Spare Tire Is Gone – Chapter 8.2 – “I am Gu Xun.”(R)

After the physical examination, Qi Cong took the subway home. The familiar environment reminded him of the conversation between the two girls and the blurred picture.

He took out his mobile phone, opened the browser, and typed the words ‘Gu Xun’ into the search bar. 

There was never a lack of chatting in the subway. Qi Cong didn’t know where the words came from, but they floated into his ears.

“‘Chivalrous’ is so beautiful! Wu Heng is an immortal screenwriter!” 

These words made Qi Cong’s fingers that were about to press the search button pause. He looked back at the sound, but only saw the back of a black-haired head.

He frowned.

Wu Heng? ‘Chivalrous’? Was it the Wu Heng and the ‘Chivalrous’ he knew?

But ‘Chivalrous’ was not…. He frowned hard and was about to look for who spoke those words when his cell phone suddenly vibrated. He looked down and saw that it was Zhao Zhenxun who was calling, so he hurriedly connected the call.

“Qi Cong, where are you?”

“On the way back.”

“That’s good. When you get home, go to Jia Jia’s bedroom closet and take out the suit with the yellow label and send it to the Vienna Grand Hotel on Wutong Road, Guangming District, as soon as possible!  Don’t take a taxi when you come. Take the subway, there may be a traffic jam.”

Zhao Zhenxun tone was very urgent so Qi Cong hurriedly replied, “Okay.”

“Then hurry up.”

When the call disconnected, Qi Cong quickly dismissed what he had been thinking about before, exited his open browser and turned off his mobile phone. He glanced at the station interior, and strode through the crowd towards the subway exit. 



After an hour, Qi Cong finally arrived at the place Zhao Zhenxun directed him to. He went up to the eighth floor of the hotel according to the instructions given by Zhao Zhenxun and knocked on the door to room 807. 

Zhao Zhenxun opened the door and took the clothes from Qi Cong’s hands. He turned and stuffed them into the arms of a young girl with dyed purple hair, then said, “Iron them. Xiao Han! Ask Shen Jia to wash quickly, the clothes have already arrived. Shen Jia’s hair is easy to handle. Don’t put any more make-up on him, just adjust his skin tone to make him look better.”

Zhao Zhenxun gave instructions as he walked into the room. Qi Cong stopped the door before it closed automatically, walked in, and then carefully closed the door. 

There were about five or six people in the room. Everyone was very busy and there were many things on the bed, making it look a bit messy.

Suddenly, with a bang, the bathroom door bounced open. Shen Jia, with dripping hair and wearing only a bathrobe, rushed out of the bathroom at the urging of a tall and thin boy. When he saw Qi Cong, he didn’t forget to say ‘hello’ and explained, “Brother Cong, thank you for bringing clothes. Just now, there was a last minute invite and we are short of people, so I could only trouble you. By the way, there is a drink on the table. You can drink it when you’re thirsty.”

Qi Cong stepped back to avoid a short-haired girl who was holding a perm machine. He moved to stand in an out of the way corner and nodded. 

“You still have time to listen to this. Sit down! Blow his hair. ” Zhao Zhenxun sat Shen Jia at the table, turned his face to the mirror and said, “Don’t act silly and stand on your own when you enter the meeting hall. When you see the writers, producers and directors you know, say hello. No matter if you are familiar with them or not, just say hello, chat as much as you can, and try to make a good impression.” 

Shen Jia raised his head to let Yuan blow dry his hair, and listened.

Zhao Zhenxun still looked uneasy. “In short, pay more attention to yourself. There are a lot of directors and producers coming to this meeting. This is your chance, you should seize it.”

Shen Jia whispered, “I still don’t understand why the organizers of this gathering to discuss the development of the film and television industry would send me an invitation or even a temporary invitation. This kind of meeting should be for producers and directors. I’m just a singer, how can I understand what they are talking about or what the industry is planning? ” 

Zhao Zhenxun didn’t understand either, but that wasn’t the main point now. When an opportunity came, he had to seize it. He frowned and patted Shen Jia on the shoulder. “Even if you don’t understand, you have to listen to what they are talking about. Just imagine that you are attending on behalf of General Manager Shen to listen to the trends of the industry.”

Shen Jia finally settled down.

Half an hour later, Shen Jia walked out of the bathroom. He was wearing a light blue gray casual suit, a pair of white shoes on his feet, and his short hair was left simple and loose.  Coupled with his handsome features and sunny temperament, his image was between that of a mature man and a young boy.

Zhao Zhenxun nodded: “Yes, it looks all right, this suit compliments you. We’re going to be late. Go downstairs.” 

Shen Jia didn’t move, but put on a flattering expression. “Brother Zhao, can I bring an assistant in?”

The assistants who were tidying up the room turned around and looked at Shen Jia. Qi Cong, who had been standing in the corner without disturbing everyone’s work, also looked at Shen Jia. 

Zhao Zhenxun could tell what Shen Jia was planning and looked at Qi Cong in the corner. He frowned and said, “Yes, but don’t just talk with the assistant all the time. You have to -“

“Say hello to the producers and directors, I know, I understand. You can rest assured,” Shen Jia happily interrupted Zhao Zhenxun’s words. He whizzed up to Qi Cong’s side and pushed him to walk outside the room. She Jia said to other assistants, “Next time I will take you guys.”

The assistants were amused, and gazed after Shen Jia. Another replied, “farewell, I don’t want to go to this boring occasion. I’d rather stay here and play with my cell phone and wait for you to come back.”

Zhao Zhenxun urged again, “All right, stop talking, the event staff are still waiting.”

Qi Cong was pushed out of the room by Shen Jia. He turned around and asked, “You’re going to bring me with you?”

“Mm-hmm. There will be a lot of big-name screenwriters in this exchange. Isn’t that what you studied? I’ll introduce you to the screenwriters I know in a moment. There are multiple contacts and many possibilities.” Shen Jia lowered his voice, glanced at Zhao Zhenxun who was following them and added, “Shhh, don’t let Brother Zhao hear, or he will start nagging again.”

Qi Cong was stunned for a moment and then his heart softened.

Shen Jia remembered the words Qi Cong used to reassure his parents. He patted Shen Jia’s hand and whispered back, “OK.”

The meeting was held in the Peony Hall on the third floor of the Vienna Hotel. All three of them felt that this kind of professional exchange wouldn’t have too much of a media presence. When the elevator doors opened, however, flashing lights were everywhere.

Zhao Zhenxun reacted quickly. After shielding Shen Jia, he lowered his voice and murmured to Qi Cong, “Take care of Jia Jia until we enter the venue. Hurry up.”

Qi Cong returned to his senses, and hurriedly stepped out to block the media close to him. Shen Jia walked beside him with a standard polite smile on his face.

Qi Cong frowned when he heard a reporter whisper, “Why is Shen Jia here?”

Why did the reporter say it in such a disappointed tone?

The reporters didn’t cling to them but broke off after several shots. The three of them smoothly passed through the media and entered the door of the venue. Shen Jia and Qi Cong were able to enter the venue smoothly by virtue of the pass plates given by the staff in advance and Zhao Zhenxun stayed outside to deal with it.

The two of them walked only two steps in, when suddenly there was a huge commotion behind them. The sound of camera shutters sounded one after another, and the reporters who appeared relatively silent when Shen Jia appeared, suddenly began to noisily shout.

Everyone was shouting, so most of the words couldn’t be heard clearly. In all this noise, only one name could be heard. 

“Gu Xun!”

“Gu Xun you…”

“Mr. Gu Xun…”

Qi Cong stopped abruptly and looked back.

Shen Jia also showed a surprised expression and looked back.

In the flashing lights, a slender figure, protected by bodyguards and assistants, strode toward them through the enthusiastic group of reporters.

He had wide shoulders and long legs. His light and soft wine red shirt was pasted on his body as he walked. It outlined the solid muscles of his chest. His narrow and perfect waistline was bound by a black belt and the black casual pants wrapped around his long legs. His right hand hung on the side of his body, a touch of red could be seen between his fingers. The left hand loosely held the belt buckle, his cold white skin was wrapped next to the dark blue belt, which gave a kind of feeling that he was secretly flirting.

Probably because he was affected by the flashing lights, he lowered his head slightly, making a few strands fall down from the curly black hair he combed back, covering his full forehead. The contour of his long eyebrows was blurred by the shaking of his hair. His deep eyes were half drooped under his eyebrows. You could also see the light shadow of his thick fan-shaped eyelashes. Under the stiff and narrow bridge of his nose, his thin lips were straight and pursed, showing a trace of the owner’s displeasure. 

Qi Cong looked at this person and his eyes widened a little bit. The figure from his memory gradually became clear and overlapped with the person walking toward him, and then was strongly crushed by this person. 

Perhaps because he felt Qi Cong gaze, the man suddenly raised his eyes.

The two men’s gazes met in mid-air.

Identical eyes, identical face but a completely different temperament, earth-shakingly different expressions and clothing. Qi Cong clenched his hands and pursed his lips tightly. It took him a lot of effort to maintain his demeanor. 

This man…. Who was he? Why does he have the same face as the man in his memories?  Why was he also called Gu Xun? Why did he…he looked so different from the man he remembers?

The man stopped the moment he saw Qi Cong, and then moved forward a little faster. The reporters who were trying to block him, the bodyguards and assistants were all left behind by him. He stopped in front of Qi Cong, looked down at him and then smiled.

– A lukewarm smile. 

“I found you at last.”

The same voice, but a dreadfully strange tone. 

Qi Cong looked straight at him, glancing at his face inch by inch, and finally, glanced into the half-open collar of his shirt and fixed his gaze just under his right clavicle.

The mole was there just like in his memory.

Qi Cong’s chest heaved quickly and little by little he moved his eyes back to the man’s face to look into the other person’s eyes.

“I’m Gu Xun.” There was some sadness in the man’s eyes that Qi Cong didn’t understand. He stooped slightly and held Qi Cong’s hand, which was hanging on his side. He gripped Qi Cong’s hand a little tightly and the ring on his finger pressed slightly against Qi Cong’s hand. “You…. Do you remember me?”

He abruptly stepped back and glanced at Shen Jia, who was looking foolishly at Qi Cong. He pulled up the corner of his mouth and turned to walk deeper into the venue.

Qi Cong lowered his head, gripped his hand and slowly regained his sense of touch. 

“Brother Cong, do you know Gu Xun? He can’t be – ” Shen Jia’s voice disappeared the moment he saw Qi Cong’s eyes. He froze, then panicked, raising his hand before putting it down. He took out his handkerchief from his pocket and asked carefully, “Brother Cong, what’s wrong with you? You…don’t cry. “

Qi Cong wiped his eyes and took a deep breath to control his emotions. He said, “I’m sorry, I’ll go to the bathroom.” With that, he turned around and strode away, not daring to stay for even a second longer.


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