Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 19.2 – Do you want to kill Wu Heng

——So when the streamer left the live broadcast before, it was to send Wu Heng a private massage?

When Qi Cong saw the comment, he replied, “Yes, I was sending a private message to Wu Heng at that time. Just now, I received a text message. Someone told me that everything was negotiable and that Wu Heng copied my plot framework because his father was seriously ill and he was in urgent need of money, so he had no choice.”

He smiled at this and looked at Wu Heng’s YY. “Had no choice. Using the plot outline and characters from more than two years ago were forced. So was the continuation of Chivalrous Bones also forced?

“Liu Fengyue should have died in the first movie, and the first movie of Chivalrous Bones has already made you a lot of money. Why did you need to change the plot? Why ruin Liu Fengyue’s established character? Why did you trample on my painstaking efforts?”

The comment section exploded again.

——What kind of shit is this? Moral kidnapping?

——Shit, Liu Fengyue should die in the first movie?

——Who sent this message? Who sent this message?

——What? Liu Fengyue should’ve died???

——Suddenly, I understand why only the first book in the Chivalrous series was brilliant. Ah ah I can’t accept Liu Fengyue’s death!

Qi Cong spoke faster and faster, “Writing Chivalrous Bones to make money was forced, then selling the rights to Chivalrous Bones and adapting it into a TV series and even preparing to adapt the second part of Chivalrous Bones, lying after the matter was revealed, and accusing me of plagiarizing you . . . were all of these forced too? Wu Heng, I thought we were friends, and I can try to understand your difficulties, but why did you have to step on my bottom line?”

His cell phone suddenly vibrated again.

Unknown number: “I beg you for Wu Heng. Don’t go on. You are going to destroy him. Don’t you know how easily it is for him to break down?”

Unknown number: “Do you want to kill Wu Heng?”

Qi Cong fell silent and did not speak for a long time.

The live room was so quiet that everyone heard the faint vibration of the mobile phone, and then on-screen comments were posted one by one.

——Is it Water without a Trace bidding again?

——Is it another text message?

——Streamer, what’s the matter with you?

Qi Cong finally moved. He put down his mobile phone and completely lost emotion in his eyes, as he grasped the mouse and opened the remaining documents.

“Wu Heng, you have made many wrong choices . . . We can go from Wu Heng’s third lie. He posted several chat records and identified the person with the ID of Gouache as me. And in response to the stigmatization and post that I plagiarized him, here I can tell you clearly that I am not Gouache. I did not plagiarize him.”

The eighth document opened, and the outline plot analysis document that Wu Heng had sent to Qi Cong appeared in front of everyone.

“Like I said before, I can’t give you chat records that were back filed here because I only screenshotted this analysis document that Wu Heng sent to me for notes without the screenshot of the detailed plot outline that I sent to Wu Heng. Here I would also like to ask Wu Heng, why did you send the analysis document, which was obviously written for the Chivalrous Bones to this person named Gouache first? To how many people did you actually tell the plot of Chivalrous Bones to without me knowing—”

“No.” Wu Heng’s icon suddenly lit up, his tone a little anxious. “I didn’t tell other people. I still know the basic principle of confidentiality. I just—”

Afterwards sounds of grabbing, pulling someone burst from Wu Heng’s ID then a female voice filled with suppressed anger suddenly sounded over Wu Heng’s worried voice, “Enough!”

The female voice was so sharp that it stopped Wu Heng from speaking.

“That is enough. Stop it! Murmuring Water, where do you have the face to blame Wu Heng? At that time when he helped you and instructed you, the Chivalrous Bones of today was made from what you discussed together. Why shouldn’t he write it? Do you know how anxious and worried Wu Heng was when you suddenly canceled your social account? Didn’t you give up on Chivalrous Bones yourself? What, now that we are making money from Chivalrous Bones, you show up again. Are you happy with bullying honest people?”

Qi Cong clenched his fist abruptly.

The comment section in the live room exploded again. That was so disgusting to say. What did she mean by discussing together? Was it not all Wu Heng’s blind suggestions based on the streamer’s plot? There was not a level of the analysis at all. It was all vulgar routines. If it wasn’t for the streamer’s self-restraint, someone else would have deleted Wu Heng!

——So he admitted to plagiarism, right? It’s an admission, right?

Wu Heng voice sounded anxiously: “Little Zhi, don’t say—”

“Even if you let go, I will say it!” The female voice became more and more agitated. “Murmuring Water, don’t you go too far! To put it bluntly, could Chivalrous Bones become popular without Wu Heng? Do you think novels can be written by individuals? No literacy writing, no accumulation, no word-by-word typing? What is the point of having a plot outline and character? There are too many authors who can write a crooked outline. I think you just want to get popular—”

“Are you Gouache?”

A low and beautiful male voice suddenly sounded, interrupting the girl’s words.

Qi Cong dazed looked up at YY.

He saw a random code account at the bottom of the website that he hadn’t noticed before. He didn’t know when it was changed from off microphone to on.

The audience were stunned, and the barrage area was filled with screams after a moment of stagnation.

——Ah ah it’s Gu Gu!

——Wait. What did Gu Xun just say? This woman is Gouache?

——Eating melon was so fascinating that I almost forgot that Gu Xun is also in YY!

——Gu Xun??? I, I have a strong sense of the dimensional wall breaking down.

Gu Xun’s voice continued, “After this incident came out, I inquired a little and learned that Wu Heng had a girlfriend who had been with him for many years. It was said that this girlfriend was Wu Heng’s fan before.”

The female voice stopped talking.

Gu Xun continued, “I took the time to watch Wu Heng’s interview. He once said in an interview that his girlfriend is very supportive of his work, and it helped him a lot to have his girlfriend proofread his original manuscript for him every time before he sent it. This led him to develop a habit of sending whatever he wrote to his girlfriend for proofreading before sending it out. I think this should be the reason why Wu Heng sent the plot analysis document of Chivalrous Bone to Gouache at the beginning.”

At this time, some old readers finally remembered this in the comment area.

——Yes yes, I remember. Wu Heng once mentioned that his girlfriend would proofread the manuscript for him.

——Wait! I remember Wu Heng’s girlfriend once said in the reader group that she had a little Penguin account that she used to record her daily love relationship, and that was how she hooked up with Wu Heng at the time.

The female voice suddenly opened her mouth again, slightly flustered, “I am not Gouache! Gu Xun, Wu Heng has never offended you. Why do you do this to him? You—”

“Then Murmuring Water had never offended Wu Heng. Why do you and Wu Heng bully him so much? Is it because he is young, simple, and sincere to others?”

Qi Cong stared at Gu Xun’s YY, when a small flower suddenly bloomed in a corner of his originally numb heart.

Gu Xun was still speaking, his tone slow and leisurely, exactly the same as when he questioned Wu Heng the other day.

“Who says that Wu Heng didn’t offend me? As I said before, I have a friend who reads novels and he happened to be the reader of Murmuring Water. He likes Murmuring Water very much, and I attach great importance to this friend of mine. So when Wu Heng bullied Murmuring Water and made my friend uncomfortable, he offended me.”

The low pressure spread slowly as Gu Xun spoke, making the comment area that was original full of screams gradually quiet down.

“I really don’t understand why you can be so justified.” Gu Xun’s voice became even lower, sounding very beautiful but also very cold. “Because of your guidance, you can steal things as a matter of course? Can stolen goods be legalized because of a little effort put into stealing? Because it has affected your interests, does even the legitimate protection of the rights of the victims become harmful to you? The whole world is on your side, and the victim doesn’t deserve an apology, does he?”

The comment section was completely empty, and no one posted on the barrage.

“You are actually questioning why Murmuring Water came out at this time. Does it mean that when defenders want to protect their rights, they have to ask your opinions first?”

Gu Xun suddenly sighed. “You . . . first plagiarize then quibble and then try to bribe the victims, hiring a water army to make it difficult for the victims to protect their rights . . . Do you think that if you bully Murmuring Water, you could cover up the ugly things you have done? No, it won’t. A lot of people will remember what you did. For example, Nantian, great god of literature, remembers that Wu Heng once wrote a post about Murmuring Water. For example, the person in charge of Jiangtianwang’s old website can recover all the data of the old website of, including the deleted posts on the forum. For example . . . me.

“I will always remember the name of Wu Heng. As an actor and an investor in the film and television industry, I don’t want any work suspected of plagiarism in my working environment, so I don’t want the name of Wu Heng to exist in my working environment.

Shen Jia gasped. By saying this, Gu Xun was trying to use his influence to completely seal off Wu Heng. So good, so cruel . . . He loved it! He looked sideways at Qi Cong, his eyes sparkling, desperately encouraging him to speak quickly.

The Gu Xun who was different from his memory but at the same time just like before—he always helped him and protected him unconditionally. Qi Cong returned to his senses, suppressing his mood’s up and down before approaching the microphone. His Adam’s apple rolled several times before he squeezed out his own voice.

“Thank you . . . Mr. Gu. Don’t be angry.”

The frozen atmosphere in the live broadcast thawed rapidly. Gu Xun’s tone went from wintry to spring-like as he gently replied, “You’re welcome. This is what I should do. I’m not angry either because these people are not worth it either. Don’t be angry with them. The future is still long. What belongs to you will eventually come back to you.”

The future is still long.

Qi Cong tried to ignore the gazes of Shen Jia and Zhao Zhenxun on both his sides and looked at Wu Heng’s YY, who hidden in a murky uproar, and he finally said, “Wu Heng, I was wrong about the sudden cancellation of the social account that year. I’m sorry. Also thank you for your guidance. That’s it. I have nothing more to say to you. This is the end of today’s confrontation. Mr. Gu Xun, thank you again for your help, and thank you to everyone who kept watching until now. Thank you very much. Goodbye.”

“Little Murmuring . . .” Wu Heng’s voice sounded vaguely as if he was apologizing.

Qi Cong, who was about to exit the YY room, stopped then nodded firmly.


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