TOFUH – Chapter 84.2 – Rescuing a group of people

With that, Jiang Zhen pointed to the fat man and said, “Of course, if you can pay us as much as this man, then you are the employers of our escort agency. Not only do you not have to work, but I will treat you well before sending you home.”

Among these people, some of them were as well-off as this fat man and could afford to hire him for money. They didn’t want to work, so they came out one after another to say where their home was and what they did and asked Jiang Zhen to escort them home.

Jiang Zhen took out a pen and paper to register these people and said that they were already the employers of the Jinzhen Escort Agency. If it was on the way, he will send them home as soon as possible. If it wasn’t, they would need to wait.

These people had been tortured by the pirates, so how could they disagree now? Hearing Jiang Zhen say so, they all agreed.

Not all of them were rich and the vast majority of men had been ordinary crew members before, so after eating, they went to work obediently.

But those women and gers . . .

“The women and gers can carry lighter stuff, and if they are pregnant, they do not need to work.” Jiang Zhen was still very tolerant of these women and gers.

Many people around Jiang Zhen saw that Zhao Jinge train and worked with them. When they were in the countryside, women also needed to work in the fields. Therefore, none of them felt it was wrong when Jiang Zhen said such words.

In fact, after they were kidnapped by the pirates, they had to work, wash clothes, cook, and grow vegetables . . . It was a lot of work.

Those days were hard, but they all survived. Now they did not need to be spoiled, and it was really nothing to do some work.

But . . . among these saved women and gers, there were a few women and gers who were particularly good-looking and even very beautiful.

They looked very good even after they were kidnapped by the pirates; some of them followed the regular pirates while the others even directly followed the pirate leader and were served by others, but now. . . this guy told them to move the goods?

These people were suddenly dumbfounded, and one of them who was more daring, dressed in bright clothes and with even some rouge smeared on her face looked at Jiang Zhen pitifully.

“Master, this slave is not in good health . . .”

Amid the movement of her eyes, she also winked at Jiang Zhen.

This woman was originally engaged in the business of the flesh. She originally intended to turn into a good person, and so, hooked up with a businessman who later redeemed her, and she planned to follow the businessman home to become his concubine, but she was unlucky and was robbed on the way.

Others were crying, but she thought about the way to live. She did not cry or make noise. As soon as she caught the attention of the pirate leader, she actually had a good life.

She has no ability to live alone. Who knows what would happen to her? Naturally, she made up her mind to follow Jiang Zhen and even wanted to hook up with this person, who was obviously the leader.

And the result, Jiang Zhen never looked at her or said anything and now . . . he wanted her to move the goods?

There was nothing this woman could do about it, so she took the initiative to speak.

When he was called out and heard the four words “not in good health,” Jiang Zhen remembered something and stopped the remaining women and gers. “Wait a moment”

“Lord . . . ,” the woman who had just called out Jiang Zhen looked at him eagerly.

“Are there any of you who are good at serving people?” Jiang Zhen asked.

“Lord, I am good at it!” the woman hurriedly said when she heard Jiang Zhen was looking for someone to serve him.

And is there anyone better at this job than her?

“No women.” Seeing this woman, Jiang Zhen frowned. He was looking for someone to take care of Zhao Jinge, but the women in front of him did not meet his requirements at all.

Although his aesthetic appreciation for gers was different from that of the people of this time, his aesthetic for women was still normal.

This woman has big breasts and buttocks; she looked good and could dress up. She was one of the most beautiful women he has seen since he transmigrated, so how could he feel at ease when such a woman would be beside Zhao Jinge?

Gers could also marry a wife!

It turned out that he liked gers! The woman glared at Jiang Zhen, feeling suffocated in her heart.

“Do you have a ger who knows how to serve others?” Jiang Zhen asked again.

There were a few gers who did not want to be spoiled and hide behind other people, and there were also two gers who didn’t care about that anymore and walked out with an extra twist to their buttocks.

Jiang Zhen: “. . .”

Jiang Zhen suddenly realized that these people seemed to have misunderstood his meaning. “My wife is a ger. I need to find someone to serve him . . . Don’t need to look good!”

Zhao Jinge always thought that He Qiusheng was very good-looking. What if he fell in love with one of this enchanting ger?

The faces of these two gers who come closer changed. What the hell! This man wasn’t looking for someone to serve him but for someone to serve his wife!

Jiang Zhen originally wanted to find an older ger who could take care of people, but as a result, he swept his gaze around and found that among those people, there was one exceptionally thin and dark one.

This child looked underage, and he estimated he could one be twelve or thirteen years old, and there was a thirty-something, extremely ordinary-looking woman holding him.

“You two show me your hands . . . What did you used to do?” Jiang Zhen asked.

“I’m the cook.” The woman was disturbed, and the hands she and the boy had stretched out together were covered in thick calluses and burns.

They were a mother and son who had been kept together by the pirates because the woman was a good cook and had insisted that her son needed to help her.

“Just the two of you,” Jiang Zhen said.

He had only wanted one person to take care of Zhao Jinge, but now that he thought about it . . . it wouldn’t be bad to have two.

After choosing the person who would take care of Zhao Jinge, Jiang Zhen waved his hand and sent the remaining woman and gers to move things.

The fat man named Luo Tianzhi, who became so thin because of hunger that his skin sagged, glanced at Jiang Zhen with envy in his eyes.

Some of the women in the bandit village were very good-looking, but Jiang Zhen did not look at any of them. It must be that his wife was even more beautiful.

Jiang Zhen’s subordinates looked at Jiang Zhen, a little tangled. Their boss was too unsympathetic. How could he let such delicate women and gers work?

However . . . after seeing these women and gers dilly-dallying, unable to even carry a small bag of rice, these people became silent again.

It was really useless to be just good-looking. If they really marry someone like this, won’t they need to pay someone to serve them, right?

It took Jiang Zhen a day to get the money and valuable goods moved from the pirate village to several boats belonging to the pirates, then they boarded these boats and headed towards Zheng Yi’s fleet.

Before going there, he also asked Wang Haisheng to find a small boat and take people familiar with the terrain to go report the pirate situation to the Yamen.

Previously, when Jiang Zhen told them to only tie up these pirates and didn’t kill them, He Chunsheng felt it was quite strange, but now when he heard what Jiang Zhen was planning to do, he understood what was going on . . .

Just . . . “Boss, if you’re going to report it, why don’t you leave those guys behind?”

If they were going to report it anyway, it would be okay to let the captives stay, right? The yamen will arrange something for them.

“I’m short on people.”

Jiang Zhen looked at He Chunsheng. He needed someone to help him sail the boats, and Zheng Yi’s side was also short of sailors. In such a situation, of course, he couldn’t leave anyone behind.

As for reporting to the government. . . If those pirates were not dealt with sooner or later, they would gather again. He was not homicidal nor did he have an interest in killing all these people. Of course, it would be better to let the government deal with them.

If the officials were corrupt and didn’t take care of things . . . then it wouldn’t be something he could manage.

There were no big ships belonging to the pirates, but some of them were still good. In order to accommodate everyone, Jiang Zhen chose a total of seven fairly big ships.

In order not to let Zheng Yi’s fleet misunderstand, Jiang Zhen sent a small boat to inform them in advance.

The boat was very fast and came back soon after the announcement. In the bow of the boat, Zhao Jinge was standing.


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