TOFUH – Chapter 127.1 – It’s New Year’s Eve Again

In the south of the Yangtze River, there were far fewer people who were good at brewing wine than there were in the north. But there were still some.

After Zheng Yi and Jiang Zhen left the magistrate of Fucheng, they went to Official Shao’s house.

That man also didn’t want to see Zheng Yi, but Zheng Yi wasn’t surprised. He just smiled and took out a small jar of wine and gave it to his servant. “Since Master Shao is very busy, we’ll go back first. This is the wine that my Zheng family brewed according to a recipe found in an ancient book. I would like to invite Master Shao to taste it.”

The wine jar that Zheng Yi gave was really small and looked ordinary, but he kept smiling all the time, which made it harder to refuse. The servant ,who came to deliver the message, thought about it for a moment before accepting the gift.

Seeing that the man have accepted, Zheng Yi smiled again before turning around and leaving.

When Zheng Yi and Jiang Zhen went out, they brought a total of ten small jars. After giving the first few jars in this manner, they then met people who had a good relationship with the Zheng family. So they not only sent out jars but also exchanged greetings.

When the remaining eight jars were delivered, it was already almost dark.

At this time, the traffic was very inconvenient, and everything was very slow . . . Jiang Zhen sighed secretly and quickly returned home.

When Jiang Zhen came back, Zhao Jinge was feeding Zhao Mingzhu.

Although Jiang Zhen loved Zhao Mingzhu very much, he didn’t go back as much as before, so it was Zhao Jinge who accompanied her most of the time, and Zhao Mingzhu was also the closest to him. However, seeing Jiang Zhen, who would often play with her, she became unavoidably excited. She opened her  arms, inviting Jiang Zhen to hug her.

“Daddy’s precious pearl!” Jiang Zhen held his daughter in his arms and kissed her.

Maybe it’s because Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge were both there, Zhao Mingzhu didn’t cry while she adapted to living in another place and was even a little excited.

The room Zheng Yi gave them to live in was very beautifully decorated, so she looked around at everything. After playing for a while, she also refused to sleep at her usual time, but fortunately, she was still young and couldn’t hold on for long. So while playing, she fell asleep just like that.

“ This child.” Jiang Zhen took her to bed and went to wash up with Zhao Jinge.

“Jiang Zhen, I want to buy a piece of land near Fucheng,” Zhao Jinge suddenly said. “I have already inquired with Madam Zheng and found a suitable piece of land.”

“Buying land? Why did you suddenly think of buying land?” Jiang Zhen looked at Zhao Jinge with some surprise.

“I want to build a brick kiln here,” Zhao Jinge said and then added, “The land I want to buy is a small  mountain. I think that the brick kiln can be built at the foot of the mountain, and on the mountain, ducks and chicken can be raised. The price of chicken and ducks on this side of Fucheng is higher than in He Cheng County, so we should be able to make more money.”

Zhao Jinge had been thinking about becoming more powerful these days, but he didn’t know much. The only thing he could think of were things he already came in contact with, such as building a brick kiln or raising chickens and ducks.

All their chickens and ducks in Hexi Village were raised by hired people, but they were all supplied to the escort agency, so there was no profit. Zhao Jinge calculated that if all those chickens, ducks, and eggs were sold, they would certainly make a profit. At the moment, he was thinking about doing the same thing in Fucheng.

“My Jinge, do you want to make money?” Jiang Zhen smiled and looked at Zhao Jinge.

“Yeah.” Zhao Jinge nodded. In fact, he not only wanted to make money but he also wanted to try it himself.

When Zhao Jinge looked very serious, Jiang Zhen asked: “This is a good idea but can you do it alone?”

“Can,” Zhao Jinge immediately said.

“Then it’s up to you. Just tell me how much money you would need,” Jiang Zhen said.

Whether it was a brick kiln or raising chicken and ducks, the investment was not much, so he thought it was perfectly fine to let Zhao Jinge try it out. Everyone would be happy if it works out, and it would still be fine if it didn’t; he would just need to learn from this experience and try next time.

With Jiang Zhen’s consent, Zhao Jinge thought of what he should do next.

The construction of the brick kiln would certainly require the transfer of people from Hexi, so he must think about who could work here. Raising chickens and ducks also needed some preparation; he also needed to think how he would transport the burned brick, as well as chicken and ducks, what to feed them, and how to sell them. There were many things he needed to prepare for.

The more Zhao Jinge thought about it, the more excited he became, making him unable to sleep in the end.

At first, he was worried about waking Jiang Zhen, so even though he couldn’t sleep, he didn’t move. But then, thinking that Jiang Zhen should have been asleep, he couldn’t help but start turning over.

The more he thought about various things, the happier he was, but suddenly, he couldn’t help but think of the scene where Jiang Zhen was taken away, feeling the pain in his heart; his original happiness dissipated.

Fortunately, Jiang Zhen was still lying next to him . . . Zhao Jinge slowly leaned over and kissed him.

Jiang Zhen: “. . .” Not sleeping in the middle of the night and still trying to seduce him . . .

Originally, because Zhao Mingzhu was in bed with them, Jiang Zhen did not intend to do anything, but  . . . if he didn’t eat the person next to him, he really wouldn’t be able to live with himself.

Zhao Jinge, who was being pressed by Jiang Zhen, was afraid of waking up his daughter, so gritting his teeth, he didn’t make a sound, but at the end, he suddenly laughed.

“What are you laughing at?” Jiang Zhen nibbled at him.

“You forgot to pull out,” Zhao Jinge said. Jiang Zhen was always very careful, so near the end, he would pull out early, but this time, he didn’t do it.

“If you get pregnant, after you give birth, we can bring the baby with us just like Zheng Yi and don’t care about anything else.” Jiang Zhen gave Zhao Jinge a smug look and nibbled at him again as he said this with a smile.

It’s not that he didn’t want another child, it’s also not because he thought that bringing up a child was too tiring . . .

Last night Jiang Zhen urged Zhao Jinge to take care of the child, but the next day, he took initiative to take over the care of Zhao Mingzhu and let Zhao Jinge go out to buy land for a kiln building.

Because of this, he also sent a special message to Zheng Yi, saying that he could not follow him to deliver the wine—in fact, about this matter, whether he was there or not would not make any difference.

So after Jiang Zhen said that he would not go, Zheng Yi simply decided to also not go, only letting his wife bring some to the Hu family house, so that Hu family could send it to others. Then he brought along a craftsman, who specialized in building gardens, and while carrying the drawings of the construction of the Qingfeng House, looked for Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen did not know much about the architecture of this era, but some of his ideas were novel, which made that craftsman nod frequently, and Zheng Yi admired him a little. “I don’t even know how this head of yours works. How can you come up with so many things.”

“I’m just lucky,” Jiang Zhen said. If he had not crossed over and was still staying in the modern times, he would be nothing more than brute force.

He was lucky to settle down in this place, but if he wanted to have his luck going, he needed to work hard.

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