TOFUH – Chapter 126.2 – Sending Wine To Fucheng

Zheng Hu was completely different to them . . . Zhao Jinge saw Zheng Hu surrounded by many servants and had a feeling of not knowing what to do with his hands and feet. But Zheng Hu was friendly to him and kept smiling and talking to him, which slowly relaxed him.

Jiang Zhen had been watching not far away, and after finding that Zhao Jinge had adapted well, he let out a sigh of relief. Then he picked up Mingzhu and said to Zheng Yi: “Young Master Zheng, do you want to go for a stroll in the village?“

“Good.“ Zheng Yi nodded thought for a moment and asked someone to call his four-year-old daughter, so he could hold her in his arms. 

Zheng Yi’s daughter was beautifully dressed with bright eyes and white teeth. Jiang Zhen looked at her and felt that she was just like a little princess. But after Zheng Yi hugged his little princess, her little body turned stiff, and she opened her mouth wide, looking very excited. 

“Zhen Zhen, isn’t it good for dad to hug you?“ Zheng Yi was extremely troubled when he saw his daughter’s expression. 

The little girl named Zheng Zhen still looked at Zheng Yi in disbelief.

Zheng Yi: “. . .”

He had not hugged this child before, but this child also didn’t need to show an expression as if the sky was about to fall, right?

Zheng Yi was a little depressed., but then even more depressing things happened. He only hugged the little girl for a while, but then he didn’t have the strength to do so for long . . . Their family nursemaids were obviously not tired after holding the girl for an hour. Was his strength not even as strong as a servant?

Although Zheng Yi scared his daughter at first, but not long after, the little girl  became more comfortable and intimate with Zheng Yi, calling him “Father“ in a very sweet voice.

Zheng Yi had never been close to his own children before, so after getting closer to his daughter, he inevitably became more and more fond of her. He also somewhat understood why Jiang Zhen liked to hold Zhao Mingzhu so much.

Zheng Yi’s family stayed in Hexi for a day before leaving. After they left, Zhao Jinge breathed a sigh of relief and said to Jiang Zhen, “Madam Zheng is so powerful. She knows so much.”

Madam Zheng had been very accommodating when she talked to him, but he could still feel that the other party knew many, many things that he didn’t understand.

“Zheng Yi is too.” Jiang Zhen nodded.

“Young Master Zheng is very good.” Zhao Jinge nodded and then said again, “By the way, why did Young Master Zheng suddenly called for his wife and children?“ 

“He is trying to have a good relationship with our family,” Jiang Zhen said.

Of course, Zheng Yi would not call his wife and children here for no reason; this was actually about cultivating a good relationship between their families. 

At the beginning, Zheng Yi did not put much thought into him and only saw him as one of his subordinates, but later on, he paid more and more attention to him. Since then, Zheng Yi treated him as an equal and even intended to deepen their friendship.

The next day, Jiang Zhen took Zhao Jinge to the  county town, and after another day, he took Zhao Jinge on board the Zheng family ship that was headed to Fucheng. 

They were going to Fucheng to walk around and prepare for the opening of the new, larger Qingfeng House. In addition to the Zheng family, according to whose  ancient book’s “secret recipe”  Qingfeng wine was brewed,  It would also be given  to some of the important people in Fucheng. 

This time, Zheng Yi’s wife would also go with them. 

Zheng Hu’s maternal family, the Hu family, was located in Fucheng, so when Zheng Yi came to the city for business, she would stay in her mother’s house for a few days.

Zheng Hu was very enthusiastic about Zhao Jinge after finding out that Zhao Jinge was not the same as ordinary women or gers. But chatting with her made Zhao Jinge more or less uncomfortable, so she stopped looking for Zhao Jinge, and when she occasionally talked to him, she only talked about the children.

Since Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge were going to Fucheng, they took Zhao Mingzhu with them. The Zheng family’s youngest son was still breastfeeding, so the Zheng family still had two nursemaids and Zhao Mingzhu had milk to drink . Jiang Zhen, who couldn’t let go of his daughter, simply took her with him.

“You go everywhere with your daughter. In the future, I don’t know what your daughter will grow into . . .” Zheng Yi looked at Zhao Mingzhu and said. The girl was carried by Jiang Zhen wherever he went . . .  

“Grow into a woman that the average man would never dare to bully!” Jiang Zhen did not hesitate to say.

Zheng Yi immediately decided not to joke with him that his youngest son could marry Zhao Mingzhu.

Zheng Yi had a house in Fucheng, so he spent a day settling down. The next day, Zheng Yi took Jiang Zhen and a small jar of Qingfeng wine to visit the magistrate of Fucheng. 

As we all know, the magistrate of Fucheng only had the best wine. 

The magistrate of Fucheng was from the north and had only a slight relationship with the Zheng family but didn’t hate them either. If it was in the past, for the sake of Second Master Zheng, he would definitely meet Zheng Yi, but this time . . .

Zhao Maohe had just caused trouble in He Cheng County, so the magistrate of Fucheng made up his mind to be as far away from the Zheng family as possible. 

“Zheng Yi? Say I’m busy with official business, so he can go back first,” the magistrate immediately said after he found out that Zheng Yi had arrived.

The servant nodded hurriedly, went out to send the reply, and then came back after a while. 

“The man is gone?“ the magistrate asked. 

“Your Excellency, he has left, but he left a gift,” the servant said.

“I can’t accept gifts . . . alas . . . What did they send? Let the lady go to the treasury later and choose a similar one to send back,” the magistrate said.

 “Your Excellency, it’s just a small jar of wine,” the servant said. “I know Your Excellency likes good wine, so I took it. But since it’s just a small jar of wine, you don’t need to give a gift in return,” the servant said, then took out a very small jar of wine . . .  It was really a tiny jar of wine; the jar was only the size of a palm!

“This . . . there is such a small jar of wine? The Zheng family is too cheap, right?“ The jar was too small, so the wine inside, after pouring out, would only fill one cup! The magistrate of Fucheng was left speechless. 

The subordinate just smiled sarcastically. “It is a little small, but it was said to be made according to a secret recipe . . .” 

“Secret recipe. I’d like to see what’s so unusual about this wine.“ The magistrate opened the jar directly and said. “The wine in the south of the Yangtze River is too soft, so I haven’t drank anything to my liking . . . Wait . . .”

After the magistrate opened the wine jar, a strong fragrance of wine came to his nose, surprising him. This wine smelled really delicious!

“Quickly bring me a cup!“ the magistrate of Fucheng stated busily.  

The subordinate hurriedly brought him a cup. He poured out a small cup, took a sip, and then slapped his thighs and said, “Good wine!“

This was the first time he had ever tasted such a fragrant wine! How come there was only such a small jar? Also, he kind of wanted to visit Zheng Yi now ah . . .


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