TOFUH – Chapter 51.1 – Long goodbye

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People got married early these days, and in Eldest Jiang’s memory two twelve- or thirteen-year-old girls got married. The bridegroom, on his wedding day, had still gone outside to play with his friends and forgot the time, until he was finally called back by his mother.

If this was a normal marriage, Jiang Zhen would not spare it a second thought, however . . . this was obviously a bully who kidnapped other people’s children. Jiang Zhen had not thought it over when the petite He Qiusheng suddenly moved.

Although He Qiusheng was unlucky to have a gambling father, his mother and his two brothers were both good and loved him very much. He grew up well and was spoiled by the people in the village all the time. He had never been wronged since he grew up.

The sudden encounter of such a thing was really unbearable for the young ger, who usually only thought about how to get a drink or some delicious food from his admirers. If it was not for how notorious Liu Heitou was, or if Liu Heitou had been a little kinder, He Qiusheng might have accepted his fate, however . . . the first time Liu Heitou came to their door, He Qiusheng’s two brothers were beaten up severely. Just now, at his home, when he tried to touch him, He Qiusheng struggled a bit and was beaten by him too. It was the first time that He Qiusheng had been hit in his live, and he was really scared. Later, his two brothers got angry and rushed to fight with Liu Heitou. He used this chance to escape from the house, but what happened after he escaped? He was caught again.

He Qiusheng stared at Liu Heitou in a daze, accepting his fate, but when Liu Heitou’s two brothers came to tie him up, he suddenly jumped up and rushed to the river.

Although the water here was not deep enough to drown, he really wanted to die at this moment. It was better to die quickly than to be tortured!

“Bitch!” Liu Heitou thought he had frightened and subdued He Qiusheng. While scolding him, he let his brother go in the water to catch him.

When he went out to collect other people’s debts, he saw a lot of things and a lot of people seeking death. He Qiusheng tricked him, when he wasn’t paying attention. He was such a small thing that should immediately be obedient after a beating and several threats against his family. However, before Liu Heitou could take action, Jiang Zhen came up with a bamboo pole.

He did not know exactly what happened, but after listening to Liu Heitou’s words, he could roughly guess it from the expressions on the faces of the villagers around him. They were scared and angry but didn’t dare to do anything. No matter what, today, he couldn’t let Liu Heitou take He Qiusheng away under his nose.

This Liu Heitou was not a good man. Jiang Zhen had no intention of showing any mercy, because these things happened in the countryside sometimes. It’s just that Liu Heitou’s skills were . . .

Jiang Zhen had fought with many people since he came to this place, and of all these people, Liu Heitou’s skills were the best. As a yamen officer, Yang Jing relied on his uniform to scare people away. His kung fu was just for show. The previous group of water bandits were just a group of lazy and bullying little masters, but this Liu Heitou was different. Liu Heitou had gained his reputation with punches and kicks!

Against Jiang Zhen, Liu Heitou suffered a minor loss at first, but he was able to fight back very quickly. All his moves were aimed at Jiang Zhen’s key points; he obviously had a very rich experience in fighting. Jiang Zhen immediately got interested. It was boring being able to take people down easily every time. This Liu Heitou was really a strong fighter.

When Jiang Zhen was on a mission before, he met a man who was born with an iron fist; his fighting style was just like Liu Heitou’s. Without any routine, he was “pragmatic and effective.” At that time, Jiang Zhen, who was just a young man, suffered a loss, but now . . . Jiang Zhen had a lot of experience and this Liu Heitou couldn’t compare to that man. In fact, in terms of raw physical strength, Jiang Zhen couldn’t compare to Liu Heitou. Eldest Jiang hadn’t eaten anything healthy for so many years, while Liu Heitou had a strong body developed by eating fish and meat all these years. The physical condition of the two couldn’t be compared at all. Fortunately, Jiang Zhen had experience and skills.

For a while, Jiang Zhen was relying on his flexibility and thorough understanding of all parts of the human body, gaining the upper hand in the fight.


“You want to die!”

“Kill him!”

After Liu Heitou’s brothers noticed that their eldest brother was at a disadvantage, they no longer cared about He Qiusheng and just wanted to besiege Jiang Zhen.

“Ah!” However, at that time, Wang Haisheng shouted, holding a long bamboo pole in his thick arms and rushed towards Liu Heitou’s brothers.

Jiang Zhen didn’t let Wang Haisheng practice anything else these days. He only practiced stabbing moves with the bamboo pole, and he also helped him find a very suitable bamboo pole, which Wang Haisheng was holding right now.

This bamboo pole was not cut too sharp, but it still had a sharp end that could pierce people. Liu Heitou’s brother, whose stomach got pierced, immediately screamed. Wang Haisheng let go of him and immediately rushed to the other man.

At the same time, Jiang Zhen knocked Liu Heitou’s forehead with the bamboo pole and let him drop to the ground.

“Qiusheng, Qiusheng . . .” Just then, two young men with swollen black-and-blue faces arrived, limping as they walked. They shouted He Qiusheng’s name while wiping their tears. It was He Chunsheng and He Xiasheng, He Qiusheng’s two brothers.

In fact, unlike He Chunsheng who was born in spring, He Xiasheng and He Qiusheng were not born in summer and winter like their names suggested. They were named this way because it was pleasant to hear and easy to remember.

He Chunsheng and He Xiasheng really loved He Qiusheng. Even though they couldn’t get married because their family had no money, they never thought of exchanging him for a large amount of bride price for the sake of getting their own wives.

By this time, He Qiusheng might have already been captured by Liu Heitou, so they naturally were very worried. They hoped that the villagers would save He Qiusheng, but they also knew that such a possibility was unlikely. At the moment, they were both very desperate. They thought that He Qiusheng had already been caught, but they didn’t want to run away. In the end, the situation they faced was completely different from what they imagined. Eldest Jiang had unexpectedly knocked down Liu Heitou with a bamboo pole!

Jiang Zhen stepped on Liu Heitou’s chest, changed his grip on the pole and looked at Liu Heitou’s brothers next to him with a sneer. “Don’t you know that you shouldn’t cross the boundary? This Hexi Village is my territory! If you try to kidnap people on my territory, you don’t take me seriously!”

He Chunsheng had also seen Jiang Zhen beat up people before. Back then, he thought Jiang Zhen was terrible, but this time, he thought that Jiang Zhen could not be more majestic. However, he soon returned to his senses and saw his little brother. He Qiusheng was standing in the river, wet and stunned.

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