noble ladies, who talked business with him.

Those noble ladies were accompanied by a lot of maids and had a lot more rules, so he was not surprised to see servants now.

Zhao Liu’s performance in her new home was not much better than Grandma Liu when she entered the Grand View Garden. However, under Jiang Zhen’s reassurance, she slowly calmed down in the end.

After entering the new house, Zhao Fugui and Zhao Liu became the old master and old lady while Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge became master and master’s wife while Zhao Mingzhu also became the eldest lady.

Not only that, but each of them was assigned two attendants.

Zhao Fugui and Jiang Zhen were served by seventeen- or eighteen-year-old boys while Zhao Liu was served by two women over half a century old. While Zhao Jinge was served by Ruo’er and another ger about the same age as Ruo’er.

In fact, everyone’s side should be a servant girl, but Zhao Liu did not allow Zhao Fugui to use a servant girl, and he also refused to use a servant girl. Where she and Zhao Fugui lived, only small boys and older women were allowed.

Zhao Jinge . . . he was also not happy that Jiang Zhen would use aides, so when Jiang Zhen was around, he only allowed small servants and young gers.

The few maids that Zheng Yi sent over were not particularly attractive, but at least very young, so they ended up being placed in the kitchen. But of course, if there were really guests, they would come out to  support the scene.

When Zheng Yi came to congratulate Jiang Zhen on moving to his new house, they were all released.

“How does it feel to be served by a servant girl?” Zheng Yi took a look at these servant girls and asked, smiling at Jiang Zhen – Jiang Zhen, this guy should have never used servant girls before.

“They usually work in the kitchen,”Jiang Zhen calmly said.

Zheng Yi: “. . .” 

“Zhao Jinge is even more ruthless than Madam Liao . . .” Zheng Yi couldn’t help but say.

“Madam Liao?” Jiang Zhen looked at Zheng Yi in confusion. He had heard Zhao Jinge mention Madam Liao, who had helped him before, but didn’t understand why Zheng Yi would suddenly mention it.

“I deliberately sought out a mansion near the Liao family, so you can ask Zhao Jinge to find a chance to get in touch with Madam Liao.”

Why do you want Zhao Jinge to get in touch with this woman? Jiang Zhen was about to ask when he heard a loud noise just outside his mansion. There was a woman screaming for help.

Hearing the woman’s mournful cry, Jiang Zhen frowned and went out. Zheng Yi immediately followed him while also wondering, “What is going on out here? This street is inhabited by dignified people, so even if something was wrong, it wouldn’t be so noisy.”

As soon as Zheng Yi came out, he saw that one of the subordinates he brought with him, was looking outside.

“What’s going on outside?” Zheng Yi asked.

“Young Master, it’s Madam Liao who is beating people up!” the subordinate looked back and immediately said. 

As soon as he spoke, everyone saw a group of people dressed as maids, escorting a young woman who was crying as she was running away. 


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