TOFUH – Chapter 118.2 – The Imperial Envoy’s Visit

His life was so extravagant over here, but he left his parents to suffer at home . . . Zhou Maohe immediately shouted, “Where is Jiang Zhen?”

“Who are you?” Jiang Zhen was greeting the guests outside. Seeing Zhaou Maohe, he immediately came over and asked with a frown.

Seeing the appearance of Jiang Zhen, Zhou Mahe had already deeply believed the words of the Jiang family. “You are unfilial to your parents and brothers. You simply don’t deserve to be a human being!”

“What are you talking about?” Jiang Zhen frowned: “Did the Jiang family put you up to this?”

“Do you still know the Jiang family? Do you know they are your parents and brothers?“ Zhou Maohe asked angrily.

“Somebody, throw him out of here,” Jiang Zhen said without hesitation. This was Zhao Liu’s birthday banquet, and he didn’t want it to be ruined by someone irrelevant.

As soon as Jiang Zhen’s words left his mouth, some of his men grabbed Zhou Maohe and his guards and threw the three of them out.

“Stop it, you guys!” Zhou Maohe’s face became black as he was grabbed; how could he have ever thought that he would have such a disgraceful day. However, how could Jiang Zhen’s men listen to him? They threw him out directly.

After throwing people away, Jiang Zhen returned to the house, and in the inner room, he sat on a separate seat. Only the Zhao family and Zheng Yi sat there.

“What’s wrong?” seeing Jiang Zhen come in, Zheng Yi asked.

“Nothing. Dealt with a troublemaker,” Jiang Zhen said.

Jiang Chengxiang said bad words about him outside. Zheng Baoning had already mentioned it to him, so he figured that the person today should be similar to that Song Li. He was too lazy to bother with such a person, so he left him alone.

Jiang Zhen didn’t take this matter to heart at all, but Zhou Maohe was already so angry that his body trembled. He straightened his clothes then went to the pier and said to the boatman who brought him here, “Go to Fucheng. I want to go to Fucheng.”

“Master, Fucheng is too far away . . .”

“If you send me there, I will give you one silver!” Zhou Maohe said.

“Master, quickly sit steadily!” The boatman was immediately overjoyed.

Zhou Maohe calmed down a little bit by then, but he was still a little worried about silver.

Zhou Maohe left Hexi Village, and Jiang Chengxiang and Jiang Chengwen watched him leave.

“Is this man really an imperial envoy?” Jiang Chengwen couldn’t help asking.

Jiang Chengxiang’s expression was also tangled, this man . . . could he really help them?

Zheng Yi did not know that Zhou Mao, who he had been observing before, suddenly came to Hecheng County and left again. He did ask his men to inquire about this man, but only a few of his men knew Zhou Maohe, and the others could not recognize him, so naturally, no one knew that Zhou Maohe had appeared in Hecheng County and went to Hexi Village.

Of course, Shen Anxin knew about it because Zhou Maohe was deliberately brought in by him. Thinking of what Zheng Yi said to him when he met Zheng Yi a few days ago, Shen Anxin turned very pale. Jiang Zhen’s daughter was only teething, but Jiang Zhen was so concerned about her, but what about him? Also, was it arranged by Zhao Jinge? These days, Jiang Zhen suddenly did not come to the county town; was he stopped by him? Did Jiang Zhen and Zheng Yi know something? Why did Zheng Yi say that to him?

Young Master, it’s time to eat,” Shen Anxin servant’s boy, who came from outside, announced to Shen Anxin.

“I don’t want to eat it. Just pour it for me,” Shen Anxin said. He had no appetite at all and felt very sick. He also had a headache and chest tightness and just wanted to stay quietly by himself.

“Young Master, your health is very important. Why don’t you have some?” Shen Anxin’s servant boy was very worried. When he found out that Jiang Zhen had a concubine, the young master of his family became seriously ill and then changed a lot. But what would happen this time?

“Get out!” Shen Anxin grabbed the inkstone in his hand and threw it.

The servant beside Shen Anxin no longer dared to persuade him and left in hurry.

Zhao Liu’s birthday banquet was very respectable.

After eating, Jiang Zhen had all the dishes left on the table packed and taken away. Then he asked his men to clean up the tables, chairs, bowls, and chopsticks, and after a while, his house was clean.

When hosting a banquet at home, she did not have to work at all. Zhao Liu was emotional and then went back to her room with golden Guanyin in her arms.

After a while, she came out of the room again and found Zhao Jinge. “Jinge, put this Guanyin in your room and put it at the head of your bed. You should often look at it in the future!” She wanted to have more grandchildren!

“Mother . . .” Zhao Jinge felt a little helpless.

After thinking about it, Zhao Liu probably felt that this was inappropriate, so she added, “Wait a minute. Let’s forget it. If someone comes to rob such a large piece of gold . . . “

“Mother, you might as well dig a hole and bury it.” Jiang Zhen saw Zhao Liu’s worried appearance and gave Zhao Liu an idea.

“What are you talking about? This is a Bodhisattva. How can it be buried! “ Zhao Liu immediately retorted. Thinking about it, she said, “Forget it. I’d better put it at the head of your bed. No one should dare to come to our house to rob things.”

Jiang Zhen: “. . .”


There was only one golden Guanyin on the bedside of Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge’s. Zhao Mingzhu wanted it after she saw it and looked longingly at Jiang Zhen, who did not give it to her, but her look made Jiang Zhen’s heart melt.

“That Bodhisattva is heavier than you. Be careful it hits you.” Jiang Zhen thought for a moment and found a few bricks of gold and silver and washed them carefully before giving them to Zhao Mingzhu: “Come on. Let’s play with this. Dad will teach you how to build a structure with them.”

Zhao Jinge: “. . .”

After Zhao Liu’s birthday banquet, Jiang Zhen went to the county town again the next day.

Jiang Zhen made an appointment with Zheng Yi to meet at Qingfeng House. He went early, but as soon as he arrived there, he heard a story from Qingfeng House people, that someone had come to make trouble yesterday, but he was scolded by the guests.

After listening to a few words, Jiang Zhen became clear about the whole context: “It is estimated that some old scholar has mistakenly entered.”

“Yes, that old scholar have even made Miss Liu and Mr. Zhao angry.” The boy was a little resentful.

Jiang Zhen couldn’t help laughing at his angry look. Liu Qianqian and Zhao Lingxi mixed like a fish in water in this Qingfeng House and already had a group of fans.

Jiang Zhen went to Zheng Yi this time because he wanted to find a shipyard to order some big ships, as well as workers who could build ships if he could have them.

Wang Haisheng said at first that he could build ships, but he only knew how to build small boats. In fact, he knew nothing about building big ships. In Hecheng County, there was no one who could build big ships.

“I can help you contact someone so that you can custom-built large ships, but this worker is not easy to find. These craftsmen are all in the hands of sea merchants,” Zheng Yi said.

In fact, there was a sea ban in Daqi, which stipulates that merchants could not enter the sea. It was just that becoming a sea merchant was very profitable, so this rule had always been laid down in vain. In the south of the Yangtze River, the number of sea merchants was very large. In fact, Hecheng Country was still very good, but if you go further south, there will be even more sea merchants there.

The reason why Hexing Prefecture was like this was because there was the Hongjiang salt farm here, which occupied a large area of the seaside and closed off a large area of the territorial sea.

“That’s all right,” Jiang Zhen agreed; it didn’t matter if he couldn’t build his own boat for the time being. Slowly, he could always get more workers.

After Jiang Zhen and Zheng Yi made a deal, they went home.

Meanwhile, Zhou Maohe in Fucheng was looking for people everywhere.

Although he was an imperial envoy, he didn’t have many people with him. The Zheng family had deep roots and luxurious leaves in Hecheng County, so he could only take a long-term view.

Zhao Maohe was not liked by most officials in the court, but a few still admired him highly, and many scholars regard him as a role model, admiring his character and wanting to be like him. He also has many people who can talk to each other, many of whom were from the south of the Yangtze River.

“The country is in chaos, Now that the imperial court is controlled by a ger, even if there are many officials in the court who follow his lead, how will His Majesty be put in charge of the government in the future?”

“The man surnamed Zheng is going to give it to the merchants, so they could prepare items needed in the palace. But you don’t know what it means!”

“That ger went so far as to return the official post to the merchants. It’s simply forgetting his ancestors!”

“The Zheng family could hide the shy with one hand in Hecheng County . . .”

“That Jiang Zhen is really abhorrent! I can’t believe he doesn’t even care about his own parents!”


. . .


Zhou Maohe found some like-minded people, and after talking for some time, he himself became angrier and angrier. At this time, he did not want to deal with Jiang Zhen alone, as well as the Zheng family backing him.

There were few people around Zhou Maohe he could use, but his identity as an imperial envoy was real. He can naturally mobilize a lot of people if he wanted to.

If it was in Hecheng Country, the county magistrate of Hecheng County might obstruct him and not give him even four people but he was in Fucheng now. There was also a Zheng family in Fucheng, but there were also some other people who were not very easy to deal with.

These people do not have a life-and-death feud with the Zheng family, and it is impossible for them to tear up their faces and sue the Zheng family or something like that. But even if they did not dare to deal with the Zheng family, they did not mind adding fuel to the fire.

As a result, Zhou Maohe who went around Fucheng unexpectedly found a lot of helping hands. He took these people to meet the officials of the city,and after he changed into the clothes of the imperial envoy, he also had the ostentation of the imperial envoy.

Without delay, Zhou Maohe, who already found people, went straight back to Hecheng county.

“You said that Zhou Maohe appeared in Fucheng?” Zheng Yi looked at the servant of the Zheng family in front of him and asked.

“Yes, Young Master,” the subordinate said. “From what Master Hu said, Official Zhou seems to be looking for people everywhere and seems to be doing something.”

Zheng Yi nodded and was about to send someone to keep an eye on Zhou Maohe again when someone else came.

“Young Zheng, Master Hu family has sent someone.”

Zheng Yi’s wife was surnamed Hu and the current master of Hu’s family was the uncle of Zheng Yi’s wife.

The Hu family and the Zheng family had always had business dealings and had an excellent relationship except that the Zheng family had always stayed in Hecheng Country while the Hu family had always been in Fucheng.

“Quickly call the man in,” Zheng Yi said. He had always been very careful. But at this time, he could already sense that something was wrong.

Soon, someone ran in from outside, “Young Zheng, my master told me to come and talk to you!” The man was panting and took a few breaths before he said, “That imperial envoy seems to be trying to deal with the Zheng family. After finding people in Fucheng, he went straight to Hecheng County!”

“He’s coming to Hecheng County?” Zheng Yi frowned.

“I am afraid that he is already halfway here,” the subordinate said.

Then why did Zhou Maohe suddenly come to Hecheng County? The Zheng family had nothing to do with him!

Zheng Yi frowned, not understanding what Zhou Maohe was going to do, but at this time, Zhou Maohe who bought people had already gone to Hexi.

Zhou Maohe really couldn’t get hold of Zheng Yi, but he found a breakthrough with Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen committed the crime of unfilial piety! He would arrest him first and then deal with Zheng Yi!


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