TOFUH – Chapter 79.2 – Jiang Zhen’s medical skill

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Zhao Jinge felt this vaguely and could not help being a little happy. But soon he suppressed it and began to fight with the pirates who were still onboard. Even when his arms were sore, he did not put down the bamboo pole in his hand.

There were not many pirates climbing onto the main ship remaining. In addition, Lu Da and his men, who had been guarding Zheng Yi’s side before, joined the fight, so before long, all the pirates on the ship had been cleaned up.

At this time, the freebooters on the river had almost all retreated, and their main ship had been burned down, but there was still some news from there from time to time.

Zheng Yi breathed a sigh of relief. He began to direct his people to clean up the battlefield and asked Lu Da to take people to several nearby ships for support.

Before, everyone was nervous, and there was nothing but shouting happening on the ship, but now . . .

“Third! Wake up, Old Three . . .” One sailor held another sailor in his arms and shouted over and over again.

The sailor he was holding was slashed at the neck. Although his head did not fall off, he bled out a long time ago, so it was naturally impossible for him to respond to this cry, but his comrade tried to straighten his head over and over again.

After a long time, he still couldn’t get it right, so he hugged the man and began to cry sadly.

The teenager in charge of food distribution in the kitchen pounced on the side of the boat and cried out to the dark river, “Dad! Dad! Dad, answer me! Dad!”

His voice, which was already in the middle of changing, sounded even worse, and though he was already hoarse from all that shouting, he still shouted over and over again. Unfortunately, the fat cook who would secretly leave some delicious food for him, it was now impossible for him to call out, “Good boy” right then.

One of Lu Da’s men, who had troubled Zhao Jinge before, had his stomach cut open when he fought with the pirates, and now his intestines spewed out. He covered his stomach and cried in pain, as his companions accompanied him, but he could only keep crying.

“You go back and tell my wife to find another person to marry . . . We haven’t even had a child yet. I’m going to die. It’s not worth it . . . I . . . ,” the man who was covering his stomach said and cried again.

There weren’t many bandits climbing up the main ship, and Zhao Jinge’s men were all gathered in a pile, so no one died, but still, several of them were injured.

The most serious among them were two villagers from Hexi who had joined Jiang Zhen’s team not too long ago and were just ordinary farmers rather than thugs. This time, even though they were arranged to work with people with fighting experience, they were still injured in the confusion.

One of them was stabbed on the side of his waist, and the blood was not stopping, and another had his leg cut so deep that the bone was visible.

Zhao Jinge found this only when everything was over. He was surprised and immediately found the doctor who had treated him before.

“It’s hopeless.” The doctor glanced at the two men and said that without thinking about it.

Basically, such injuries cannot be saved. Even if they try to save them, it would only be a waste of medicinal materials.

In other words, the patients with relatively minor injuries might not survive after they were patched up.

Some of Zhao Jinge’s men immediately began to cry, but the two men were already in a daze and could not speak.

Both of them were from the same village as Zhao Jinge. When they suddenly heard that they were going to die, Zhao Jinge could not recover from it, and his face paled.

The battle had gone on for nearly two hours. It was early summer, and the morning light had already started to shine in the east.

Zheng Yi’s servant boy came to appease the people according to Zheng Yi’s orders. Seeing Zhao Jinge’s ugly face in the morning light, he said, “For all people who died, Master Zheng will give fifty silver to their families. Jiang Zhen performed well, and Master Zheng said he would add another five hundred silver to the originally negotiated reward . . .”

Zhao Jinge pursed his lips and said nothing. He had just been trying to hold on, but now . . .

The heavy smell of blood made Zhao Jinge nauseous while the cries of the people around him also made him feel sick and flustered.

Also, Jiang Zhen hadn’t returned yet, so he didn’t know how he was doing.

“A boat is coming over!” someone suddenly shouted.

Zhao Jinge hurriedly went to the side of the ship and also noticed that a boat was coming their way.

The people on the main ship were frightened by those pirates and were on guard, but Zhao Jinge immediately distinguished the person standing on the bow of the boat.

“It’s Jiang Zhen!” Zhao Jinge went to the side of the ship and looked down excitedly.

The one who returned was indeed Jiang Zhen.

After capturing that pirate leader, Jiang Zhen wanted to use him to threaten those pirates, but he soon realized that it wasn’t a good idea. The main reason was that it was too chaotic, and everyone didn’t quite understand their language well. Moreover, those pirates had already retreated before he could threaten them with their leader . . .

So the pirate leader was of no use, and Jiang Zhen wanted to kill him but suddenly found that the pirate leader he had captured also had some loyal subordinates, and all of them were brave and good at fighting.

Jiang Zhen could only bring the pirate leader to fight with these men, and it took a lot of time for Jiang Zhen to return until now.

Hearing Zhao Jinge’s voice from the ship, Jiang Zhen was relieved, and before the small boat could come completely close to the big ship, he had already jumped from the bow and grabbed the rope ladder, and then began to climb up.

“Jinge, are you okay?” Once he got on the ship, Jiang Zhen asked anxiously.

“I’m fine,” Zhao Jinge said, but his eyes were sore.

Seeing Jiang Zhen, those fearful emotions that he had pushed down came out.

When Jiang Zhen looked at Zhao Jinge, he knew that he was indeed fine. “It’s good that you are fine.”

“Jiang Zhen, someone is going to die,” Zhao Jinge said, his voice changing a little.

Jiang Zhen had expected some casualties, but he had thought that the main ship would be much safer . . .

“Show me,” Jiang Zhen said.

Zhao Jinge hurriedly brought Jiang Zhen to the two injured villagers from Hexi.

There were companions who helped these two men press the wound to stop the bleeding, but they already lost a lot of blood. Now their faces were so white, they looked like ghosts.

This kind of injury, in modern times, as long as they were sent to the hospital in time, would be all right, but in this time period . . . Jiang Zhen simply looked at it and realized how critical the situation was.

“Boss, the doctor said he can only wait for death,” Jiang Ming said; there was a sob in his voice.

He was quite excited when he was fighting just then, but at the moment, he became afraid.

“Jinge, go and get some needle and thread!” Jiang Zhen said, and told the others, “Go and get the stove and clean water. Also come here to boil water!”

There was a special stove on board to cook things, but what was the purpose of boiling water at this time? Even if he was thirsty, he should just endure it.

Everyone was a bit puzzled, but Jiang Zhen said, “I’ll try to see if I can save them.”

Jiang Zhen didn’t know anything about medicine, but people like him had learned a bit about dealing with injuries, even to increase their own chances of survival. They also went to school specifically to learn how to stitch up wounds.

Jiang Zhen didn’t know anything about surgery or medicine, but he knew how to stitch up an external wound.

Although there was a lack of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drugs, both of them were already sentenced to death by the doctor, so he might as well try to treat them.


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