TOFUH – Chapter 130.1 – Marriage Proposal And Weirdness

It was ugly when men cry, but at that moment, no one would resent him. They would probably cry harder than him if they were in this situation.

The Hexi Village people silently continued to dig a hole and, at the same time, build a fire. Then they begin to boil water, ready to cook something to eat.

Feeling sorry for the man, when the water was boiled, someone took out a handful of fried rice from his dry food and soaked it in boiling water before handing it to him.

The man silently ate a bowl of fried rice, then his whole person became a little more energetic, so Jiang Zhen asked, “What is going on?”

The man who had regained his strength began to slowly explain.

It turned out that since the accident at the Hongjiang Salt Farm when several of the people in charge were killed, the people under Hongjiang Salt Farm were also in chaos.

Some people were still doing what they used to do, waiting for the salt farm to settle down and continue to work for the salt farm while others felt that the Hongjiang Salt Farm was over and intended to escape to find another way to make a living.

There were people on both sides, but no matter which side you were on, they were all unfriendly to the people from the seaside. These salt farmers rebelled because they were treated badly and abused. Should they also think of fighting and killing them?

In fact, Hongjiang Salt Farm was a huge bandit’s nest. Now that the bandit leader has died, the remaining people in the bandit’s nest were in chaos. Their own people fought to death, so it was naturally impossible to show mercy to the people from the outside.

The village was ransacked by the people under the Hongjiang Salt Farm. They killed all the people in the village, robbed them of their money, and then ran away.

The reason why this man survived was because he wanted to make money to marry a wife, so he went fishing at night, and thereby, he avoided those people.

However, when he returned from his fishing trip, he saw that his entire village had been killed and couldn’t stand it. In the end, he sat in his room without food or drink for two days until the noise made by Jiang Zhen and the others woke him up.

“What’s your name?” Jiang Zhen asked.

“My name is Fang Qi,” the man said.

“What are you going to do next? Do you want to follow me?” Jiang Zhen asked again.

“I’ll follow you.” Fang Qi quickly made a decision. He had no place to go. Where could he go if he didn’t follow Jiang Zhen?

The village was basically robbed of all the grain and money, but after Fang Qi made a quick round, he still brought back a bag of grain and some salted fish and kelp, which he probably hid before.

Jiang Zhen and the others brought dry food with them, but it needed to be kept, so it could save their lives at the critical moment. When there was other food, they would naturally not eat their dry food and would use this grain and salted fish to prepare porridge to eat.

Jiang Zhen took this opportunity to ask the man more things.

The Fang Qi’s family has  lived by the sea for many generations, and he knew the surroundings very well, as well as the locations of several nearby villages.

However, the salt workers lived far away, and the defense there was also very tight, so he didn’t know the specifics.

Jiang Zhen followed what he said and added a few strokes to the homemade map he brought with him.

“All the people in this village have been killed by  the people from Hongjiang Salt Farm, so they probably won’t come here again.” 

That night, after burying all the people in the village, Jiang Zhen stayed there with his men for one night before leaving.

Life in the wild was very hard. Fortunately, there was less rain in winter and Jiang Zhen had plenty of experience. The loving condition of people at this time were also very ordinary so everyone has adapted well.

While Jiang Zhen took his men around the seashore, Zhao Jinge had taken over all the affairs of the Jinzhen Escort Agency.

In front of his men, Jiang Zhen had always given Zhao Jinge a lot of face and even asked him to give lessons to the accountants working for their escort agency, so everyone working for Jinzhen Escort Agency were convinced with Zhao Jinge’s ability.

But some people who cooperated with Jinzhen Escort Agency didn’t trust Zhao Jinge too much.

“What about Jiang Zhen? Where is Jiang Zhen? I have so many goods this time, but he doesn’t even show his face. What does it mean?” a chubby businessman shouted discontentedly.

“Jiang Zhen is not in Hexi Village. If there’s anything you want, I can talk to you about your requirements.“ Zhao Jinge said with a good temper.

“Even if Jiang Zhen is not here, you can’t find a ger to fool me! Is there no one else in your Jinzhen Escort Agency?” The men looked at Zhao Jinge in dissatisfaction. In fact, he was yelling here not because of a specific reason but only because he thought that the Jinzhen Escort Agency was looking down on him too much by finding Zhao Jinge, who was a ger, to talk business with him.

“What do you mean?“ Zhao Jinge frowned at the other person.

“Change people. I want someone else to talk to me! I don’t do business with a ger!” the man immediately said, looking at Zhao Jinge with disdain.  

“OK. I’ll change people for you.” Zhao Jinge coldly grunted and stood up while moving the huge table in front of him up.

This table was made by Jiang Zhen according to the modern “big boss“ desk, so it was very large and heavy. After Zhao Jinge lifted it, he put it down with a loud bang, making the ground tremble.

“This table was not well placed, so I needed to move it,” Zhao Jinge said coldly, turned to leave, went outside, and stopped Zheng Baoning, who had recently been transferred by him to help with the work. “Zheng Baoning, you go and talk business with the person inside.”

Zheng Baoning saw everything that Zhao Jinge just did; after he went in and sat down, he saw that the businessman sitting across from him was sweating a lot and was trying to move the table in front of him.

The table was so heavy that it was almost impossible for a businessman who had never done much manual work to move it alone . . . Then Zheng Baoning saw him take a handkerchief out of his sleeve and wipe the sweat off his head.

“Shopkeeper Li, what goods do you want our escort agency to deliver for you?” Zheng Baoning looked at Shopkeeper Li with a smile. “As you can see, in our escort agency, even gers are very good. Our escort will certainly help you deliver your goods to your destination intact.”

Shopkeeper Li was a little frightened and wanted to run away, but Zheng Baoning’s smiling appearance made him feel a little threatened for some reason.

He didn’t say anything. The ger just then threw the table right in front of him. If he refused to talk business with the people of Jinzhen Escort Agency, was it possible that he himself would also be thrown out?

Shopkeeper Li swallowed, a little aggrieved, and began to talk with Zheng Baoning.

The two sides signed the  contract, after Zheng Baoning left the room, he was called by Zhao Jinge.

“The business is not cancelled, right?“ Zhao Jinge asked in some concern, Jiang Zhen was not here, so he was in a bad mood and couldn’t help getting rough in front of the guests just now . . . This . . . was really not too good.

“Sister-in-law, the business is not cancelled,” Zheng Baoning said. “Sister-in-law, you are very good, very imposing, and you can do it again if you encounter something like this in the future.” 

Zhao Jinge was a ger, so if he behaved too softly, it would be easy for him to be bullied, so it was better if he acted tough. The tougher the women he knew were, the more comfortable they lived.

Zhao Jinge nodded; he also knew about it. He didn’t say anything about anyone else, but Jiang Zhen . . . Eldest Jiang used to be bullied badly but then he became tough . . . Who would dare to bully him now?

Zhao Jinge became tougher and tougher, and within a few days, he straightened things out in Hexi Village.


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