TOFUH – Chapter 95.1 – Feng Chenglin makes a fool of himself

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After Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge got an invitation from Zheng Yi, they left.

Because they had stayed in the Zheng family for a long time, it was already late when they returned to their residence. When they got off the Zheng family carriage, it was already late. As they were about to enter the door, they heard Shen Anxin’s voice.

“Master Jiang?”

When Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge turned around, they found that the passing carriage had stopped and a face emerged from the window, which was not Shen Anxin.

“Master Shen,” Jiang Zhen greeted Shen Anxin.

“What are you doing here? Were you looking for me?” Shen Anxin’s eyes fell on Jiang Zhen, a corner of his mouth hooking up, making his whole person look as if he was glowing.

After he separated from Jiang Zhen, he went to visit one of his late father’s friends and received an opportunity, making him very happy. Unexpectedly, he met with Jiang Zhen again.

Shen Anxin focused so much on Jiang Zhen, he subconsciously ignored Zhao Jinge.

Zhao Jinge had never felt uncomfortable when he got along with Shen Anxin before, but this time, he felt that something was wrong.

After taking a few steps towards Jiang Zhen, Zhao Jinge almost subconsciously took Jiang Zhen’s hand.

“No. We live here.” Jiang Zhen pointed to his own house and held Zhao Jinge’s hand. Not having the time to care for Shen Anxin.

Zhao Jinge suddenly became so enthusiastic . . . He must have missed him.

This street was full of merchant houses. The Shen family’s house was four or five houses down the street. Jiang Zhen’s men went there before, which was why Shen Anxin felt that Jiang Zhen was looking for him.

Finding that Jiang Zhen did not come here to find him but, in fact, lived here, Shen Anxin became embarrassed, but also surprised. “Although this house has been taken care of, but no one has lived here before. It turned out to be Boss Jiang.”

Jiang Zhen has a good temperament, but there are also some things he couldn’t hide. For example, his relatively rough skin and his hands full of calluses and thin scars. A discerning man knew at glance that he must be used to doing rough work.

Also, all his men knew the origin of his identity.

Shen Anxin had asked about Jiang Zhen before. Although Jiang Zhen’s subordinates praised him, they also revealed that Jiang Zhen was actually an ordinary farmer before.

If that was the case, how did Jiang Zhen buy the house here?

“It hasn’t been many days since I got my hands on this mansion.” Shen Anxin was full of doubts, but Jiang Zhen couldn’t wait to leave. “Young Master Shen, it’s getting late. Let’s talk next time.”

Jiang Zhen nodded to Shen Anxin and led Zhao Jinge into the house.

Shen Anxin looked at his back and wanted to say something, but he didn’t want to just see him and Zhao Jinge hold hands together, which made him feel lost again.

Young Master?” Rumo looked at Shen Anxin in concern.

“Let’s go back,” Shen Anxin said, feeling a little dejected as he went back into his carriage, no longer as happy as before.

The carriage soon stopped in front of Shen house, and as soon as Shen Anxin got out of the carriage, a woman in her forties greeted him.

Although the woman was in her forties, she was still slender and had wrinkles on her face had not damage her beauty.

As soon as she saw Shen Anxin, she asked with concern. “Anxin, how did it go?”

“Mother, I went to see Uncle Jin, and he said he would help me,” Shen Anxin said with a smile. “Mother, there is a party held by the Ministry of Household tomorrow, and Uncle Jin said he would take me there.”

By going there, he would be able to meet a few more people, and isn’t it important to know more people when doing business?

“That’s good, that’s good . . .” Shen’s mother hugged Shen Anxin and said, “It’s good to have someone to help you. Anxin, how come your life is so bitter . . .”

Being hugged by his mother like this, Shen Anxin’s eyes couldn’t help but redden.

Shen’s mother spoke to Shen Anxin with concern and said, “Anxin, I heard that you were robbed of money on the street today?”

“Madam, how would someone try to steal young master’s money? That person was just trying to hurt the young master!” Rumo chimed in and quickly told the whole story, then said, “If it hadn’t been for Master Jiang, the young master would have suffered a great loss this time!”

“It’s actually so . . . Anxin, you need to thank Master Jiang properly.” Mother Shen, looked at her son and couldn’t help shed some tears again. “Anxin, my Anxin . . .”

The mother and the son finally had to hug and then cry.

Zhao Jinge quite admired Shen Anxin, but he didn’t feel at all that Shen Anxin was having a hard time. After all, he was still the eldest young master and didn’t lack anything.

Therefore, he didn’t even think that Shen Anxin was crying at home right then. When he returned home with Jiang Zhen, he could not help but feel a little sour. Then he looked at Jiang Zhen.

The more he looked at Jiang Zhen, the more he liked him. It was estimated that he would not be the only one who liked Jiang Zhen . . . that Shen Anxin, did he have thoughts about Jiang Zhen?

“Jinge, what’s wrong?” Jiang Zhen grabbed Zhao Jinge’s hand and felt it up.

“It’s nothing.” Zhao Jinge said.

He could never tell Jiang Zhen what he just found out! He didn’t want Jiang Zhen to know what that Shen Anxin was thinking.

Thinking like this, he even took the initiative to grab Jiang Zhen’s hand and touch it a few times; the more he touched it, the more he liked it.

Jiang Zhen was so touched that he wanted to take him directly to bed, but he was hungry . . .

“What would you like to eat tonight? What would you like to eat tomorrow morning?” After they went to their room after eating, he would let Zhao Jinge touch everything!

“Anything will do,” Zhao Jing said, not picky at all.

Zhao Jinge really touched Jiang Zhen everywhere that night.

Originally, he was afraid to touch Jiang Zhen, but this time, Jiang Zhen took his hand, asking him to touch him all over.

Then he became more and more sure of one thing—he must not let Jiang Zhen be taken away by others.

The next morning, Li prepared wonton and steamed buns for breakfast for Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge.

The filling of wonton was pork mixed with white rice and chopped green vegetables, each with a thin skin and a large filling.

As for steamed buns, they were not filled with pork. Half of them were filled with mixed tofu, and the other half are wrapped with vermicelli.

In Hecheng County, there were only three kinds of steamed buns: pork, pickled vegetables and bean paste. For the first time, Zhao Jinge knew that tofu and vermicelli could also be used as filling in steamed buns. He felt it was very strange, but he still ate several of them in one sitting.

Jiang Zhen also ate a lot of vegetarian buns. He was afraid that Zhao Jinge would gain weight if he eats too much meat, and the child would be too big to give birth to. He did not dare to give Zhao Jinge more meat so he didn’t eat it either.

After breakfast, they took Wang Haisheng and He Chunsheng to the Zheng family house in the hired carriage.

Of course, what the Zheng family used to entertain merchants was not the main house, but a courtyard nearby.

The courtyard was built after the Zheng family developed and bought the neighbor’s house. There were not many houses in it, but the scenery was excellent. There was no shortage of pavilions, terraces, and rockeries.


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