TOFUH – Chapter 88.2 – Reaching the Capital

The more Jiang Zhen thought about it, the more anxious he became. Then he finally decided to go to Dr. Hu’s place to ask.

When Jiang Zhen went to Dr. Hu, Zhao Jinge looked at the walnut cake in his hand with some confusion. If he was pregnant, he would not be able to eat and drink well? Why did Jiang Zhen stop him from eating after learning that he was pregnant?

Although gers, or a woman, in his village could eat something good when they are pregnant; however, they could only eat eggs with some meat, which were not as good as what he usually ate.

Zhao Jinge vomited badly in the morning, but it was all right at the moment, so he didn’t pay attention to it any longer. He didn’t feel like vomiting at all but felt very hungry instead.

After eating the walnut cake and waiting for a while, the cook’s son brought him breakfast. However, Jiang Zhen was still nowhere to be seen.

Zhao Jinge waited for a while, but Jiang Zhen didn’t come back, so he decided to eat first.

Jiang Zhen sent people to buy a lot of things yesterday, so the ship now had a much wider variety of ingredients, making the breakfast very rich.

The cook cooked porridge, which was filled with green leaves and shrimps that smelled very good. In addition, she mixed two cold dishes and made pancakes.

The thin pancakes with scrambled eggs and bean sprouts and cucumbers look very attractive because the eggs were fried in peanut oil and did not trigger Zhao Jinge at all.

One mouthful of pancakes, one mouthful of porridge, and a few mouthfuls of cold dishes, Zhao Jinge almost ate Jiang Zhen’s share. But he finished eating, and Jiang Zhen still hadn’t returned.

Jiang Zhen was still with Dr. Hu at that time, asking him about all kinds of matters that need to be paid attention to during pregnancy.

When Dr. Hu first saw that Jiang Zhen really came to find him, he was very happy and told Jiang Zhen that, as long as he taught him how to sew wounds, he would help Jiang Zhen take care of Zhao Jinge.

After Jiang Zhen agreed, he became even happier and decided to teach Jiang Zhen the method of taking care of her pregnant husband.

As it happened . . . Jiang Zhen asked too many and too detailed questions! He was good at treating injuries, not obstetrics. There are some things he really didn’t know! Dr. Hu found that he couldn’t answer many questions at all and wanted to beg for mercy, but Jiang Zhen kept asking.

“Shouldn’t you go back and keep an eye on your wife?” Dr. Hu finally couldn’t stand it. “He just got pregnant and needs someone to watch over him.”

“Yes . . . I am going to keep an eye on him in a little bit . . .” Jiang Zhen had already asked enough questions, and then, he suddenly stood up and went out. After leaving the cabin, he began to run.

Zheng Yi, who was having breakfast, was surprised to see this from the window of his cabin. What happened to Jiang Zhen? Why was he so unstable?

As he was thinking this, he saw a scene that was even more unbelievable, Jiang Zhen he even ……

Zhao Jinge didn’t like going out much before because he thought his nausea was problematic, and he didn’t want to vomit in front of others. But now, knowing he was pregnant, he no longer cared.

Even subconsciously, he wanted others to see him vomiting.

When people see it, they would ask him, and then he would be able to tell other people that he was pregnant…

Zhao Jinge was eager to show off, but when he just got out of the door and felt the wind outside, he felt refreshed and didn’t feel like vomiting at all.

He felt a little lost when, suddenly, someone came to him and said, “Zhao Jinge, it’s not good. Jiang Zhen has fallen into the river.”

Jiang Zhen fell into the river.

When he came out from Dr. Hu, he was still in a trance. As a result, he stepped on an unfixed board because he didn’t pay attention, slipping and falling down into the river.

Both ships were in the river, and the people on board had to go back and forth between the two ships using the plank placed between ships.

If the two ships were of the same height, you could just put up the plank casually, but Zheng Yi’s ship was taller than Jiang Zhen’s.

If the plank between the two ships were not fixed well and if the crosser wasn’t paying close attention to it, it might still be okay. But if the crosser paid no attention at all, they couldn’t react in time when the entire plank would slide.

For example, this time, Jiang Zhen only ran two steps when the plank slipped off the main ship, making Jiang Zhen fall into the river.


“How did Jiang Zhen fall into the river?”

“Bring the rope ladder!”


. . .


People hurriedly fished Jiang Zhen out of the river.

When Jiang Zhen, who fell into the river, came up, he didn’t look angry or embarrassed at all. He wiped his face and even laughed out loud.

This was . . . stimulation?

“Jiang Zhen, what’s going on?” Zheng Yi, who brought people over, couldn’t help asking.

“Jinge is pregnant, and I’m a little happy,” Jiang Zhen said. After his fall into the river, he returned to his senses and couldn’t help laughing.

He’s going to be a father! He was going to have a baby! Although he was still worried, he became even happier right then.

Zhao Jinge was thinking about vomiting to let others know that he was pregnant, but Jiang Zhen just said it like that, so now everyone knew that he was pregnant.

He also knew that, because he was pregnant, Jiang Zhen was very happy and fell into the river . . . Why was this statement so strange?

Zhao Jinge has no experience with pregnancy. He was pregnant, but he was also a little worried and afraid, afraid that he would do something wrong and hurt the baby. However, some of Jiang Zhen’s performances were too exaggerated, which made all of his fears and worries disappear.

“Different bed . . . I haven’t seen anyone in our village who is pregnant with a child and is not sleeping in a separate bed. The worst-case scenario they will not do that ……”

“A bird nest? ( edible bird’s nest – What’s the point of eating such expensive food? Having an egg is good enough . . . It’s not enough eating fish and eggs for every meal?”

“I can walk steadily on this deck . . . At least I haven’t fallen into the river like you.”


. . .


Most of the time, Zhao Jinge was willing to follow Jiang Zhen, but there are some things he opposed when . . . Jiang Zhen was exaggerating.

A few days ago, he was all about making love, but since then, he wanted to sleep on separate beds?

He really liked to eat sweet food recently, and the more Jiang Zhen refused to give it to him, the more he wanted to eat it.

“Jinge, it is easy to get fat if you eat too much sweets,” Jiang Zhen advised. It was not that he didn’t want to give Zhao Jinge food; it was just that Zhao Jinge . . . was too good at eating it.

Zhao Jinge could eat a kilo of pastries in no time, and if he didn’t watch over him, he would definitely have a problem at stopping from eating.

Fish, shrimp, and eggs are high in protein and low in fat. He wanted Zhao Jinge to eat more and forget about sweets.

“It’s okay to become fat when you’re pregnant,” Zhao Jinge said.

“What if you won’t be able to lose weight in the future?” Jiang Zhen asked again.

Hearing it, Zhao Jinge froze. If he were to become a big, fat man . . . would Jiang Zhen still like him?

Zhao Jinge immediately stopped eating the small portion of dessert allowed by Jiang Zhen.

Of course, there was a reason for this . . . After confirming that he was actually pregnant, he stopped throwing up. A few days later, he also stopped feeling sick at the smell of the meat. Then he found out he actually preferred meat to sweets and wanted to eat all kinds of meat.

It was a pity that . . . Jiang Zhen only allowed him to eat chicken, duck, lean meat but did not allow him to eat any type of fattier meat.

Zhao Jinge felt a little depressed but even more happy.

Jiang Zhen watched him eat all day long and was concerned about him. Which woman in the village could say that her husband cared about her so much? How about gers?

Zhao Jinge also knew that Jiang Zhen was doing it for his own good, and if Jiang Zhen didn’t let him eat, he really shouldn’t eat it. He also walked forty laps around the ship every day according to Jiang Zhen’s request.

In fact, he really wanted to finish the whole thing fast by running, but Jiang Zhen asked him to walk twenty laps in the morning and twenty laps in the afternoon . . . Just walking; it was actually nothing.

When he left, there would always be someone congratulating him. Although they couldn’t see it on his face, he was still very happy. At the moment, everything was pleasing to the eye except for those gers and women who wanted to hit on Jiang Zhen!

Ten days after Zhao Jinge was found to be pregnant, Zheng Yi’s fleet finally arrived at its destination, the capital.

The fleet could not enter the city, so they stopped at a dock outside the city. After they stopped, someone came to pick up Zheng Yi. After the Zheng family on the capital side received the news of Zheng Yi’s arrival in the capital, they kept sending people to keep an eye on the docks. So the moment Zheng Yi’s fleet arrived, they knew.


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