The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration – Chapter 2 – Eating together

Xiao Jingting served the cooked porridge. He noticed that the little villain who had been peeking at him was staring straight at the bowl of rice, his eyes fixed on it.

Xiao Jingting filled another small bowl of porridge and waved towards Xiao Xiaofan.

When Xiao Xiaofan saw Xiao Jingting’s action, he shrank back in sudden panic.

Xiao Jingting shook his head as he watched Xiao Xiaofan’s actions. Xiao Xiaofan’s brain might have suffered a damage, but his instinct to avoid harm was still there! The original owner didn’t shy away from beating up this little guy. Xiao Jingting rubbed his forehead. Why did he cross over in the body of a person who even beat such a small child?

Xiao Jingting brought the porridge to the table and started eating. Then the door opened a small gap and Xiao Xiaofan could not resist the hunger and ran out again.

Xiao Jingting looked at Xiao Xiaofan’s expectant little face and carried him to the chair.

Looking at Xiao Xiaofan’s clothes full of patches, Xiao Jingting’s heart was sour. Xiao Xiaofan was a person who only remembered to eat but not to fight.

After moving here, the original owner would often bring food back. Xiao Xiaofan often could not resist the temptation and would run out to find the original owner for food. If the original owner was in a good mood he would share some food with Xiao Xiaofan, but if he was in a bad mood he would beat Xiao Xiaofan and most of the time the original body owner was in a bad mood.

Xiao Xiaofan ate quickly, circling the bowl of rice with one hand as if he was afraid that the bowl would run away.

Xiao Jingting looked at Xiao Xiaofan’s thin face and pushed the boiled steamed eggs to him.

Xiao Xiaofan tilted over and looked carefully at Xiao Jingting. When he saw that Xiao Jingting had no reaction Xiao Xiaofan tentatively circled the steamed eggs to his side. Seeing that Xiao Jingting still had no reaction, he hurriedly used a spoon to eat the steamed eggs in the bowl.

Xiao Jingting noticed that the door moved again, and a pair of eyes full of scrutiny looked at him behind the cracked open door.

Xiao Jingting bowed his head. Although Xiao Xiaodong was young, he saw a lot. Xiao Jingting bowed his head. He did not want to be too disagreeable. From the memory of the original body owner, Xiao Jingting realized that this world was a magical world. He didn’t want to be taken as a monster and burned to death.

Xiao Xiaofan realized something after dinner and slipped back to their room. As soon as Xiao Xiaofan returned to the room, Xiao Jingting immediately heard the sound of the opposite door being locked.

“Why did you go to him again?” Xiao Xiaodong asked Xiao Xiaofan discontentedly.

Xiao Xiaofan leaned back his little face and smiled foolishly, saying, “He has delicious food.”

Xiao Xiaodong’s face blackened as he said, “Delicious food, what else do you know besides eating? When Daddy left, he left us noodles.”

Xiao Xiaofan dragged his chin full of distress and said, “Noodles are not delicious.”

Xiao Xiaodong bit his lip. Although the noodles were filling, they were really not delicious. The noodles were so rough that it was like eating sand.

“It would be nice to have some.” Xiao Xiaodong was not angry.

Xiao Xiaofan bowed his head and tugged at his clothes with some grievances.

Xiao Xiaodong looked at Xiao Xiaofan and said, “Don’t open the door secretly in the future. What if he comes in to steal things again?”

Xiao Xiaofan nodded and said, “I know.”

After the door of the two imps closed, Xiao Jingting pricked up his ears and listened to the movement behind the door. After Xiao Jingting discovered that he had integrated with the soul of the original body owner, his hearing became extremely keen, and all the words of the two imps echoed in Xiao Jingting’s ears.

When the original master was first assigned here, he hoped that the family would think of him and take him back. So he spent a lot of money, and knew no self-restraint, so he had less and less money. Then the original body owner set his mind on Xu Muan and ran to his room to steal his money. All the saved family fortune had been robbed.

Xiao Jingting rubbed his forehead. Although those things were not done by him, after integrating with the soul of the original body owner, Xiao Jingting sympathized with the past of the original owner.

“Brother, egg custard is very delicious.” Xiao Xiaofan licked his lips.

“He is so good at spending money that sooner or later he will have nothing to eat, then we will be implicated by him, too.” Xiao Xiaodong was full of anger.

Xiao Xiaofan blinked his eyes and said, “At that time, we won’t have anything to eat?”

Xiao Xiaodong nodded and said, “Exactly!” Not only will we have no food, but we also will have no place to live and will sleep on the streets.”

Xiao Xiaofan looked at Xiao Xiaodong and cried out, “I don’t want to do this!”

Xiao Xiaofan’s cry was heard by Xiao Jingting, and it made his heart sore.

Xiao Jingting walked back to the house and checked his belongings. When the original owner had come here first, there were twenty mu of fields, five mu of high-class land, six mu of medium field and nine mu of low-class field. Now, there were only five mu of lower-class land left.

Xiao Jingting scratched his head. The black sheep of the family had lost all the money from his family! Ah! Why did he transmigrate in this body at this time? 

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