Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 30.2 – It’s not okay to walk without looking at the road

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Perhaps it was an illusion, but when Gu Xun’s face first appeared, his expression seemed a bit fierce and his eyes were aggressive. But when you looked carefully, his face was still familiar and gentle, and there was a little helplessness on it.

“Qi Cong”—Gu Xun leaned closer to the screen, but his helplessness became more obvious—“are you sure you want me to look at the floor when I talk to you?”


Qi Cong looked at the wood-colored floor under his feet and then realized that what he saw in the camera was the image taken by the rear camera. His stiff body relaxed but soon became stiff again. He moved his finger to change cameras.

The cameras switched, and his face appeared on the small screen in the upper right corner.

Stiff and stupid.

Qi Cong looked at it for a second and then looked away, forcing himself to fix his eyes on Gu Xun’s face and ask, “Have you just finished?”

Gu Xun looked at him and said nothing. His eyes only become deeper.

Qi Cong felt a little uncomfortable and asked, “Where are you going now? Are you going back to the hotel to have a rest?”

Gu Xun suddenly leaned away from his mobile phone, and then as soon as the screen darkened, something blocked half of the camera. Gu Xun’s voice came out a little lower than earlier. “Wait a minute. My assistant called me, and I need to have a word with him.”

Then the camera on Gu Xun’s side was completely covered, and the voice disappeared.

Qi Cong was a little confused, but the stiffness and tension eased a bit when Gu Xun did this. Qi Cong’s eyes swept to the two chapters lying on the living room table and walked over, waiting for Gu Xun to finish talking to his assistant.


. . .


On the other side, inside the car, Gu Xun clicked on the video and leaned into the back of the seat, holding the phone in one hand and holding his chin in another. He squinted at the screen at first, a little confused, then turned his head to see where Qi Cong was and where he started to walk towards. His eyes swept across him inch by inch, along the forehead exposed after Qi Cong’s hair was trimmed and then swept across the handsome and soft facial features then stopped on the light-colored and soft lips for a long time. Then he looked at Qi Cong’s ear shape and round earlobe, swept to the chin, then down the necklace chain all the way down the neck, and over the collarbone, down the shirt collar, and finally turned around to fix on the slightly raised Adam’s apple. Gu Xun put his fingers upon his chin and gently rubbed his lips as he leaned over to his assistant. “My baby . . . is so beautiful. Low voice, hoarse, and very sexy, very . . .” Showing off.

Assistant Kevin couldn’t stand it any longer and leaned against the door. “Brother Gu, I often wonder why you haven’t been caught by the police.”

“What do you know?” Gu Xun rejected this statement, sat up straight, and looked at Qi Cong, who was looking down at something on the screen. He reached out and touched Qi Cong’s eyelashes. “He is good-looking. I am telling you the truth. Is there a problem?”


. . .


“Qi Cong.”

Qi Cong was called back by Gu Xun’s voice, and he looked at Gu Xun’s face that had reappeared on the screen.

Gu Xun said with a smile, “I’ve just finished my work. On my way to the airport, I’m going to go back to the crew and finish filming the rest of the outdoor scenes. It will take about five or six days, and I’ll be even busier.”

Will be busier? Then why are you smiling so happily?

Qi Cong thought that Gu Xun was a little silly now but still very lovely. He asked, “Go to the airport at this time? What time is the flight?”

“At eleven thirty. I will arrive at Yangcheng at three o’clock in the morning. The location is over there.”

If he arrived at three o’clock, it would be five or six o’clock when he arrived at the hotel. Qi Cong frowned and asked, “Will you start filming as soon as you arrive?”

“No. It will start in the afternoon.”

Then he won’t take a rest. That’s hard.

“Qi Cong.”

Qi Cong trembled at this low and gentle call. Looking at Gu Xun, who was close to the camera, his throat moved as he replied, “What’s the matter?”

“Thank you for caring about me. I’m very happy.” Gu Xun smiled gently. “What about you? What are your plans for the next week? What kind of class did you say you were in?”

This kind of Gu Xun was really just similar to the one in the past. Qi Cong had a feeling that maybe Gu Xun looked a bit fierce at some time, and his behavior was not as restrained as he used to be, but he must still be the gentle and kind Gu Xun in his heart. It was the same Gu Xun he was familiar with.

His voice slowed down a lot unconsciously as he briefly talked about signing a contract and taking voice lessons.

The smile on Gu Xun’s face froze, and he briefly stilled before he asked, “You have signed the contract?”


“You signed for how long?”

“Five years.”

The camera on Gu Xun’s side suddenly shook and tilted, showing the car window. A second later, the camera was adjusted, and Gu Xun’s face appeared on the screen again, which still had that gentle and casual expression. He said, “A contract is considered to be on the right track. Do you have a plan for your career?”

“Not yet. Brother Zhao said he was still discussing it with President Shen.”

Gu Xun seemed to grit his teeth but soon he smiled again and said, “This kind of thing really needs to be discussed. How about you? Is there any direction you want to develop? Singer? An actor? Or all-round development?”

“Both are fine. I can try them all.” Qi Cong didn’t really want to talk to Gu Xun about this. He always felt as if he had shown his tacky side to Gu Xun. He pointed the camera at the poem on and shifted the topic. “By the way, I’ve written the poems. See if there’s anything you want to change.”

After a few seconds of silence, Gu Xun’s voice came out, still very gentle, “It is fine.”

Qi Cong relaxed a little and said, “Then give me an address. I’ll send it to you when I frame them.”

“There’s no hurry. I’ll get it from you myself.”

Suddenly, there was the sound of the door opening, then Shen Jia’s voice rang out, “Brother Cong, have you slept yet? I brought you midnight snacks!”

Qi Cong froze as if he had been caught doing something bad. He first looked at the other side of the door and then adjusted the camera to see Gu Xun and quickly said, “JiaJia is back. I’m hanging up. You . . . You remember to sleep on the plane for a while.”

Gu Xun also heard Shen Jia’s voice and replied, “Shen Jia is back so early . . . I’ll get some sleep on the plane. Good night.”

“Good night.”

Qi Cong eyes swept over Gu Xun’s face and paused for two seconds before he reached out to hang up. Then he put away his cell phone and greeted Shen Jia, who had already entered the living room.

The other side.

Immediately after the call ended, the gentleness Gu Xun exuded dissipated; his expression sank as he threw away his phone, and then he leaned into the back of his seat, holding his chest, his fierceness overflowing.

Assistant Kevin picked up his phone and advised, “Brother Gu, I don’t think you need to be like this.”

Gu Xun frowned at Kevin, “The guy I like lives in another single man’s house, and you think I don’t have to be like this?”

“I mean you don’t have to keep disguising yourself in front of Mr. Qi.” Kevin was worried. “Brother Gu, you can’t go on pretending like this. I’m afraid that the result will be the same as three years ago—”

“No way.” Gu Xun interrupted Kevin’s words and looked sideways and at his face reflected on the window. A few seconds later, he looked away and shook his head. “No . . . Don’t be a crow.”


. . .


Gu Xun was really busy in the next few days, which showed that although he would still send Qi Cong a bunch of WeChat messages every day. The time was concentrated to the early morning, lunch, and late at night, and he would no longer reply in seconds. Often, if Qi Cong opened his WeChat in the afternoon, he wouldn’t reply until midnight.

It was clear that the two of them only lived a few hundred kilometers apart, but it appeared as if they lived in different time zones.

Qi Cong’s side was also getting busy. Because Zhao Zhenxun was not sure how to plan his career, he continued to work as an assistant for Shen Jia.

Shen Jia wanted to finish some work before entering the crew, and the workload of the whole team was also very heavy. Qi Cong, as Shen Jia’s life assistant, must follow Shen Jia everywhere at the moment, and the work was tiring and trivial. In addition, he had to take the time to practice what he had learned during voice lessons, sign a contract with Jiangwang, and update his Chivalrous Bones. It was like one person intended to split into three to do the work.

Under this intensity of work, Qi Cong no longer had the energy to manage the public’s evaluation of Chivalrous Bones every day. After finishing the manuscript, he directly scheduled its release and went back to sleep. Not to mention reading the comments, he couldn’t even squeeze out the energy to open the comments section.

A week later, Shen Jia was finally done with all the finishing touches and was ready to join the crew.

In order to spare time to help Shen Jia pack up the things for the cast, Qi Cong stayed up late one day in advance and wrote two chapters and scheduled them in advance.

Coincidentally, the update of these two chapters served as the ending of the first plot. From then on, the fate of many supporting characters and some subplots of the story would gradually deviate from Wu Heng’s Chivalrous Bones.

Before leaving for the airport, Qi Cong specially opened WeChat to see if Gu Xun had sent him any news back.

Unfortunately not. As for the “When are you coming to pick up the poems?” message he sent yesterday afternoon, Gu Xun gave no response even now. It was a little strange that Gu Xun seldom sent him a message this week.

Did you stay up late to catch up?

Qi Cong frowned, locked the phone screen, and looked at the two framed poems in the cabinet. He hesitated for a moment then put them inside his small luggage.

A few hours later, the plane landed in Hengcheng. A group of people walked out of the airport and proceeded towards the car that the crew sent to pick them up.

Qi Cong, holding the suitcase, walked behind the crowd at the end of the line and took out his mobile phone to turn it on. As soon as the signal was restored, he tapped on WeChat.

“Are you waiting for some news? You can’t walk without looking at the road.”

The familiar low voice came from behind him, then he was enveloped by a familiar smell mixed with a little sweetness.

Qi Cong was stunned then suddenly stopped and looked back.

His shoulder crashed onto a broad chest and a cone was brought to his mouth. Qi Cong raised his eyes and met Gu Xun’s smiling eyes that were blocked by the brim of his hat.

“Last time, I told you I was going to treat you to better ice cream.”

Gu Xun bent down slightly, and his body was so close Qi Cong. They almost touched. Then he took Qi Cong’s luggage in one hand while the other held the cone to Qi Cong’s mouth. It was almost like he was hugging Qi Cong in his arms. His mouth hooked up, and his voice becomes low and gentle, “Do you think it’s a coincidence that the next inside scenes of Above the Dynasty also happens to be shot in Hengcheng’s film and television city? I hear that it’s just a few hundred meters away from where The Legend of Youth will be filmed . . . It will be very convenient.”  


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