The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration – Chapter 18 – Going To The City Together

The next day, Xiao Jingting and Xu Muan got up early in the morning. Knowing that Xiao Xiaofan and Xiao Xiaodong were planning to help too, Xiao Jingting after thinking about it agreed.

Xiao Jingting held Xiao Xiaofan’s hand and looked at his face that was a bit sad.

Xiao Xiaofan looked at Xiao Jingting’s face blinking his big dark eyes and said, “Father, what’s wrong with you? You are not happy!”

Xiao Jingting smiled and said, “Father is worried that the grapes will not be sold.”

“The grapes are delicious. I’m sure they can be sold.” Xiao Xiaofan raised his fist to cheer up Xiao Jingting.

“Is that so? Are the grapes delicious?” Xiao Jingting asked with a light smile.

Xiao Xiaofan nodded solemnly and said, “Yes, the grapes are delicious, and Xiaofan loves to eat them.”

“What’s the use of you loving to eat them?” Xiao Xiaodong glared at Xiao Xiaofan.

Xiao Xiaofan looked at Xiaodong and said, “Brother, you love to eat them too! You even ate more grapes than I did, and Daddy also likes to eat them. The two bunches of grapes I left for Daddy ware eaten up.”

“Is that so?” Xiao Jingting looked at Xu Muan with a smile on his face and Xu Muan’s face imminently turned red.

Xiao Jingting shook his head in his heart. Xu Muan was only a teenager. At this age in his previous life he would still be in high school, but Xu Muan already had two kids.

When the four of them reached the village entrance, an ox cart was already waiting. Li Sheng, who was sitting at the head of the cart smoking a cigarette, smiled with surprise when he saw them.

“Junior Xu! Going to the city again?” Li Sheng asked genially.

Xu Muan nodded and said, “Yes.”

“This time you are going with the head of the family and the children!” Li Sheng looked at Xiao Jingting and smiled.

Xu Muan was a little embarrassed by Li Sheng as he said, “Yes.”

“Master Xiao, I heard that you’ve recently changed your ways. That’s right, get down to farming and raising your family. With your skills, the days will get better and better,” Li Sheng said.

Xiao Jingting nodded and agreed, “Elder Sheng is right.”

“What are you going to do in the city?” Li Sheng asked.

“Going to the city to sell something,” Xiao Jingting said vaguely.

Li Sheng nodded and said, “Well! Get in the cart!”

There were already several people sitting in the cart. When they saw Xiao Jingting and Xu Muan coming in, the people in the cart looked up curiously.

Xiao Jingting was notorious and everyone in Mound Village knew that Xiao Jingting and Xu Muan had a bad relationship. Now, watching the two people come in, the people in the cart started curiously at Xiao Jiangting. Xiao Jingting, who was regarded as a giant panda, felt very embarrassed.

Xiao Jingting felt that one person in the cart looked at them with different eyes. Xiao Jingting looked around and found that this person was Qiu Li, Qiu Bai’s brother.

“What will Brother Xiao do in the city this time?” Qiu Li asked.

“Sell something and support the family,” Xiao Jingting said faintly.

Qiu Li glanced at Xiao Jingting’s basket and said, “I am afraid that Brother Xiao is mistaken. There are not many people in the city who like to eat grapes, so you can’t sell them for money. I am just afraid that you will have to pay for the trip back and forth in vain.”

Xiao Jingting smiled disapprovingly and said, “It’s alright. I’ll try.”

Seeing that Xiao Jingting was not interesting, Qiu Li snorted and did not speak anymore.

Xiao Jingting pulled Xiao Xiaofan in his arms and did not pay any attention to this man.

Xiao Xiaofan was yawning lazily in Xiao Jingting’s arms and Xiao Jingting spoiled him, rubbing his head.

Xiao Xiaodong was full of envy when he looked at Xiao Xiaofan in Xiao Jingting’s arms. Looking at Xiao Jingting’s eyes, he quickly bid farewell to his face.

As soon as everyone came inside, the ox cart started running fast. Xiao Jingting felt the power of the exotic ox cart for the first time. It turned out that the ox could run so fast and so steadily! 

Xiao Jingting thought to himself, If I get rich, I will also buy an ox cart, so I don’t have to walk so much to go to the fields every day. Now I have only five mu of land, and I am very free every day, so it’s okay to waste some time on the road. But when I get all the fields back, I will be much busier.

“How much money is this ox-cart of Uncle Li worth?” Xiao Jingting asked Xu Muan in a low voice.

Xu Muan was shocked for a moment before he replied, “It is very difficult to domesticate demonic beasts. Many demonic beasts will devour their masters when they grow up. Uncle Li has raised this demonic beast since childhood and it has a close relationship with his family. If ordinary people want to buy demonic beasts they have to go to the gate of the Imperial Beast Hall to buy them. The demonic beasts there are all controlled by the Imperial Beast Talisman and the price of tamed beasts is very expensive. If Uncle Li bought this monster from the Imperial Beast Hall, the price would be no less than eight hundred silver.”

Many people were reluctant to pay the training fees of the Imperial Beast Hall. Therefore, they would buy docile beast cubs to raise. Raising them from young age would add feelings and it generally would not cause big problems.

Xiao Jingting nodded and said, “It’s really expensive!” He really felt like a poor man now.

Qiu Li, who had been resting with his eyes closed, heard Xiao Jingting’s words, opened his eyes, and glanced at him with sarcasm.

Xiao Jingting was looked at with disdain by Qiu Li and his stomach and liver ached with anger.

Qiu Li was a typical son of bitch who wanted to build a house of cards. Xiao Jingting was sure that Qiu Bai and the original body owner were definitely manipulated by Qiu Li behind the scenes! The Qiu family preferred men to women and gers, and Qiu Li’s position in the Qiu family was much higher than Qiu Bai’s.

Qiu Bai and Qiu Li were of the same mind. They wanted the original owner’s silver but disliked him and took advantage of him. They also thought that the original body owner was not right and was a toad that wanted to eat swan meat.


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