TOFUH – Chapter 116.1 – The Jiang Family And The Imperial Envoy

Shen Anxin boarded the boat arranged by Zheng Baoning.

Zheng Baoning used to draw pictures for many women and gers, so he always had a good attitude towards women and gers. Shen Anxin did not seem to be in right state, so he told some jokes, but after telling several jokes one after another, Shen Anxin still did not talk to him.

Shen Anxin had an unusual identity, but he was a young ger above all else, so Zheng Baoning did not dare to say anything in front of him. Since he didn’t seem to want to hear him, he closed his mouth.

Zheng Baoning stopped talking, but Shen Anxin suddenly asked, “You say it’s not safe for gers to be outside alone these days?”

“In my village, it it’s alright, but I am familiar with most places. But you still need to be careful when you go far away,” Zheng Baoning said. “People don’t like to go far these days, but isn’t it because it’s dangerous to go far away? Not to mention women and gers, even men are the same. Yesterday, a man went to meet a businessman surnamed Zhang from Jinzhen Escort Agency. He met robbers when he went out before. In the end, he got lucky and was able to escape . . . That’s why so many people were willing to pay our Jinzhen Escort Agency to escort them.”

“Really?” Shen Anxin frowned.

“Yes,” Zheng Baoning said and then another thing came to his mind. “I am telling you that even our boss is very careful. When he took Mr. Zhao to the capital before, he found several people who would follow him every time. Even with Mr. Zhao’s skill, ordinary people cannot deal with him at all.”

“Mr. Zhao, you mean Zhao Jinge?” Shen Anxin asked.

“Yes, it’s Zhao Jinge.” Zheng Baoning nodded.

Shen Anxin clenched his fist; his fingernails dug into his flesh so deeply, it cut his skin. He suddenly remembered that every time he went to Zhao Jinge, he would see Jiang Zhen’s men guarding outside. Was it Jiang Zhen who arranged these men to protect Zhao Jinge?

Jiang Zhen was indifferent to him but was so kind to Zhao Jinge. Why was Zhao Jinge so protected, but no one ever thought about him? Shen Anxin’s expression twisted at the thought of what happened last night.

After being rejected by Jiang Zhen yesterday, he was very sad, so he planned to wander around Hecheng County. Unexpectedly, he was dragged into a vacant house by two men. What happened after that was like a nightmare to him.

When Shen Anxin remembered what happened last night, his whole body could not stop flinching for a moment, but he soon calmed down. It could not be found out, it couldn’t. He didn’t suffer much physically, but when he woke up in that empty house that morning, he wished he was dead. Then he thought of Jiang Zhen.

He wanted to see Jiang Zhen. He almost couldn’t walk, but he still came to Hexi and found Jiang Zhen. But as a result . . . Jiang Zhen ignored him.

Shen Anxin was in a trance, then his hatred started growing stronger and stronger.

As he grew up although there were many unhappy moments, but in general, life was still very smooth. Although the Feng family tried to frame him before, in the end, it could still be avoided. He also got Zheng Yi as a backer, so never before had he suffered such aggravation. He naturally could not accept it.

Why did he have to suffer like this? Why should he be so unlucky when everyone else can live happily?

The more Shen Anxin thought about it the harder it was for him. Then he suddenly felt a jolt.

How can things be so coincidental? How could it be that he had just made his feelings known to Jiang Zhen and then encountered such a thing? Those two people . . . it was not a coincidence but a deliberate ambush! Also, who would do such a thing to him without hurting him? Not even robbing him of his belongings . . .

Shen Anxin suddenly thought of a person—Zhao Jinge.

When he was in the capital, he had a little crush on Jiang Zhen, so Zhao Jinge let Liu Qianqian and Zhao Lingxi mislead him, but this time . . . was it also Zhao Jinge?

Was Zhao Jinge trying to ruin him? After all, when something like this happens, Jiang Zhen and I were even more impossible.

Shen Anxin envied Zhao Jinge from the beginning, but at the moment, he only felt a deep resentment for Zhao Jinge. Even if Zhao Jinge did not hurt him, why was he so unlucky when he was happily protected by Jiang Zhen?

Even Jiang Zhen . . .

At that point, Shen Anxin resented Jiang Zhen. If Jiang Zhen hadn’t been so cold to him, he wouldn’t have run outside alone at that time . . . Besides, Zheng Yi and Jiang Zhen were so powerful that Hecheng County was almost their own world, so can it really have nothing to do with them?

Shen Anxin bowed his head to cover his eyes full of hatred. After what happened, he wanted to ask for help from Jiang Zhen, but Jiang Zhen did not help him. . . . . So only hated could keep him going.

Zheng Baoning didn’t know Shen Anxin’s mind as he stopped the boat at the dock of Hecheng Country town and then went ashore. Only then did he look at Shen Anxin and said, “Master Shen, do you want the boatman to take you to the Zheng family?”

“No.” Shen Anxin followed Zheng Baoning off the boat when, suddenly, a man ran towards Zheng Baoning. “Zheng Baoning!”

The person who run toward him was Song Li. Zheng Baoning thought that he once again wanted to persuade him to leave the Jinzhen Escort Agency, so he wanted to run into the crowd to lose him.

That guy, Song Li, couldn’t afford to be annoyed by him, so should he hide?

When Song Li ran toward them, Zheng Baoning had already disappeared. He clenched his fist and gritted his teeth, still full of anger. Then he focused on Shen Anxin, who came with Zheng Baoning. “Brother, are you here to do business?”

Shen Anxin didn’t want to pay attention to Song Li and turned away, but Song Li wanted to persuade Shen Anxin to stay. “Brother I am telling you Jiang Zhen from Jinzhen Escort Agency is not a good person. If you want to do business, don’t look for him. Be careful or he will cheat you!”

Shen Anxin stopped walking.

After Song Li’s wife returned to her family house, his life became even more difficult. He simply had a hard time these days, and this made him hate Jiang Zhen and Jinzhen Escort Agency even more. When he saw there seemed to be a chance, he immediately repeated what he had said countless times already, “Jiang Zhen is not a good person. He even beat his own parents . . .”

Song Li repeated what Jiang Chengxiang said to him.

Shen Anxin was stunned. All this time he only heard good things about Jiang Zhen, even when he went to Hexi Village to inquire about him. No one told him about the Jiang family, so he did not know about it at all.

“Are you telling the truth?” Shen Anxin did not believe that Jiang Zhen was such a person.

“Of course, it’s true. This Jiang Zhen, he is not a good thing! If you don’t believe me, I can take you to see Jiang Chengxiang, Jiang Zhen’s brother, who was almost unable to make a living because of Jiang Zhen,” Song Li said.

Shen Anxin hesitated for a while before he looked at Song Li and said, “Where is he?”

Jiang Chengxiang lived in the country town. Since the birth his daughter had become very ill and unable to support herself, but she had survived. What about Zhu Shufen? Although she had many shortcomings, she really loved her daughter and took good care of her. However, even though she took good care of her, the child was still ill and coughed badly.

Zhu Shufen was so frightened that, a few days ago, she came to the county town in the middle of night with the baby in her arm and asked the doctor to see her child.

Ever since Jiang Chengxiang took Zhu Shufen ten silver in order to give Jiang Zhen money, Zhu Shufen kept a close eye on her money, and even if she couldn’t make a living, she refused to give him even a penny. She was married to Jiang Chengxiang’s family, so she naturally asked the Jiang family to pay for her food! However, even if she refused to spend a penny at that time, when her daughter became ill, she took out all her money to treat her. It’s just that when her daughter got better, her money was gone.

In this way, Zhu Shufen did not want to go home but stayed in the county town. While urging Jiang Chengxiang to find a job, she also wanted to find a job and become a wet nurse or something. Her daughter was in poor health, and she needed to take care of her carefully. Zhu Shufen felt that she needed to earn money so that she could have a peace of mind and raise her daughter well.

So at this time, the three members of her family were huddled in the shabby house that Jiang Chengxiang had rented in the county town.

When Shen Anxin and Song Li went over, Jiang Chengxiang was cooking in a hurry while Zhu Shufen was coaxing the crying child. The room was dirty and messy. It smelled of feces and urine.

Shen Anxin was not very comfortable, so when he smelled this, he directly vomited. Feeling disgusted, he stood at the door. He did not want to go in.

The commotion outside naturally alerted Jiang Chengxiang, who looked outside and saw Song Li and Shen Anxin.

Song Li was alright, but this Shen Anxin . . .

After looking up and down at Shen Anxin’s new clothes, Jiang Chengxiang’s heart warmed up. When he worked on docks, Jiang Chengxiang’s eyesight was very good, so he could naturally see that Shen Anxin was very rich, and he should carry favor with him. Then he heard that Shen Anxin wanted to inquire about Jiang Zhen. Jiang Chengxiang did not hesitate to repeat to Shen Anxin what he had said to Song Li before.

When Shen Anxin returned to the Zheng family house that day, it was already late.


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  1. I don’t understand him ?? Does he thinks that he is in palace drama or what? It is a pity that he was raped but man go take revenge on people who really did this !!!! Not on innocent passerby

    1. Yana

      He thinks anything he wants should belong to him and just looking for somewhere to point his hatred instead of being reasonable

  2. Leaf

    wait, something bad happened to Shen Anxin already??? :(((((((

    also, I wished Jiang Zhen had said that he liked manly gers…that way, Shen Anxin can really not refute. (It’s also weird that Shen Anxin, who *is* rich, doesn’t have any servants following him….)

    1. Lazy_Scorpio

      I agree. Might have gotten rid of some of his odd ideas. Now he’s suffered a tragedy and is doubling down as a way to cope.

    2. Yana

      Yes, to especially clear up between the villagers because they have some misunderstanding I don’t think he’s doing it on purpose but they’ll go around giving false information that could either help you or harm you.

  3. Lazy_Scorpio

    Although I can foresee Shen Anxin doing something dumb soon, I sure as heck don’t want the guy who set up his rape to get away without severe punishment.

    Also, that Song Li guy still hasn’t checked with other other people for the full story, eh? Nothing suspicious about his friend?

    1. Yana

      Yes I wish all sorts of creative torture methods upon them especially the father for teaching his son that it’s normal. Song Li is stubborn and trusts his friend then the facts sitting right before him, it would’ve been nice if he actually had good friends though

  4. Bubuha

    Honestly i pity shen anxin his past isnt the best since he need to work for his family to survive, got underestimate for being ger, and has to abandon his gender as ger for his business later he just got rejected then raped the next day and when he try to seek for comfort from the person he liked not only they shoo him away but also said painful thing. I might be biased and everything but he could have been such a great character that can be both zhao jinge friend and teacher but the author seems to only accept 2 person world both are so possesive and obsessive to eacj other. Such a shame.

    1. Yana

      I understate where you’re coming from but he still had money to live the rest of his life in peace, probably not in the capital but enough to live for him and his kids. He decided to uphold his family honor I respect that still trying to pull through against discrimination and respecting what his ancestors did but I don’t pity him he made a choice and that’s what he choose. He steadily cultivated feelings for someone with a wife even after he found out how much he cherishes Zhao meaning he couldn’t become the main wife and even if he did he’ll have to fight against Zhao. Jiang was being nice to him and considered him a good acquaintance/friend. And let’s not forget how easily his feelings vanished when he though Jiang had concubines meaning he wants to be the main wife with no concubines which will never happen. He wants to squeeze in between a good relationship and take Zhao place and I won’t accept that he can find his own man and not take someone else. He had hope for himself when there was already a clear answer that anyone in the village knew even the ger of the two brothers knew better and causes little trouble. He was raped from his own carelessness, there’s nothing else to say for that. However, he probably wanted to garner pity from Jiang using his misfortune as an excuse. Jiang may be cold but he’ll never intentionally cause confusion. He could’ve but he let his feelings get in the way and became muddleheaded, we know what he values more. Just a sneaky snake especially what he did with the make-up but it back fired on him. Tsk, and I think it has less to do with a two person world but more with what the author is trying to portray because Jiang easily accepted Zhao parents and became friend with the Zheng family. Two people who love each other and don’t want another lover isn’t a two person world because they have a child they care for too. Soul karma(bl) is a two person world who are extremely possessive and obsessive. They just care about each other more then the other men in that era and it isn’t excessive, I personally think it isn’t enough how you don’t immediately delcare this person is my wife where ever you go so there’s not another case like Shen. I think if it was like that from the beginning Shen wouldn’t be in this situation

      1. Heymi

        I agree with you….. But I still think that he’s looking for something that he should not… He longs for the treatment that jinge gets and that’s what’s blinding him. I feel bad for him but he’s still not vigilant against his own enemies. Didn’t he say that he wanted to continue his family business and then started living like a man and not a Ger but is that true… No it’s not he’s just not strong willed . For me I don’t know why he wants love from others when he can’t even accept the fact that he has to love himself.i get it might get lonely but you can clearly work and have a good life. Love can’t be forced it just comes to you.
        I just wish he becomes nice and doesn’t do anything worse and even this experience of his was not necessarily needed but he’s blaming our cute jinge he’s so precious and I want to keep him some where hidden but then again he’s good with Zhen

    2. compass96

      Yeah. It’s weird that the only other ger that was significant in the story suddenly became bad. Then he got raped. And that rape is used as a way to blacken him? Like wtf author. This is making this story so much less appealing. Like why focus on him at all? Like the Feng family were alreasy the bad guys but now Shen Anxin is now bad too. I don’t like this plotline at all.

  5. fruittypun

    *sigh* I don’t like it when rape just becomes a plot point to move the story…

    1. Meep meep

      Same feelings. It’s really horrible and makes me want to drop the story.

    2. Yana

      I agree it makes me uncomfortable but it also shows how harsh the it was during that time. I’m not going to drop it for that though it’s being realistic about what can happen to you when you’re careless not like it’s a story about a pedophile or rapist, I’ll drop that and give harsh ratings.

  6. Yana

    Shen was pitiful and cute at first but when he kept trying to chase after Jiang even though he clearly sees he loves and care for only him it was annoying how stubborn he was. When they left I was happy Shen let go of his feelings for him and hoped he could find his own happiness with someone who loves him too but then he came to Hexi with an enemy firm and became muddleheaded from his feelings and it had me dumbfounded how he immediately concluded it was Zhao like he’s so cute and lovable and you spent time with him and nothing happened to you. He’s just looking for a reason to hate him and not thinking any further. I used to wish him nicely now it’s time to let go, I’m tired of this character go away, you’re no longer wanted. And even if Zhao actually did it I wouldn’t blame him because you keep coming after his man. In the palace even concubines fight with their lives so you shouldn’t expect him to be polite, that was a losing battle in the first place there was clearly no way for you to win his heart, at most his favor as a friend and businessman. Stay far away in the future and don’t think about breaking them apart, your petty revenge will ruin you in the long run. So angry.

    1. Psychocultivator

      It was pitiful what happened with SA . But its nothing to do with JZ and ZN . He is blaming all the things on them and trying to portray himself as white lotus. He clearly know JZ is a married man but still want to come between them it’s too hateful . He is still someone who get birth in a rich family, in this era where life is so hard for ordinary people , he still have to eat and enjoy. He have take responsibilities that is good but this isn’t a reason for trying to snatched other husband. He know how is the world that time but still going alone. He is not wife of JZ so why should he take care of him. He isn’t a baby he should take care of himself instead of finding reasons to blame others . If he doesn’t even know how hard is time for women and ger that time than what buisness can u do. He have enough power and resources to protect himself but due to carelessness and other conspiracy he got raped. May the true villain behind the rape get its punishment.

  7. Small_Chamomile

    I really liked this story at first. The plot is realistic and Mc is not op and tried hard to become rich but villian character are so f**k up…they are realistic I know but it get harder for me to accept. Anxin character was so clever and mature. I thought even if he fall in love with Mc I thought he could get over him. And he even forgot to bring someone to protect him? This is ooc!!! This character become so messed up. I think author is just running out of cannon fodders. After the rape part. ..I can’t bare it anymore. The plot is good.The translation is fantastic but I’m sorry I’m going to drop this.

    1. Lina

      You are very weak. What happened to the hooker of other people’s husbands is common. For thinking of other things, he did not take care of himself and evil men harmed him.

  8. Small_Chamomile

    I really liked this story at first. The plot is realistic and Mc is not op and tried hard to become rich but villian character are so f**k up…they are realistic I know but it get harder for me to accept. Anxin character was so clever and mature. I thought even if he fall in love with Mc I thought he could get over him. And he even forgot to bring someone to protect him? This is ooc!!! This character become so messed up. I think author is just running out of cannon fodder. After the rape part. ..I can’t bare it anymore. The plot is good.The translation is fantastic but I’m sorry I’m going to drop this.

  9. Onibi Onna

    yeah im dropping this, the rape just being treated as like just a step in shen anxins blackening is really frustrating to me. it was unnecessary and cruel and added literally nothing. every step that the author has taken to depict shen anxin slowly blackening has felt so incredibly forced and out of place, he went from having a light crush to completely obsessed without a real reason i guess? at least not to me

    thank you for all your effort translators i did enjoy the story up until now and appreciated your effort

  10. Ocean

    This just f*cked up the novel for me. I just cannot keep reading it. And it will be a huge deal where Shen will just keep on losing and he did not deserved it. It was going so dang well!! And it’s not long until the novel finishes. So sad

  11. Cam

    I’m extremely disappointed with this plot line. I agree with many of the other commenters that Shen Anxin’s character flipped out of no where, where he was initially presented in a very sympathetic life, even more than the lady and ger that Jiang Zhen rescued and also wanted to seduce him. I had been excited at the prospect of him getting over his crush and finding true love but my hopes were dashed in the worst way possible. He had one of the worst things in the world happen to him and for what? So that he can become “psycho” and bother Jiang Zhen only to be forgotten about in five chapters? It makes no sense that in his first appearance he was shown to constantly struggle with being a ger in a mans world but suddenly is so naive that he thought he could walk around at night in a strange place by himself. I will skip ahead to see the resolution of this but I don’t know if I can continue after that.

  12. Skahn

    This was not it wtf. Author really f***ed-up with this one. All of the hurt and tragedy towards Shen Anxin was so unnecessary. I was keeping a tiny hope in my heart that someone would rescue him and so he can switch his affection to somebody else. He doesn’t deserve any of the things that happened to him, and he had so much potential to be one of the best characters in this story but he just had to be reduced into a pile of dogsh*t.

    Some of the readers here are also twisted for pushing the blame onto Shen Anxin. Sure, he had desires for a married man, but he never did anything that crossed the line. Victim-blaming will never be okay, and I don’t like how people still felt that it was Shen Anxin’s actions that led to this.

    His twisted thoughts and actions after what happened are the results of a traumatic experience that no one should ever go through. I just hope that the author could at least leave a way out for him. He deserves a better life.

  13. sistaly

    Sienti que está violación fue tan innecesaria que me duele el corazón ,y por más quie quiera continuar por ahora no podré leer ,esta novela me gusta mucho pero …no puedo

    A nadie le importa me solo escribiendo siento que me puedo desahogar

    1. GoodBoyGoneBad

      Haist its too sad what happened to shen anxi character but why’s everyone saying he’s pitiful at first. Yes, he’s being discriminated because of gender, but come on, he’s a rich kid. He’s not pitiful. He’s experincing much hardship than a normal rich kid but still a rich kid . TBH, i never liked him (’cause again rich kid) lol but the direction of his character is really bad.

  14. xrFy8

    Feng Jingyuan is a monster. But he’s also right. How is Shen Anxin getting fooled this easily. No wonder he was no good at doing business, which makes sense if you’re this easily decieved. Shen Anxin already spoke to the entire village about Jiang Zhen, heard great character testimony, and then decided to trust a rando????? Without inquiring anything about the guy and wondering if there’s an ulterior motive???? You absolute dumb….!

  15. Robi

    I don’t think it’s OOC. SAX, from the very start, it’s like those so called ‘modern woman’s fighting for discrimination but also wanted the special treatment. MC already warned him from the start, if he wanted to be the family head then he should stop being squirmish. He have all the signs from the start. Like how he said he didn’t want to be discriminated but the maid around him was so mad that MC wasn’t being a gentleman when he assumed that the watermelon should be given to his master. He shouldn’t have allowed his subordinates to have such thoughts but they have, so it’s no wonder he was never taken seriously when doing business. His situation was very contradictory, he wanted to be a man but very much a ger in fact. There’s no wrong about it actually if he would have acknowledge it himself. He’s a fvkng rich boy, there’s plenty of ways he could overcome his situation. Instead of marrying a girl, why not recruit a husband? Pick a guy that cannot fight you and then you can still continue being the family head. His enemy, sinister as he is, was actually right in his judgement about SAX.

  16. Son

    Absolutely not. I’m actually nauseated. This is some serious grade A bullsht. I don’t think I’ve ever had a story’s quality points plummet so fast. Forget being a ger— HOWWW in the hell are YOU as a rich man, walking around, at NIGHT, in an UNFAMILIAR PLACE, with not even a servant much less a proper guard?!? What nonsense is this? That’s just an insult to to my intelligence. Dog blood fvckry. There’s naïvety and then there’s sheer implausibility. Absolutely not. What the hell is wrong with this author. And him actually planning to make trouble for Jiang Zhen?? On Jiang Zhen’s own turf?? I won’t be dropping this, but that’s just bc I’m the type of person to stick it through unless the bs actually infuriates me to the point of a headache. This pisses me off, but it’s so wildly illogical that I can ignore it as trash writing. I know we came here for a good time, not an intellectually stimulating time, but there’s a limit to everything! And you lot upstairs blaming this guy for having a trash creator! (on the other hand, SAX is just the type of character that is ripe for those cannon-fodder redemption transmigration novels, lol) The disappointment. Ugh.

  17. lovely0solitude

    Why is it that I feel like my IQ lowered after reading this chapter??? The way Shen has been written is very disappointing and his SA just being a plot point is so distasteful, he could’ve just been heartbroken and move on but this is such a very weird way to take it…

  18. LazyBean

    Whoa guys, what discussions…
    let’s start from the beginning, SA likes JZ, SA could have stayed at home, forgotten about his first love and found himself a suitable man and we would never have heard of him again.
    he had no potential to become friends with Jinge from the moment he arrived on the ship (from the moment the author decided to include him in the game for the second time), he chose to continue pursuing JZ, thinking to step into a place that was not intended for him, thinking that he is more worthy than Jinge (if he initially approached Jinge with selfish intentions, then what kind of friendship can we talk about built on this?).
    SA heard what he wanted to hear, believed what he wanted to believe, and he missed uncomfortable moments because they conflicted with his selfish desires, denying the inconvenient reality, with the idealized picture in his head that he invented for himself. and I will say that yes, he could simply be dull from love in pursuit of unattainable desires, love is a complicated thing… it sounds like I am justifying the author, but not really, I also don’t like his fate, but I don’t know what other interesting things can you come up with with the SA character.
    I just liked this work for its liveliness, accidents like murders can happen here and not everyone can have a happy ending, life is not fair. in the SA case, all the bad cards fell out at one moment and conveniently formed, it is very strange that he did not take anyone with him at all when he came out, which became a convenient opportunity for the author to blacken him so soon.
    By the way, the author seems to have balanced the forces a little by making SA a little blacker compared to the other two gers that we already know about, but that didn’t stop me from liking him further.
    the eternal third wheel interfering with a couple is boring, but love turning into pure hatred is more interesting. Now he will have a certain core that supports his moral and mental state only with hatred and revenge, this is really intriguing.
    (Google translator used)
    Oho 2023 year… well, i leave this massage here anyway

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