TOFUH – Chapter 118.1 – The Imperial Envoy’s Visit


Jiang Zhen was quite looking forward to the reward from the imperial court. Although this reward may not be a lot of money, it was very symbolic.

These days, the emperor was a supreme being in the eyes of the common people. He had been rewarded by the emperor; as for those small businessmen and common people, Jinzhen Escort Agency would be different.

These officials from all over Hexing Prefecture . . . knowing that he received a reward from the emperor, after the Jinzhen Escort Agency’s ships sailed, they would no longer come out with various excuses to ask for money.

Jiang Zhen was very happy after Zheng Yi said this, then he asked, “Jiang Zhen, why did you specifically explain that you could not take Shen Anxin and Feng Jingyuan with you?”

“I don’t like those two,” Jiang Zhen directly said.

Needless to say, Feng Jingyuan had bad intentions. But as for Shen Anxin, Jiang Zhen has made up his mind not to contact him again.

“I don’t like them very much either,” Zheng Yi said. “Feng Jingyuan is very comfortable to get along with, but he wants something from me. If something happens to me . . . He definitely will run fast. As for Shen Anxin, I thought he could get up, but as a result . . . “ Zheng Yi didn’t know how to evaluate Shen Anxin. He originally thought he would be more competitive, and in the future, it would be possible to do only business with him. But the way it was going . . .

Recently, many people in the Zheng mansion had been saying that he was lovesick; otherwise, he would not be in a daze all day.

After taking a look at Jiang Zhen, Zheng Yi wondered what Jiang Zhen might know that he no longer wanted to see Shen Anxin. He has deliberately told Shen Anxin something about Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge; if Shen Anxin could not get over it, Zheng Yi would need to change his partner.

Neither of them continued with this topic. At this time, the birthday party had already begun.

In the countryside, no matter what kind of banquet you go to, you would always bring some money and other things to give as a gift. In fact, it was just to help the host family in a way, or for the vast majority of families, holding a banquet would empty their family’s wealth. However, Jiang Zhen did not charge for Zhao Liu’s birthday banquet.

They could have a free meal without giving a gift, and it’s all good wine and food . . . so when everyone looked at Zhao Liu, all kinds of good words were said with so many boasting words and the face she was given, Zhao Liu smiled happily form ear to ear.

At that time Zhou Maohe, who left Qingfeng House, came to Hexi with his two guards. He came to Hexi to see what was going on there.

Zhou Maohe hired a boat to come over, and as soon as he came over, he saw a very magnificent dock.

The docks in Hecheng County were much worse than the one here, but it was a businessman who built such a big dock.

Zhou Maohe had always disliked businessmen. These people speculated and drove up prices to make themselves rich. They were so rich that they did not care whether the people would live or die. They were nothing more than co*kroaches! And seeing such spacious docks, he thought of the hard-earned money taken from the common people. Zhou Maohe’s impression of Jiang Zhen became even worse.

That day was Zhao Liu’s birthday, and many of Jiang Zhen’s men went to the Zhao family house, so there were fewer men on the dock. These people still had things to do, but no one had time to take care of Zhou Maohe, so no one spoke to him.

Zhou Mao looked around; the more he looked at the bustling scene, the more dissatisfied he became, then he went to the village.

At the same time, a man came to the Jiang family, who was Shen Anxin’s bodyguard. The men also delivered the letter to Jiang Chengxiang.

When Jiang Chengxiang read the letter, his whole person became excited. “Young Master Shen wrote that the imperial envoy came to Hexi!”

“Really?” Jiang Chengwen was also a little happy, but soon become worried again. “Can we really sue Jiang Zhen?”

“Of course, we can. Why not?” Jiang Chengxiang said, but he was also a little uneasy in the end.

Had it not been for Shen Anxin’s repeated assurances, he would never have dared to sue Jiang Zhen. After all, Jiang Zhen was not comparable to others now.

Jinzhen Escort Agency had two or three hundred escorts alone, there were so many people . . . If he wanted to kill their family, it was as simple as crushing an ant.

“Can’t we have a good life?” Old man Jiang sighed. Jiang Zhen’s attitude was very obvious. As long as they don’t go to find trouble with him, he would not come to trouble them.

So as long as they live in peace, they could still live.

“Can you live a good life right now? Where did you get a good day?”‘ Old lady Jiang didn’t want to go. Their family could not get enough food or clothing, but Jiang Zhen could drink and eat spicy food. Just thinking about this, she found it unbearable and couldn’t sleep all night.

She must bring bad luck to Jiang Zhen!

The Jiang family was worried, but they agreed again that they wanted to sue Jiang Zhen.

The man sent by Shen Anxin told them what the imperial envoy looked like. Jiang Chengxiang hid the letter that Shen Anxin had given him, put on his shabby clothes, and went out. He saw Zhou Maohe from a distance and determined that he should be the imperial envoy, so he stumbled and fell directly in front of him.

“What’s the matter with you, little brother?” Zhou Mao asked worriedly.

“I’m fine . . .” Jiang Chengxiang struggled to get up from the ground and said with a wry smile, “I’m just starving.”

“Hungry?” Zhou Maohe’s eyes flashed with sympathy. It was at this time that Jiang Chengxiang, who just got up, fell down again.

When Jiang Chengxiang was very young, he was able to make up his own complaint that Eldest Jiang had bullied him. Since he was well-prepared he naturally performed even better so Zhou Maohe believed it almost immediately.

“Little brother, where is your home? Let me help you go back,” Zhou Maohe said.

Zhou Maohe eventually followed Jiang Chengxiang and came to the Jiang family house.

The Jiang family house still looked good but the people in the house were all dirty, dressed in rags, looking extremely pitiful. At the moment, old lady Jiang and Jiang Chengwen were still crying bitterly.

“My son, it’s all right. Where did he hit you again?

“It’s not that he hit me, it’s the people under his hands who did not like me.”

“Isn’t that what he ordered? How could he do this . . . You are his brother. How could he not give you a way to live?”

“Mother . . .  He even beat you . . .”


. . .


Zhou Maohe came here this time to find Jiang Zhen’s parents in Hexi Village, but unexpectedly, he already found them.

After listening for a while, he asked, “What do you have to do with Jiang Zhen?”

“That Jiang Zhen is my son,” old lady Jiang cried.

He did not expect to find the Jiang family as soon as he came here . . . Zhou Maohe immediately asked about the specific situation.

“That Jiang Zhen is my eldest son. The day before he was born, his father went to work as a soldier. I was alone with him, and life was extremely difficult so I was not very good to him . . .” Old lady Jiang according to what Jiang Chengxiang had said to her repeatedly. Old lady Jiang cried and said, “He was born on a bad day, and he was lonely. I never liked him, but I raised him because I didn’t want him to hold a grudge against me. He was dissatisfied with my partiality for his younger brother . . .”

“How outrageous!” Zhou Maohe’s face suddenly became extremely ugly.

The son should not speak about his parents’ faults even if the parents have done something wrong; a child should not disobey his parents. But what about Jiang Zhen? Not only did he injure his parents and brothers, forcing them to give him a share of the family, but he also snatched away his sister and refused to support his parents . . . There were too many things to write about!

What’s even more annoying was that this Jiang family wanted to get justice, but they had no way to ask for help!

“Today is his mother-in-law’s fiftieth birthday and all village people except us are invited to it. So I went to dig wild vegetables. Before, but got too close to the Zhao family and was beaten by the people under his hands,” Jiang Chengwen added, revealing the red marks on his face.

He was certainly not beaten by Jiang Zhen’s men, but by Huang Min. He just merely mentioned that he wanted to try to go into business again but was beaten by Huang Min . . .

Zhou Maohe was already furious. He sprang to his feet and went to the Zhao family house.

The house was built along the dock of the Zhao family and it was very easy to recognize. Zhou Maohe soon got there and found that there were many tables at the gate, on which there were all kinds of chicken, duck, and fish, and many people sat there eating and drinking. While looking inside. . . there was a table covered in red cloth with a golden Guanyin and other things.

That was simply extravagant!


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