Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 95

Was his life completely back to normal? In the second year of his debut, Qi Cong went to an event one day, and there was a young reporter who was probably new to the industry. This fresh-faced reporter probably just started in the industry and was unaware of just how protective Gu Xun was of his husband and recklessly asked Qi Cong a question.

He asked, “Mr. Qi, if you hadn’t had an accidental memory loss and got cheated, would you still choose to be with Gu Xun?”

Not waiting for Qi Cong to answer, the young-faced reporter was pulled away by a veteran reporter of the same trade. The host also quickly said not to ask any question unrelated to the current event, hastily covering the newcomer reporter’s question.

Qi Cong felt a little helpless.

He didn’t actually feel offended by the reporter’s question, but Gu Xun went too far in the beginning due to how heartbroken he was for those three years. This made him warn the media several times to not ask about his memory loss and to the media it became a taboo topic. No one dared to ask any question about it.

It was just an accident. It was just an accidental hiccup, but at some point after going home with Gu Xun and resting in the afternoon, now looking at Gu Xun’s sleeping face, Qi Cong suddenly remembered this particular question.

If it wasn’t for his amnesia back then…. 

If he wasn’t forced to face the Taskmaster and Jiang Zhaoyan’s deceit, would he still choose to be with Gu Xun?

He looked at Gu Xun, who would hold him in his arms even when he was asleep and raised a hand to trace Gu Xun’s gentle and harmless sleeping face. He relaxed as his heart’s happiness was nourished by the calm relaxation.

The answer should be, he would still be willing.

Of course, at that time, he was too young and still had a knot in his heart because of his biological father. He might get very angry and escape for a short period of time, but as long as love existed between them, wouldn’t the result be the same as it was now?

If someone asks a similar question next time, he would answer properly so this guy wouldn’t be upset.

After thinking about it, Qi Cong’s raised hand slowly lowered and his eyelids dropped as he fell asleep in Gu Xun’s warm embrace.

A few seconds later, Gu Xun, who seemed to be sleeping, quietly opened one eye and saw that Qi Cong was already asleep.

It took him so long to fall asleep, he must be thinking of some nonsense again?

Gu Xun was a little troubled, remembering the rhythm caused by that little reporter’s random question on the Internet some time ago. He secretly grinded his teeth, wishing to burn all these gossip accounts to ashes.

He should guard more against this.

He gently touched Qi Cong’s soft hair, lowered his head and looked at Qi Cong’s sleeping face. Then he stretched out his arms to gather Qi Cong’s body into his arms, and closed his eyes.

Now the more important thing was to accompany Qi Cong in having a good night’s rest first.


“Qi Cong? Qi Cong?”

Qi Cong sat up straight and opened his eyes. He looked at the both familiar and unfamiliar room in the coffee shop and was a little confused.

Where is this? Wasn’t he sleeping at home?

“Why did you fall asleep on the table? You’ll catch a cold.”

A familiar voice came from his side. Qi Cong turned his head and saw Gu Xun in the uniform of a coffee shop employee. However, the Gu Xun at this time was completely different from the Gu Xun he saw before going to bed. His hair was shorter, his face younger and his skin more tanned. His temperament also changed a lot, making him look like a soft and harmless person with a concerned expression on his face, mixed with a little cautiousness, just like a lovely and docile big dog.

It was just strange.

No, it was kind of familiar.

Qi Cong’s eyes widened as he realized what he was seeing. He turned to look at the electronic clock over the counter, his eyes going directly to the year, month, and day at the bottom.

March 5, 2017.

  1. He looked at the surrounding environment again and made sure that this was the coffee shop where Gu Xun had worked as a part-time worker.

The time displayed on his phone was also 2017.

“What’s the matter with you?? Are you looking for something?”

Qi Cong put his phone away abruptly and looked at the approaching figure of Gu Xun.


As he spoke, he noticed that his voice sounded a little hoarse. He coughed and wanted to speak again but closed his mouth as he stared at both the strange and familiar Gu Xun in front of him, Qi Cong’s mood going up and down.

Was this a dream?

God took pity on him and gave him this beautiful dream? A dream without the Taskmaster, or him ever having amnesia and without Jiang Zhaoyan. He was back in time before everything started, sitting in the coffee shop where he usually meets Gu Xun. He didn’t need to struggle and work hard, as long as he reached out his hand, he could touch happiness.

Gu Xun’s face suddenly blurred in front of him, so he blinked making his vision become clear again.

Gu Xun became worried as he approached Qi Cong. Seeing tears in Qi Cong’s eyes, he suddenly froze, then frowned hard as the harmless disguise on his face broke and his voice sank. “Why are you crying?? Did you have a nightmare?? Or is it something else? Who bullied you?” When he asked this, his tone turned dark, taking on a ruthless meaning, as if he was going to go fight with someone.

Qi Cong was caught off guard by it. Huh? His personality came out just like this?

Was he blind back then? What kind, honest and gentle person would have a temperament like this? He wore such a sharp and fierce expression. Also, Gu Xun’s standard Mandarin could be directly broadcast on the radio. What child from a small village? Wouldn’t only fool be fooled by this?

Wait a minute, wasn’t he the one who was fooled? He was a fool.

“Gu Xun.” Qi Cong suddenly felt a little like teasing him. He lowered his hands and eyes, pretending to be depressed. “Someone did bully me. I was tricked.”

Gu Xun’s somewhat restrained expression completely sank down as he squeezed the tray in his hands so hard that his veins almost seemed to rip. Yet, his tone actually regained its mildness and barely stabilized a bit of his honest persona as he asked, “Who? Who tricked you? With what?”

“They deceived my feelings. “

Gu Xun’s expression changed greatly, and what little persona he had just recovered was immediately thrown to the back of his mind again. “Who cheated you? Your feelings? How did they cheat you?”

You lied, just like now.

But the answer could definitely not be this.

Qi Cong almost couldn’t help laughing. He changed his mind and decided to take out the acting skill he had practiced over the last year and then took out his mobile phone and opened QQ. Opening Jiangtianwang’s forum according to what he remembered, he found the post published by Wu Heng’s girlfriend and said sadly, “It’s him. I thought he added me as a friend to discuss writing and plot but I never thought he actually just wanted me to smash votes for him. His girlfriend even went to the forum to troll me, calling me a white-eyed wolf.”

Gu Xun’s expression slowly improved as Qi Cong spoke, then turned black again at the speed of light. This time his dark expression was different from the jealous one before. It was now dark because he was bullied by an outsider, his face pure anger.

He took the mobile phone that Qi Cong handed over, and after he was given consent, he quickly scanned through the chat records on QQ and the posts posted by Wu Heng’s girlfriend.

Qi Cong looked at Gu Xun’s expression secretly, and saw that it was getting colder with each second. Eyebrows frowning, thin lips pursed tightly and his eyes slightly narrowed as a dangerous storm brewed inside. Obviously he had forgotten what role he should be playing right now.

It seems that when he was young, Gu Xun wasn’t actually as skillful an actor as he thought. In fact, as long as you observed him carefully, the flaws were easy to see.

It looked like Qi Cong was really stupid before.

Gu Xun finally finished reading the post, and was thinking about a hundred ways to dig up Wu Heng and his girlfriend and make them pay. Then he suddenly raised his eyes and met Qi Cong’s bright eyes that seemed to have seen through everything. His heart skipped a beat and he hurriedly adjusted his expression. He frowned and said, “They are too much! Don’t be sad, it’s not worth crying over those kinds of people.”

Yes, as a gentle and honest person, even if he was angry he could only say things like: “it’s not worth crying over those kinds of people.”

Qi Cong lowered his head, suppressing the sound of laughter that almost leaked out.

Gu Xun, however, thought that Qi Cong was still crying, so he felt a little helpless. He started to hate Wu Heng and his girlfriend even more as he clumsily bent over and drew a tissue to help Qi Cong wipe his face. Then his eyes softened as he coaxed him, “Don’t be sad anymore. Since you have recognized the true colors of these people, it’s better to stay away from them. There will be people who will really appreciate your novel in the future. You… are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?”

Listening to Gu Xun’s messy consolation, Qi Cong quickly took the tissue from Gu Xun’s hand and covered his face with it so as to not let his laughing expression be seen by Gu Xun. After adjusting his expression, he finally looked at Gu Xun, asking, “Can it be you?”

Gu Xun was checking to see if Qi Cong cried his eyes red, so he didn’t react for a moment. “What?”

 “The person who appreciates my novel, can it be you?”

Gu Xun froze. His eyes met Qi Cong’s gaze and saw an inner expectation and trust that vaguely contained a bit of intimacy. He felt like his heart became a bit numb. Suddenly, he felt like his mouth had become a little dry.

He straightened up slowly, forgetting all about his fake persona and disguise. All that was left on his face was a joy that couldn’t be concealed. His Adam’s apple rolled as he adjusted his expression, pretending to be calm. He adjusted the tray in his hand before looking at Qi Cong and nodding. He said seriously, “Of course I can.”

Qi Cong couldn’t help but smile. “Then I’ll send the plot summary to you. Can you give me some advice after reading it?”

“Um…” Gu Xun’s eyes flickered for a while. His hand moved suddenly, he raised it and placed it lightly on Qi Cong’s head. Gently rubbing, he replied, “I… I will take a good look at it. Don’t be sad, okay? There is still me.”

The touch on his head was careful and restrained, stunning Qi Cong a little. He looked into Gu Xun’s gentle eyes, his heart softened and his smile deepened. He nodded. “Okay, I will no longer be sad.”

He thought he knew why he was so foolish back then and couldn’t see Gu Xun’s acting flaws at all. It must be because of this? The tenderness he showed him was so true.

Personality can be disguised, identity can be hidden, but love cannot.

Back then, it was precisely because of this accommodating love that he lost his heart to Gu Xun.



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