TOFUH – Chapter 75.1 – He is a ger

With the exception of Jiang Zhen, Zhao Jinge had almost never fought with anyone. Because the cabin was very hot, many of them were bare-chested, which made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

Because of this, after the initial punch that injured their leader, Zhao Jinge was forced to back off several steps into the corner of the cabin. The cabin was not big, and if he were to be surrounded by several people, he would not escape being beaten up!

Zhao Jinge became anxious and suddenly thought of the various techniques Jiang Zhen had taught him over the past two months.

While other people only learned how to hold a bamboo pole and stab with it repeatedly, he learned a lot of skills. Jiang Zhen taught him those skills in the hope that he would not be bullied.

Gritting his teeth, Zhao Jinge raised his head and suddenly kicked towards the man in front of him, hitting him directly in the lower abdomen, right on that spot.

It was true that Jiang Zhen had taught Zhao Jinge a lot of fighting techniques, but since the main thing that he taught Zhao Jinge was real-life fighting, the first thing he taught Zhao Jinge was . . . the wolf-prevention technique.

The wolf-prevention technique was also considered a quick combat skill. Jiang Zhen didn’t like to use it himself, but he taught it to Zhao Jinge and even let Zhao Jinge practice it on him.

For example, during the twenty days or so they had lived on the ship, Jiang Zhen let Zhao Jinge use the wolf-prevention technique against him, and then he blocked all of his moves and played with Zhao Jinge using extremely gentle movements like a monkey stealing peaches and other things . . .

Zhao Jinge and Jiang Zhen basically did not use their strength when they fought, and Jiang Zhen knew this skill well, so he had never been successful with this wolf-prevention technique, but the people in front of him were different.

Zhao Jinge tried his best at the moment, and these people simply did not expect him to use such vicious tricks.

The big man whose nose had been broken by Zhao Jinge earlier had his whole face already covered in blood. Now that he was hit hard, he immediately started jumping up in place, clutching his crotch and startling the other people present.

After the initial shock, they looked even more threateningly at Zhao Jinge.

The cabin was very small and, in fact, not very suitable for a group fight. The first person who was kicked by Zhao Jinge more or less blocked the route for the others to rush at him, saving Zhao Jinge, who was already leaning against the corner, from being surrounded at once.

Zhao Jinge knew very well that if he weren’t ruthless, he would definitely take a beating. There was nothing wrong with taking a beating, but he was a ger. If he was beaten by a group of men, his reputation wouldn’t be good at all!

Thinking this way, Zhao Jinge became vicious and began attacking the people before him with all his might, using all kinds of wolf-prevention techniques alternately.

Some men might find that using these tricks was too demeaning, but when Zhao Jinge used them, there was no psychological barrier at all.

He was a ger.

“This boy is too insidious!”

“He must be taught a lesson!”

“How dare you kick me? Do you want to die?”

“My eyes! Ah!”


. . .

Zhao Jinge’s battle results could be called glorious, but in the end, he was only a single person against a bunch of men.

Although he knocked down several people, he took several punches as well . . . Zhao Jinge used one hand to scratch a man’s face and, immediately after, received a punch on the eye.

The pain made Zhao Jinge grow more and more ferocious. At that moment, Wang Haisheng and the He brothers who had tidied up their accommodations also came over.

Jiang Zhen was called by Zheng Yi to talk about the cards, and Zheng Yi also told him some things about the capital city.

It was at this moment that Jiang Zhen learned that the emperor of Daqi was a seven-year-old puppet and that it was the empress dowager, in the shadow, who made all the decisions.

It was obvious that the Zheng family was not one of those people who would say, “Women can usurp a man’s power only at home,” and then get into a fight with the empress dowager, because Zheng Yi indicated that they wanted to please the empress dowager.

These very exquisite cards would definitely appeal to a woman who lived in the palace and had no pastime.

No, he empress dowager wasn’t a woman. After listening for another moment, Jiang Zhen realized that the empress dowager, who was now controlling the imperial government, was a ger.

This information should be of little use to Jiang Zhen, but Jiang Zhen still listened attentively and even took the initiative to ask about the capital and the system within the imperial court.

Seeing Jiang Zhen like this, Zheng Yi was even more satisfied, and at the end of their chat, he invited Jiang Zhen to have dinner with him and said they could play cards together after eating.

He developed a strong love for cards recently, but unfortunately, in order to maintain the secret, he couldn’t just find anyone to play with . . .

Jiang Zhen refused. “Young Master Zheng, my men haven’t settled down yet. I’d like to have a look first.”

“Yes, and your ger. You should also check on him too,” Young Master Zheng said. 

Jiang Zhen wanted to go and check on Zhao Jinge. Just when he was about to go over there after saying thank you, a little boy suddenly ran to them in a hurry.

“Young master, it’s bad. We have a problem!”

“What’s the matter?” Zheng Yi frowned.

“There is a fight in the cabin! That group at Lu’s side went to trouble Jiang Zhen’s men and got in a fight with the man who always follows Boss Jiang.”

The boy often followed Zheng Yi and knew that Zheng Yi attached great importance to Jiang Zhen, so when he received the news, he hurried over to report it. However, he obviously did not know that Zhao Jinge was actually a ger.

“What?” Zheng Yi’s brows furrowed.

Jiang Zhen’s face changed even more, and he directly rushed out. Jiang Zhen was very fast, and in no time, he arrived outside the cabin where he and Zhao Jinge were to stay. By that time, the place was already a mess.

The forty or so of Jiang Zhen’s men, who did not have a separate cabin to sleep in, were staying in a big bunk room, which was a bit far away from this cabin, so when Zhao Jinge and those men began fighting at first, they didn’t immediately notice. But soon after, they found out.

Someone hit Brother Zhao Jinge! Someone was bullying their people! Without even thinking about it, those people got together to help Zhao Jinge.

When they came, so did the people who were raised by the Zheng family to protect Zheng Yi . . . Just like that, the two sides got into a fight!

Thankfully, everyone still knew to restrain themselves a bit, so they didn’t use knives, the cabin was too small also, and the fight had just started. They didn’t hit too hard.

The path was so crowded with people that Jiang Zhen couldn’t see Zhao Jinge’s situation. He was so furious that he went up, grabbed a man, thrashed him, and then squeezed in while hitting others.

Zheng Yi’s men started crying out in pain one after another and tried to besiege Jiang Zhen. However, after Jiang Zhen grabbed a wooden stick, instead of being besieged by them, he forced them to flee.

At the same time, Jiang Zhen’s appearance had raised the spirits of his men and made the fight even more fierce.


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