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Chapter 45

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After Minran returned, he was very cheerful. Feeling like a fish in water in the familiar environment, he had everything go his way. The burden and the pressure on Chu Yichen were reduced a lot, and he was very happy. Chu Yichen had time to rest, so Chu Yunhan was very happy too. The only one who was not particularly happy was Shen Mo, who had to switch to a dual-city mode and fly over to see his lover when he had time.


That afternoon, Chu Yunhan and Chu Minran were swimming together. While chatting by the pool, Chu Yunhan couldn’t help asking, “Which one of you is the one on top, you or Shen Mo?”


Minran wiped his hair and said, “Depends on who’s more energetic that day.”


Chu Yunhan opened his eyes wide and asked, “You guys are taking turns?”


“Yeah.” Minran smiled, “What about you? Has Brother Chen always been the one on top?”


He gave an embarrassed “um”.


“Have you ever considered counterattacking?” Minran winked, “Do you want me to help?”


“……no need.”


“Really not? I have a really good idea. Just imagining you pressing Brother Chen down. That scene… Tsk tsk…”


“…What idea? “


In the end, Chu Yunhan couldn’t help but ask.

For a smart person like Chu Yichen, the more complicated the trap, the more difficult it would be to deceive him. It would be best to come up with a simple and crude one, just dig a pit for him and see if he would fall in. 


The pit would be to bet on a game of Go. Chu Minran would play against Shen Mo, and Chu Yunhan would suggest Chu Yichen to bet on the winner. The bet would be “the loser must fulfill one request of the winner”. As long as Chu Yichen agreed, he could be considered to have fallen into the pit. Because no matter which side he bet on, that side would deliberately lose.


In the afternoon that weekend, the three of them colluded, tricking Chu Yichen into a match. The man calmly watched as Shen Mo lost, and said to Chu Yun, “If you bet, you must bear the consequences. What do you want me to do?”


Having achieved his goal in a single move, Chu Yunhan’s face was full of excitement and the smile at the corners of his mouth was almost impossible to hide. He leaned to Chu Yichen’s ear and whispered, “Let me be the dom tonight.”


The man’s gaze swept from Chu Minran, who pretended to be innocent, to Shen Mo, who pretended to be observing the scenery, and then back to Chu Yunhan’s excited face, and said with a chuckle, “Okay.”


Surprised that he had agreed so readily, Chu Yunhan was happy all afternoon. After dinner, he slipped into the tuning room to play with the props. While picking and imagining the way Chu Yichen would look wearing them, he felt like fireworks went off, one by one, they were so beautiful! When Chu Yichen came in, he was walking around excitedly, holding a riding whip.


The man was wearing a long robe, his hair was slightly wet, and his body still had the refreshing scent of body soap. He had obviously taken a shower.


Chu Yunhan suddenly became nervous, coughed dryly, and said, “Take off your clothes.”


Chu Yichen cast him a deep glance and took off the bathrobe, revealing his naked body. It was a well-proportioned and muscular body, but there were many terrible scars on the chest, waist and abdomen, carved deep into the flesh, impossible to remove.


Chu Yichen was seldom naked in front of him. Even when he was naked, he would dim the lights or blindfold his eyes. Chu Yunhan knew that the other party didn’t want him to feel guilty.


At this moment, facing these scars directly, he felt so uncomfortable as if his heart had been stabbed with a knife. Suddenly, he completely forgot what he had planned to do next, and not until Chu Yichen spoke did he finally come back to his senses.


“Doesn’t Master have any orders for me?”

Chu Yunhan pursed his lips and said, “Who allowed you to speak? Come over and kneel.”


The man walked over obediently, knelt slowly in front of him, spreading his knees shoulder-wide apart, hands behind his back, his upper body straight. He raised his head slightly to look at him, revealing the beautiful curve of his neck, and said, “I was wrong, Master.”


Seeing Chu Yichen like this, Chu Yunhan’s throat  suddenly felt dry, and his whole body grew hot.


Chu Yunhan took a black collar, buckled it around Chu Yichen’s neck, lifted the opponent’s chin with a hand and said, “Tell me your identity.”

“I am your slave. I belong only to you, my Master.” The man’s black eyes were like a secluded pond in the dead of the night, deep and calm, firmly attracting his gaze. 

His heartbeat sped up and small waves surged within his body. He proceeded, “Tell me your rights.”


“With both hands I offer all of my rights together with my body unreservedly to you, my Master.” Chu Yichen’s answer broke away from the formal framework, and had a touch of poetic elegance, like singing in a low voice, stirring up emotions.


He forced himself to calm down and said, “Tell me your obligations.”


“To make you happy is what I want to do the most in my life. No matter what request you make, I will try my best to meet it; no matter what way you want to treat me, I will be happy; no matter where you go, I will follow. You are my only master, my Master. “


Chu Yunhan’s face turned completely red. He realized that he didn’t need to use any props at all. The mere fact that Chu Yichen knelt in front of him and said these words to him made him almost unable to hold it. The fatal attraction that this man exuded completely aroused his desires, like an instinct already engraved in his life.


“Sit on the sofa.” He looked away unnaturally, avoiding the other’s sight, and said, “Masturbate to me.”


Chu Yichen did so without hesitation. He even proactively opened his legs wide, completely exposing his most private parts to the opponent’s sight, so that Chu Yunhan could see his every movement clearly.


Chu Yichen’s right hand held his sex organ. It was a pair of hands that practiced holding a gun from time to time, leaving behind thin calluses on the fingers. When that hand touched the skin, the feeling would be slightly rough, especially when stroking the sex organ, with the right amount of strength, sometimes fast and sometimes slow…


Chu Yunhan felt like he was about to burst into flames. Obviously, he was looking at the other person masturbating, but it felt like that person was touching him. Every inch of his body seemed to feel the touch of that hand, and his lower body slowly swelled.


Gradually, the feeling grew stronger. 

Chu Yichen’s breathing grew rapid with light gasps mixed in. His hands were moving faster and faster, but the black eyes kept staring at him intently, not moving more than half an inch away.


“…Don’t shoot,” seeing that the man was close to orgasm, Chu Yunhan ordered, patting his hand with the whip he was holding.


Hearing this, Chu Yichen stopped abruptly. His whole body was tense, he was gasping for breath, his dark eyes piercing like branding iron, the corners of his eyes slightly wet.


This was very hot and seductive. 


After saying, “You are not allowed to shoot without my permission,” Chu Yunhan half-knelt between the man’s legs, lowered his head and gently licked the tip of the already excited swollen meat stick with the tip of his tongue. Chu Yichen couldn’t restrain his moans under the direct stimulation. He raised his neck and leaned back on the sofa, panting heavily.


He lay between the man’s legs, licking gently like a puppy, even lightly sucking the umbrella-shaped part in a somewhat funny way, his teeth gently brushing the edge of the groove.


Chu Yichen clutched the armrests of the sofa tightly, breathing heavily like a drowning person, his eyes blurred, and his voice hoarse with lust, “Master…”


“Want to shoot?” Chu Yunhan licked off the transparent liquid leaking from the tip with his soft wet tongue, looked at the other party with a smile, and said, “Beg me.”

The man parted his thin lips, looked at him, and said, “Please, let me shoot!”


“No.” He chuckled, got up, sat on Chu Yichen’s lap, played with the pitiful sex organ that was trying to hold it, and ordered, “Slave, kiss me!”


Almost as soon as the command was issued, his lips were kissed. The man drove straight in, wrapped his tongue and licked every inch of his mouth. He also kissed him back, their lips rubbing so fervently they felt somewhat numb.


When they separated, Chu Yunhan gave the next command, “Undress me!”


Chu Yichen’s movements were quick and rough. He tore open his pajamas and the buttons broke off and rolled to the ground.


“Who allowed you to directly tear…” He pinched the other’s nipple heavily.


The man suppressed a groan, and said with a faint smile in his eyes, “I was wrong, Master, please… forgive me.”


Chu Yunhan wasn’t wearing anything under his pajamas. At the moment, both of them were naked, their bodies extremely hot, especially the parts where they were touching which seemed to be burning.


Chu Yunhan slowly stroked the scars on Chu Yichen’s body, touching the tight muscles on the hot chest of the other party, and finally leaned over to the man’s ear and said, “Slave, hold me!”

Chu Yichen was slightly stunned, and asked, “Master, are you sure? I did expansion just now. You can directly use me.”


Chu Yunhan bit the man’s shoulder and said viciously, “Who allowed you to speak? Now you are my slave, so you must obey me! Otherwise I will tie you to the torture frame and spank your bird until it can no longer get up!”


With a gentle smile on his face, Chu Yichen said, “Yes. I was wrong, Master.”

Next, the slightly cool lubricating fluid was warmed in his hand, and the bent fingers opened the tunnel a bit. The familiar feeling made Chu Yunhan comfortable and gave him a sense of relief. He didn’t want to use props, first because he had no experience in using them and could easily hurt the other party, and second he absolutely didn’t want to use props on Chu Yichen. He didn’t want to counterattack either. The current state was very good, both he and the other party could get the ultimate pleasure. Most importantly, he realized that regardless of the form of their interaction, both parties were more than willing.


“To make you happy is what I want to do the most in my life. “


This sentence came from the heart.


From his heart. And from Chu Yichen’s. 


When Chu Yunhan’s emotions turned upside down and he was brought to the top by the big guy deep in his body again and again, he hugged Chu Yichen and whimpering spoke the words that had been hidden in his heart for a long time.

“Yichen, I love you…”


The man froze for a moment, then the arms that held him tightened suddenly, and his thrusts became more fierce, as if trying to break him.


“Slow down… um… too deep…” When Chu Yunhan cried and shot, he heard Chu Yichen’s deep and pleasant voice.


“In this life, you are the only person I have ever loved and the person I will love forever.”


Let’s stay like this, in the name of love, and never leave each other’s side. 




Translator: Taalia


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