TOFUH – Chapter 75.2 – He is a ger

When Zheng Yi came over, he saw that the group of people he had raised had been beaten to tears.

“Stop it!” Zheng Yi shouted.

Zheng Yi’s men dared to find trouble with Jiang Zhen’s men, but they absolutely didn’t dare to not listen to Zheng Yi, so when Zheng Yi shouted, they immediately stopped fighting.

“Stop it!” Jiang Zhen shouted too, and as soon as his words fell, the men under him also stopped.

“Everybody on the deck. All of you!” Zheng Yi frowned, and Jiang Zhen followed, but instead of going to the deck, he went into his cabin.

Zhao Jinge was really inside.

Soon after the start of the fight between Zhao Jinge and the others, Wang Haisheng and the He brothers had come over. These three knew how important he was to Jiang Zhen and naturally didn’t dare to let him get hurt, so they had rushed over to protect him. Therefore, although Zhao Jinge had swollen eyes and had received several pinches on his body, it was no big deal. In fact, the people who fought with them looked even more miserable.

“Jinge, are you alright?” Worried, Jiang Zhen rushed to Zhao Jinge’s side.

“I’m fine,” Zhao Jinge said. He was still trying to say something but was hugged by Jiang Zhen.

This . . . There were so many people here, but Jiang Zhen still rushed to hug him! Zhao Jinge was startled and felt a bit shy, but he was reluctant to push Jiang Zhen away.

The person who had just been scratched on the face by Zhao Jinge and kicked in a place that made him see stars couldn’t help saying, “Damn it! What’s going on?”

The man who had beaten them so badly was actually cuddling with that Jiang Zhen . . .

“What are they doing?”

Jiang Zhen was not a sticky person and only hugged Zhao Jinge in excitement. As a result, just as he was letting go of Jinge, he heard some person say such a sentence, so without thinking, he punched that person in the face.

The man roared angrily and was about to hit Jiang Zhen, but Zheng Yi was already at the door of the cabin by this time.

“All of you come out!”

In a moment, everyone gathered on the deck of the ship.

Outside, those who came from the Zheng mansion hadn’t been beaten very badly, but mainly pushed and shoved. Except for a few people who had been beaten up by Jiang Zhen after he arrived, most of them were intact. But those who first went to mess with Zhao Jinge as well as Zhao Jinge, Wang Haisheng and the He brothers, they all looked a bit miserable.

In contrast, those who took the initiative to pick a fight were even more miserable. Several of them had blood on their faces, while others, their crotches felt so painful that they were showing their teeth in a grimace.

“What’s going on?” Zheng Yi asked.

He was not going to observe those people; he would only feel pain after seeing too much . . .

The first person who was hit in the nose and kicked by Zhao Jinge was Lu Da. This Lu Da was one of the people from the Zheng family, and he was very skillful. Zheng Yi’s father had trained him and made him responsible for the safety of the goods coming and going to the Zheng family. When Zheng Yi wanted to go out, he would always lead the people to protect him, so he had some face in front of Zheng Yi.

At this moment, Lu Da actually regretted it a bit. He went to pick on Zhao Jinge because he wanted Zheng Yi to know that he and his men were much better than Jiang Zhen’s men, but now . . . With them being beaten up like this, he was afraid that Zheng Yi would be disappointed in them.

The people around this Jiang Zhen really had some skill! However, since he was already humiliated, it was better to take down this man properly!

Lu Da immediately said, “Young Master Zheng, it was the one with the scar on his forehead that hit me first! He knocked over a bucket and I only said a few words when he came up and hit me!”

“Is that true?” Zheng Yi asked and looked at Zhao Jinge.

“No. It was him who rushed into my cabin and kicked over the bucket of water!” Zhao Jinge argued, glancing somewhat uneasily at Zheng Yi. He was afraid that he would get Jiang Zhen into trouble.

“You’re full of shit!” Lu Da said immediately.

The people around Lu Da also spoke one after another, “Master Zheng, he started it first!”

“He hit hard!”

“We all got beaten up by him!”

The more these people spoke, the more they felt aggrieved, all of them hoping that Zheng Yi would make the decision for them. Although it was a bit humiliating to not be able to hit back, they were all so miserable, so Master Zheng couldn’t help but give them the go ahead, right?

Zheng Yi looked at these people and the corners of his mouth twitched. He had met Zhao Jinge before. This man could sit quietly on the side for an afternoon without saying a word and was by no means a troublemaker, not to mention that he was a ger. Knowing this, it was impossible for him to provoke a group of men, so today it was mainly Lu Da and the rest who wanted to teach others a lesson, but as a result . . .

“Shut up, all of you!” Zheng Yi said. “A bunch of big men who went to find trouble with a ger and got beaten up like this, and you still think you’re justified, don’t you?”

Zheng Yi felt quite ashamed at this moment. The man under him was beaten like this by a ger . . .

Lu Da suddenly froze. Ger? Where did the ger come from?

They were going to cry that Zhao Jinge’s actions were too sinister, but now . . . looking at Zhao Jinge, they suddenly had a feeling that they had seen a ghost. So this was a ger with a cinnabar mole? He didn’t look like a ger, and his cinnabar mole was dug out. This person had done it intentionally, right? But . . . just now he was cleaning the cabin. Only a ger would do it.

Lu Da and the others were stunned, and his other underlings were also confused.

Just then, Jiang Zhen also stepped out. “Young Master Zheng, I want to have a discussion with these people.”

Was Jiang Zhen trying to teach them a lesson under the pretext of having a discussion with them? Zheng Yi agreed, “Yes.”

Lu Da’s men had been doing too well in recent years and become a little arrogant, so they should be taught a lesson!

With Zheng Yi’s permission, Jiang Zhen immediately walked up to the people in front of him and said, “All of you, come out.” He pointed at Lu Da and several people around him, about seven or eight men.

These were the people staying in his cabin that Jiang Zhen had seen earlier.

“You’re going to beat up a bunch of us all by yourself?” Lu Da asked.

“Yes,” Jiang Zhen said.

Lu Da’s eyes lit up instantly. Before, the space in the cabin was too small, and Zhao Jinge was hiding in the corner. They couldn’t round him up and suffered a loss, but now . . .

At that moment, Lu Da and the others were eager to regain some of their face, so they stood up and rushed towards Jiang Zhen regardless of the pain in their bodies . . . Then, they were all knocked down by Jiang Zhen even more fiercely than when they fought with Zhao Jinge just now.

Lu Da was beaten down to the deck and only felt that his face had been completely lost.

Who was Master Zheng? There must be a reason why he valued Jiang Zhen, and this Jiang Zhen definitely had some real skill. Why didn’t he think about it before and still went to provoke Jiang Zhen?

“Young Master Zheng, I’m sorry but my ger was surrounded and beaten. I can’t control the strength of my hand . . . ” Jiang Zhen said, facing Zheng Yi.

Zheng Yi had heard Yang Jing talk about how powerful Jiang Zhen was before, but he always thought that Jiang Zhen was just a bit stronger than ordinary people. He really didn’t expect Jiang Zhen to be so powerful. Of course, it was still good for him that Jiang Zhen was powerful.

After clapping his hands, Zheng Yi smiled and said, “Brother Jiang is really something!” Then he looked at Lu Da and the rest. “Lu Da, take your men, clean the ship and give up your cabin to Jiang Zhen. These people under you should also go to sleep in the common bunk room, and the cabins will be arranged by Jiang Zhen for his men.”

Although Zheng Yi valued Jiang Zhen before, he only gave him an ordinary cabin, while Lu Da lived in a relatively larger cabin with windows located on the upper floor.

Lu Da suddenly felt a bit stifled. Before, he was angry that Jiang Zhen’s cabin was not given to his men, but now . . . his own cabin became Jiang Zhen’s!

“Jiang Zhen, I have a doctor on board. Take your ger to him to have a look,” Zheng Yi said again and then left.

“Thank you, Master Zheng,” Jiang Zhen thanked him and took Zhao Jinge away.

Lu Da looked at Zhao Jinge’s back and then looked at his part that was still slightly sore where he was kicked. He once again felt ashamed and speechless. “It turned out he was a ger!”

“Yes . . . it turned out he was a ger . . . I guess I won’t be able to be so hard on a ger for the rest of my life,” Lu Da’s right-hand man said.

The other people with bruised faces nodded.


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